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Bikinis, beach towel with 'Spring Breakers' motifs

On the first sight, the items on this page look like beach outfits of Pussy Riot members - but the story of the design of these eye-popping lifestyle pieces is derived from the
comedy-crime-drama 'Spring Breakers', directed by Harmony Korine with James Franco and Selena Gomez in the main roles.

fig.: Three bikinis and beach towel from the 'Opening Ceremony x Spring Breakers'. On 22 March 2013, the day of the US release of the movie 'Spring Breakers', Fashionoffice collected the three neon-colored flower, animal print bikinis and beach towel with neon-pink Pussy Riot alike graphic (looks like the real-size copy of a female body on white fabric) from the accompanying 'Opening Ceremony x Spring Breakers' collection which was created together with the movie's costume designer Heidi Bivens.

Writer/director Harmony Korine's movie 'Spring Breakers' with James Franco in the role of rapper 'Alien' - a drug addict and arms dealer who takes four college girls under his wing and introduces them into the criminal underworld, inspired OC (Opening Ceremony) to illustrations such as dripping ice cream cones or an alien on t-shirts. The four college girls are represented in the movie by the actresses Selena Gomez (in the role of Faith), Vanessa Hudgens (Candy), Ashley Benson (Brit), and Rachel Korine (Cotty).

The online retailer with own fashion line and stores worldwide 'Opening Ceremony' (named after opening ceremonies of Olympic Games) developed the illustrations for the fashion/lifestyle pieces as symbols of the five main characters: glow-in-the-dark alien (Alien), an inverted purple cross (Faith), a pink marijuana leaf (Candy), a pair of green dolphins (Brit), and hot pink dripping ice cream cones (Cotty). The bold neon colored bikini's on this page are inspired by the "film's 'girls gone wild' party scenes" such as OC explains the ideas behind the 'Opening Ceremony x Spring Breakers' collection.

Video: Trailer for the movie 'Spring Breakers', directed by Harmony Korine, starring James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine...; costume designer Heidi Bivens (styling for videos of musicians like Kayne West, Beck..., magazine editorials for i-D, Dazed&Confused, etc, and for print ads of labels like Levi's or L'Oreal). Find more information about the movie, full cast and international release dates (UK 5 April, Singapore 2 May, Japan 15 June... to name a few) on IMDB.

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