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Photographer Cyril Helnwein in front of one of his works on 19 November at the opening of the exhibition 'Beautiful Disasters' at Yoshi's Contemporary Art Gallery during Vienna Art Week (18 - 24 November 2013).

Vienna Insight 
by Karin Sawetz,
publisher Fashionoffice
(20 November 2013)

An art exhibition opening which cannot be surpassed easily least this week during Vienna Art Week and when it comes to attract people who are addicted to fashion, beauty and fetish.

On 19 November 2013, the second day of Vienna Art Week, I attended the opening of the exhibition 'Beautiful Disasters' by Cyril Helnwein. It was probably one of the most fashionable exhibition openings during this week; and for sure one that cannot be surpassed easily.

Not only because Vienna-born in Ireland and Los Angeles living artist Cyril Helnwein works on themes like beauty and comments them with dark humour such as the photo 'Bad Hair Day' (posting on Facebook below) - he applies a fashionable fetish touch to many of his sceneries which attracted the Viennese scene to the art event at Yoshi's Contemporary Art Gallery in the Inner City of Vienna. Today, even Austria's most read (printed) daily newspaper Kronen Zeitung published an article about the exhibition with photo of Cyril Helnwein with his prominent father Gottfried Helnwein, his wife and his some months old son.

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