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fig.: The image shows dancer, performer, choreographer Doris Uhlich in front of a wall with the writing 'more than naked'. Doris Uhlich's dance performance 'more than naked' will premiere at the 30th edition of the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna. The performance will be on show on 5 and 7 August 2013. Photo: (C) Andrea Salzmann.

Annotation on 30 July: 'more than naked' will be on show on 5, 7 and additionally on 6 August (dates).

fig.: The image shows a scene from the dance performance 'What the Body Does Not Remember (Revival)' by the Belgian dance group Ultima Vez, choreography by Wim Vandekeybus; in 2013/14 on world tour, on 15 and 17 July 2013 at the Impulstanz Dance Festival in Vienna. Photo: (C) Danny Willems.

Dance about the body

From 11 July to 11 August 2013, the 30th edition of 'ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival' will present exclusive premieres like the one by the Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich 'more than naked' and already honored stage productions such as 'What the Body Does Not Remember' by choreographer and dancer Wim Vandekeybus for his dance company 'Ultima Vez'. Impulstanz begins to celebrate the dance festival already on 9 July with several events on various venues in Vienna such as at the Impulstanz festival lounge at the Burgtheater Vestibül with live-performance by the electronic music duo 'Austrian Apparel'.

'Fat shall dance, flesh shall fly, sweat shall glisten' is the motto of Doris Uhlich's new dance performance 'more than naked' which will premiere on 5 August 2013 at the Impulstanz venue Museumsquartier. The Austrian choreographer introduces into 'more than naked' by asking at the beginning of her text "Why would anyone undress on stage in the year 2013?", continues by questioning the political and social impact of twenty young naked choreographers standing in a group, and extrapolates the dynamics of flying flesh, fat, weight, skin... for the creation of her fat-dance technique.

The body is also the main theme at Ultima Vez' performance 'What the Body Does Not Remember'. The aggressive, risky dance performance with thrilling, dangerous looking movements is from 1987 and was the first choreography by the Belgian Wim Vandekeybus for the dance group Ultima Vez. 26 years later, Ultima Vez is with 'What the Body Does Not Remember' on world tour and will be on show on 15 and 17 July at the Impulstanz Festival venue Volkstheater.

Wim Vandekeybus says about 'What the Body Does Not Remember' that the choreography is inspired by the incalculable but intense moments in life such as falling in love or accidents and states that it is paradox to make such moments repeat- and controllable as dance performance on stage. He concludes "Perhaps when all is said and done, the body doesn’t remember either..."

Video: Trailer for Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus 'What the Body Does Not Remember' on 15 and 17 July 2013 at the international dance festival 'ImPulsTanz' in Vienna.

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