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Seiko's technology for measuring athletic performances in Moscow

In two days on 10 August 2013, the IAAF World Championships (running, jumping, discus throwing...) will start in Moscow with new measurement technologies provided by Seiko. Since 1987 the watchmaker is the official timer of the IAAF World Championships.

fig.: At this year's championships in Moscow, the label presents its new motto 'Time is just more than a number'. Seiko measures the athletes' performances (times and distances) and provides the information in real-time (introduction into the technology on

Two days before the competitions will begin, Fashionoffice looked closer at IAAF's history and the schedule of the Moscow 2013 events where (such as it is announced) "...a new generation of star athletes is set to break records and stir up drama. And these historical moments will all be recorded..."

The IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) was founded in 1912 and since that time many things changed; especially for women. The IAAF added women's events over longer distances and female athletes' performances were measured and officially awarded for the first time. On, the organization publishes the IAAF Statistics e-book for the 2013 IAAF World Championships in Moscow with numbers from 101 years of records such as the one of Czechoslovakian runner Marie Mejzlíková from 1922 with time of her successful run (page 747). The statistics of the world record progressions show how the championships changed for female athletes through the years. In 1967 for example, Anne Smith was the first women who was awarded for her run over 1.500 metres - 55 years later than a male athlete is chronicled for the same distance already in 1912 at the IAAF Statistics e-book.

One of Seiko's highlighted events in Moscow is the 'Women’s Marathon' on 10 August (IAAF timetable).

Video: Introduction into Seiko's new technologies for the track and field timing and measurements during IAAF World Championships from 10 August until 18 August 2913 in Moscow. The technologies were tested at the IAAF World Youth Championships in Donetsk 2013.

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