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Sit In Series by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
(log series through March and April 2013, Vienna)

Sit In Series Log: Day Thirteen
5 April 2013

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Today is the last day that I write about the culture of Vienna on occasion of my English course.

I didn't 'suffer for all of my sins' at the course such as the Viennese say when they go through extraordinary situations; there are still some unpunished.

fig.: Wedding impression with white flowers and a package on a wooden (penance?) bench. Photo: (C) Iconoclash Photography Teresa Marenzi und Daniel Bachler / yamyam event production.

Christians are trained to live with sins - especially the 'original sin' is even carried by the ones who are lamb-like. I count myself (as baptized Catholic) to these little lambs and I am accepting in the meanwhile the sustainable story of Adam and Eve - which has its delicious (apple) sides too.

But if I ever seek after more penance, I would think about getting married. The extraordinary stressing marriage problem starts with the organization of the wedding. This problem is obviously not only subjectively perceived. Yesterday, I received the information about a wedding planer who is specialized in taking large amount of the stress when it comes to organize an unforgettable, well designed wedding event. The name of the expert is Maryam Yeganehfar. She is the owner of the full-service agency yamyam event production. Maryam Yeganehfar organizes not only weddings (in Vienna and worldwide) but it's one of her specialties to design festivities (invitations, flowers, location setting, catering, etc) around this important day of a couple.

For all the other problems that will occur after the successful wedding - and no doubt that synchronizing the own lifestyle with another person is a never ending challenge for a couple, our modern society offers experts from various fields like coaches to navigate married people out of crises. Crises belong to life like happiness. The challenge is don't giving up the believe in love.

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