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Illustrated expedition through Vienna for children

In December 2013, Fashionoffice received the first preview pages of the new children's book 'Vienna - My Picture Puzzle Book' (German edition 'Das gro0e Wien-Wimmelbuch') by Saskia Hula (story, text) and Sabine Wiemers (illustrations). Currently, the authors and the Austrian publishing house Residenz Verlag are finalizing the book; some of the layouts of pictures of famous places in Vienna were still in work when they arrived for this preview.

The red thread through the book is the travel group of people from various countries of the world. The travelers explore the city together with the reader who is motivated to find the protagonists in the rich illustrated situations such as in a well-known Viennese coffee house, a public garden at the prominent Ringstrasse, the natural swim location Gänsehäufel or the Vienna State Opera.

For each location, author Saskia Hula provides short information such as the story behind the name 'Gänsehäufel' or that it is fashion in Vienna to serve coffee together with a glass of water.

Even Viennese can learn by reading this lively Picture Puzzle Book!

fig.: Preview of the cover layout for 'Vienna - My Picture Puzzle Book' (German edition 'Das große Wien-Wimmelbuch') by Saskia Hula (story, text) and Sabine Wiemers (illustrations), release on 27 February 2014 via Residenz Verlag.

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