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fig.: Visual 'Station to Station map' of the 'Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening' project by artist Doug Aitken. (C) 2013 Doug Aitken.

The journey through US starts on 6 September 2013 in New York. Listing of the ten stations on

The discovery of culture by traveling

In June 2013, Fashionoffice received the information about Doug Aitken's new project 'Station to Station'. The information was sent by project sponsor jeans label Levi's and one of the partnering institutions Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

'Station to Station' is a nomadic art space with happening and cultural intervention features. It is carried by a train which is upgraded by artist Doug Aitken into a kinetic sculpture where cultural content will be produced - visually as web-documentary and idealogically by the participants of the project.

The train will travel in September for three weeks through US and connect culture producers like artist Christian Jankowski, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, musician Charlotte Gainsbourg - to name only three from a long list, art institutions like the MCA Chicago and communities across the country. The journey will lead from east to west - a route that was taken by many Europeans such as Levi Strauss who shipped once from Bavaria over the Atlantic Ocean and crossed the country to the west where he founded 140 years ago in California Levi's. 'Station to Station' follows this historical direction from New York to the Pacific Coast for the discovery of new domains where culture prospers in our days.

Doug Aitken says about the traveling project 'Station to Station': "This is a fast moving cultural journey, a constant search over the new horizons of our changing culture. Grounded in some basic questions-Who are we? Where are we going? And, at this moment, how can we express ourselves?-our intention is to create a modern cultural manifesto."

Doug Aitken's 'Station to Station' project will be accompanied by a multi-media web-documentary on the website and on social media channels (Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram).

Video: Doug Aitken's culture project 'Station To Station: A Nomadic Happening' is carried by an art train which will travel in September 2013 through US, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Coast.

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