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fig.: The image shows a naked man, looking straight forward. Photo by Sam Scott Schiavo. Sam Scott Schiavo's work is part of the exhibition 'XXX Man' on 14 and 15 June 2013 at the fashion store Tiberius in Vienna.

Gender culture and the values 'honesty' and 'equality'

On 14 and 15 June 2013, the Viennese fashion store Tiberius invites to the exhibition 'XXX Man'. The shop Tiberius is known for its range of designer fashion, beauty (especially perfumes) and accessories with a touch of fetish. On occasion of the 'Regenbogenparade' on 15 June in Vienna, Tiberius' Karl Ammerer and Marcos Valenzuela-Abril collected for the tribute exhibition 'XXX Man' provocative paintings, sketches, photos by six artists. The Regenbogenparade is an annual walk with music and dance around the Inner City of Vienna for more awareness of gender equality, especially concerning homosexuals and transgenders. The 'XXX Man' images at Tiberius reference the intention of the Regenbogenparade and present today's body-culture from the point of view of 'honesty' and 'equality' - with a touch of fetish.

Participating artists are the photographers Sam Scott Schiavo, Andreas Bitesnich, Matthias Hermann, the painter Manfred Paar, illustrator Sepp Engelmaier, and the caricaturist Roland Zimmermann.

By the way: the participating artists such as Sam Scott Schiavo are depicting only for the exhibition 'XXX Man' exclusively men; Schiavo films and photographs all sexes. Don't miss the romantic short film by Sam Scott Schiavo showing female model Nadine flirting with the camera while Italian music in best summer schmaltz tradition breezes the salty scent of the Mediterranean Sea into your memory... 'Sapore di Mare'.

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