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Words, messages, a t-shirt and thoughts about mass media

Today on 11 November 2013, Kunsthaus Bregenz sent images of the newest shop item by US artist Barbara Kruger. The artist is known for her social-critical, feminist works about media, freedom, consumerism with focus on the effects of 'power' on our daily life.

fig.: Barbara Kruger's white t-shirt (launched on 11 November 2013) with red and black printing shows the question 'Can Money Buy You Love?'. It accompanies the exhibition 'Barbara Kruger - Believe + Doubt' which is on view until 12 January 2014 at Kunsthaus Bregenz. Photo: (C) Rudolf Sagmeister.

Barbara Kruger's work transport meaning with words in short sentences. Some of her messages carry almost romantic content; such as this t-shirt. The romantic journey ends suddently by giving the most obvious answer: "No, not love. But this t-shirt for almost 50.- Euros!" The t-shirt is available on

Children and young people can experience Barbara Kruger's exhibition at Kunsthaus Bregenz interactively such as recently on 26 October at the workshop for kids who formed the letters and words with their bodies (Facebook posting below). The next exhibition-event happens on 15 November 2013; the 'Art Crash' workshop for youngsters will guide through the exhibition 'Barbara Kruger - Believe + Doubt'.

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