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Textiles as carrier of information

...seen at the preview images of Berlin-based artist Jenni Tischer's exhibition 'Pin' which is on view from 18 October 2014 until 1 February 2015 at Mumok in Vienna. The exhibition 'Pin' explores textiles as carriers of history, identity and messages; the title references needles as well as personal identification numbers.

The image on this page makes think of typical Viennese coffee house interior - a Thonet chair with wickerwork on the seat and a table made of glass - a mixture of old tradition and modern architecture. Jenni Tischer's netting appears like a news paper print - only reversed through solarisation; such as if some of the people who were sitting on the netting had flashes of inspiration. The paper has patina edges and a hole in the middle. It looks as if it's sewed at the upper edge to the round glass.

fig.: 'Making Grid V' by Jenni Tischer, 2014. Glas, Papier / glass, paper, Ø 37 cm. Courtesy the artist & Krobath Wien I Berlin. Photo: Richard Lange. Photo provided on occasion of the exhibition 'Jenni Tischer. Pin' at Mumok in Vienna (18 Oct 2014 - 1 February 2015).

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