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Levi's curated photos and user images of 501 jeans one publication. From August 2013 on, the new photo book '501 Interpretations' by Levi's with curated photos of actors like Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish, musicians (photo below: Anthony Gonzalez), designers, etc and contributions by users will be available as hardcover in limited edition.

The curated interpretations of the Levi's 501 style were captured by professional photographers like Christian Weber who took the photos on this page. The book was produced on occasion of 140 years Levi's (since 1873) and contains alongside to the curated photos selected user views on Levi's 501 jeans. The user photos were uploaded since May via

fig.: The image above shows actor couple Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish; the photo left, the portrait of Anthony Gonzalez, musician and co-founder of M83. Photographed by Christian Weber for the photo book '501 Interpretations' by Levi's, release in selected stores and online in August 2013. Photos: (C) Christian Weber.

Fashionoffice had the chance to preview the book (checked on 28 July): it takes the reader on a global journey through styling and lifestyle in different countries (Turkey, China, United States, countries of the European Union, Latin America, South Africa...) with views into homes and onto streets. The book index provides information about the source of the images (names of depicted person/s and/or photographer, city and/or country). There are many impressing images in this book; Fashionoffice likes the self portrait of a male user (who stays visually anonymous) at Lake Bolsena in Italy, the portrait of a young woman (sitting in a kitchen with old radio, she wears her hair short, shoes in male style with jeans and loose fitting pullover) by photographer Lele Saveri... After fast surfing through the pages it becomes clear that individual styling has no country borders.

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