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'Motion Graphics Vol. 4' video by Yasuhiro Kobari for the 'Perfume - Global Site Project'. The Perfume Global Site Project provided the motion data and music.

The artists behind the 'Perfume Global Site Project' are Manabe Daito (programmer, director of the desgin firm Rhizomatiks), Mikiko (choreographer), Nakata Yasutaka (music producer, composer), Horii Satoshi (programmer, designer), and Kimura Hiroyasu (designer).

...seen in early January at the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival (animation, games, media art). 'Perfume - Global Site Project' is one of the award winners. The collaborative artists-user project consists of music by the Japanese electro-pop girl band 'Perfume' and the source code of the choreography motion data. Both were spread over the web. From this basis, users contributed visual interpretations of the three members dance such as on view on the video on this page.

From 13 to 24 February 2013, Japan Media Arts Festival will present the winning works at the National Art Center and other locations in Tokyo. As one of the reasons for honoring the Perfume Global Site Project with the Grand Prize in the category Entertainment, Japan Media Arts Festival names the empowering of the imagination and creativity of consumers which "...itself becomes a kind of entertainment."

Find on selected choreography interpretations like virtual computer creations which look like male dancers, figures that seem to be inspired by fashion paper-dolls and dance beside nail lacquer in front of a computer screen, fantasy Teletubbies-alike creatures...

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