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Trends in mobile phone photography Europe were sent by Nokia on occasion of the label's marketing activities which led to the initiation of the 'International Mobile Photography Day' on 20 October 2013.

Nokia invites users to post their mobile phone pictures (taken by any smartphone!) via hashtag #1020mobilephotoday in social media (Twitter, Facebook). For sure, Nokia uses the activity for marketing reasons and communicates by the way the photo qualities of its Lumia 1020 phone; but it's also a nice opportunity to share photos with other users and think about people's mobile phone and social media behavior.

fig.: Fashionoffice's mobile phone photo was shot at the amusement park 'Wurstelprater' (means as much as 'pantaloon field') in Vienna. It shows a pantaloon sitting on a house; in one hand the jester holds a white hobbyhorse, with the other hand the figure in blue overall and foolscap with big heart on its chest is waving hello. Posted on 18 October 2013 via Twitter.

Alongside to the social media invitation, Nokia sent some results of an opinion poll by the British researchers Redshift. The study gives insights into the behavior of users in selected European countries. Germans for example keep photos of their partner and friends for a long time on the phone, while they are deleting party-shots after short time; the short-time saving of party-shots on the mobile phone is also reflected by the general scepticism against posting pictures of such moments on Facebook.

Perhaps they think that it's enough to meet the fools outside of the internet!

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