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Video: 'Cascade' by Deluka debuts on 11th May 2010 on MTV’s 'Subterranean'. The song 'Cascade' from the 5 five song debut release by the British group Deluka has been picked up by numerous alternative radio stations around US. The video above is directed by Paris born in New York living fashion and celebrity photographer Antoine Verglas. It premiered already in March 2010 on the internet. Antoine Verglas' work can be seen in fashion magazines like Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated or Vogue. On Myspace, Deluka has published another song - but yet without stylish video - that you shouldn't miss: singer Ellie Innocenti (some compare her with 'Ladytron') begins 'O.M.F.G' with the words "Oh my god; I start to panic..." And then there is another one: 'Black Cloud' where Ellie sings "There is always a choice...". Deluka performs in May 2010 in New York City

spring/summer 2010
fall/winter 2010/11

fashion by Mia Paul, Nuit 12, Gucci, Alpha Industries

beauty by Talika

art by Andrea Maria Krenn, Katharina Heinrich

music by Deluka

Rumble Fish

The article is inspired by creative women who are open-minded thinkers such as the female medician Danielle Roches who researched on a cream against skin diseases and created accidently a product for longer lashes, or Katharina Heinrich who is inspired for her sculptures by the etymology of the Middle Ages German word for 'design'.

But the woman who gives this article about creative females its name 'Rumble Fish' and spices it with sexy rock fashion is especially the Australian designer Mia Paul who has started her second label with a new summer 2010 collection and a lookbook story that made it necessary that two pieces on this page are for men; only to imagine (partly) how he could look like...

fig.: beginning with the woman in the...

'Children of the Revolution' chain/stud vest with antique metallics in traditional Indian beading on cotton from the 'Rumblefish'-series by Mia Paul, summer 2010.

In 2010, the Australian designer Mia (Mary) Paul launched her new label 'Mia Paul' with women's pieces made of soft floating fabrics. The years before, she has designed under the label name 'Qotau' leather apparel.

What stays the same since 2006? The designer loves details - if it was on leather or now on soft fabrics, her outfits still have the signature sexy rock style, and Mia Paul continues to present her designs such as she wants to tell a love story from her inspiring muse which she calls 'Dark Angel'.

"I work with passion and energy, combining cultural influences with a profound sense of the fantastic. I love the female body; the form, proportion and essence. The elegance, beauty and movement of each line designed to compliment and adorn each form,” says Mia Paul.

'Musing of a Paper Heart' is the title of Mia Paul's lookbook, presenting the picture which you can see on this page, on its cover. The first series of photos 'Love + Misunderstanding' show pieces like the transparent 'Black Love Kaftan' which is rich embroidered with silver crystals around the high closing decollete, or the black satin dress with the name 'Every Night at Midnight Dress' that has a moon-colored fantasy pattern that float around the body - only above the heart it shows a stable form in metallic bronze.

The second series of photos is entitled with 'Rumblefish', beginning with the 'Misfits Dress' in denim-appeal and ends with the same picture from the cover: the 'Children of the Revolution Chain/Stud Vest'.

Manchette with skulls wearing masks by the Paris based label 'Nuit N°12', FW2010/11. The designers Ludivine Machinet and Frédéric Baldo are inspired by nights that 'know no limit'...

Mascara 'Lipocils Expert' with care function by Talika, SS2010. The label Talika researches since 60 years on care products for lashes. The history of the product Lipocils starts in a hospital in Paris when the young female medician Danielle Roches developed an anti-bacterial cream against face and eye burns; the side effect of the cream was that the lashes re-grow quickly. The product on this page contains various ingredients - many of them are from fruits and herbs, to stimulate the growth of the lashes and makes the hair darker on a natural way by enhancing the Melanin production. On this way, the lashes are darker without make up which is especially in the summer swim season very practically.

Sculpture in crystal form by the German born in Austria living artist Andrea Maria Krenn. Works by the artists are on view from 28 until 31 May 2010 at the fashion studio of the label 'Liniert' by the Viennese designers Ivon Gasque and Christian Kollarovits. The title of this exhibition is free translated 'The next time we see again, the place will be another one'. Crystals symbolize for the artist the process of natural development through time.

Unisex pilot shades 'GG 1933s' in black by Gucci, SS2010.

Bike faux-leather jacket 'Ghostrider' for men by Alpha Industries, SS2010.

Detail of the sculpture 'Tigerfell' by Katharina Heinrich, 2010. Photo: (C) S. Manówicz. The Gironcoli Museum (Austria) exhibits the art work of artist Katharina Heinrich under the title 'Entwurf und Entäußerung' from 8 May 2010 until 20 June 2010. The title of the exhibition makes a (German) linguistic journey back to the Middle Ages when 'Entwurf' (design) meant to create a textile image. The etymology of the word 'design' inspires even her technique of hand-woven sculptures.

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