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fig.: Vita Zaman, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, Artistic Directors. Photo (C) VIENNAFAIR / Slava Filipov.

"We are completely redefining the notion of ‛East meets West' and offer art collectors, curators, and museum directors as well as the art affine from all age groups, who would like to engage with artistic positions, an interesting mix with which one can become informed about art, communicate about art, and participate in creative processes, too."

Meeting of art from East and West at Viennafair

From 10 to 13 October 2013, the annual 'Viennafair' will present for the 9th time contemporary art from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe at the Messe Wien in Vienna.

The artistic directors of the fair Vita Zaman and Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt use the city's historical hub function and installed a program around the idea of Vienna as meeting point between East and West with booth presentations, talks, workshops and video competition. The directors organized around the main exhibition at the Messe Wien a program for all ages and various cultural interests; even culinary events are announced.

In the category 'Special Projects', side-events such as 'Vienna Talks' with discussions like 'Luxury of Art' (12 Oct) about arts and brands or the debate 'Strong Women in Art' (talk 'Diyalog: New Energies, supported by OMV' on 11 Oct), or the special project 'Vienna Family' with workshops for kids and parents can be found. Via, users can send until 15 August videos for the 'Happiness Awards'; the winner's video will be shown at Viennafair in October 2013.

For this year's Viennafair, the artistic directors selected for 'Vienna Protest' an art bag with the social critical writing 'you love your country too much' by artist Anne-Lise Coste. The Viennese will feel concerned.

(Fast checked by Fashionoffice on 14 July 2013.)

Annotation on 30 September 2013 concerning the art bag: the headline of the page about the art bag changed from 'Vienna Protest' to 'Vienna Love' together with new link.

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