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Austria's most viewed concert event outfitted by Vivienne Westwood

According to the media measurements of ORF (broadcaster owned by the Austrian government), the annual 'Neujahrskonzert' at midmorning after New Year's Eve is the most viewed concert event worldwide. In 2014, the collaborative production with the music ensemble 'Wiener Philharmoniker' will be broadcasted live (around 80 countries) with footage of performances by dancers of the state ballet in costumes by Vivienne Westwood on 1 January at 11.15. The dancers were filmed at Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna some months before the live concert. Photos from the making-of went public via APA (together with the results of media measurements) on 1 October 2013.

fig. right: First soloists of the Wiener Staatsballett Irina Tsymbal and Kiril Kourlaev in Scottish tartan costumes by Vivienne Westwood at the shooting by ORF for the 'Neujahrskonzert' live broadcasting (around 80 countries) of the music concert by the ensemble Wiener Philharmoniker from the Wiener Musikverein at 11.15 on 1 January 2014. Photo: ORF/Günther Pichlkostner. Copyright: ORF, Wuerzburggasse 30, A-1136 Wien, Tel. +43-(0)1-87878-13606.

fig. below: The image shows Prof. Annette Beaufays (second from left) from the costume production company Art for Art and Andreas Kronthaler (outer right), creative director of Vivienne Westwood, during their work. Between them stands Gregor Pirouzi who coordinated the cooperation between ORF and Vivienne Westwood. Gregor Pirouzi is the owner of the Vivienne Westwood flagship store in Vienna. It is announced that the creations will be exhibited after the ORF-Neujahrskonzert (11.15 on 1 January 2014) at the store. Photo: ORF/Günther Pichlkostner. Copyright: ORF, Wuerzburggasse 30, A-1136 Wien, Tel. +43-(0)1-87878-13606.

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