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Vienna Insight by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice (31 March 2013)

Easter walk nearby Vienna

Today on Easter Sunday, it's cold, it rains and snows in Vienna. Fortunately, I was yesterday on the Beethoven walking route in Baden. The route is named after composer Ludwig van Beethoven who stayed for several times in the city Baden nearby Vienna.

Even yesterday, the walking route was covered by snow and my company cited the verse of Goethe's 'Easter Walk' (from 'Faust I') about the awakening nature, especially the line about nature with sun and without snow coverage; the line from Goethe's 'Easter Walk' could be translated as "But the sun does not tolerate white".

We visited Ruine Rauheneck. The ruin is not so impressive like the story about the ruin, especially that Matthias Corvinus (corvinus from Latin 'corvus', Matthias 'The Raven') destroyed the castle in the 15th century (the year 1477 is mentioned as the year when Matthias occupied the castle; before he ruined it). The Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus left his tracks in the region's history. Only to give an impression of the stories the historical figure Matthias 'The Raven' left to posterity; once he threw Vlad III. Dracula into the dungeon; the same Vlad who is known as 'Dracula, the Prince of Darkness'.

And then there is the legend about the builder of the three-sided tower. The builder was named 'The Turso', translated 'The Giant'. He has to spook around until an almost unfulfillable spell can be broken.

I love the legends and lyrics which accompany such walks!

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