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spring/summer 2011
fall/winter 2011/12

fashion by Diesel, Amplified
motor by Horex
beverage by Römerquelle
beauty by John Varvatos
watch by Oris
shoes by Barker Black

City wanderers

Fashionoffice collected some pieces for a men's city biker style that is inspired by music and various times and places.


Black leather biker-jacket, collar shirt, tie, and black trousers from the 'Black Gold' men's wear collection by Diesel, FW2011/12, presented on 17 January 2011 during Milan Fashion Week. Fashionoffice received the information about the new collection with the words: "Imagine a folk-singer on a corner in Greenwich Village, searching for vintage clothing." Diesel has projected this vision into a style for mobile city wanderers and created a mix of rock and military tailoring from various nations and times.

Motorcycle 'Horex VR6' Roadster, premiered in June 2010, will be launched in German language European countries in the fourth quarter of 2011; expansion to other countries in 2012 planned. The new Horex VR6 Roadster in vintage look marks the revival of the German company that was an iconic motorcycle producer between 1923 and 1956. Peter Naumann, industrial designer and professor of design at the University of Munich, focused on the tradition of the brand and the VR6 motor. Naumann began his work by studying the history of legendary models in museums: "First we made drawings of the old Horex models to capture the spirit of the motorcycle."

'Emotion' mineral water with lemon and passion fruit in a Mediterranean-tropical South American 'sweet & sour' mix by the Austrian brand Römerquelle, the special edition comes into shops in March 2011.

T-shirt 'Gold Foil - The Ramones' on dark grey from the 'Vintage'-collection by Amplified, launched in February 2011. The print shows the logo of the pioneers of punk-rock, originally designed by Arturo Vega in the 70s, new interpreted with a pop-art alike bold golden color and inspired by the 80/90s. The circle shows the names of the members of the US band: Johnny, Joey, Deedee, Tommy.

Men's fragrance 'JV 00/10' by John Varvatos is the special edition on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the US label in 2010. John Varvatos has received already three times the American Fashion Award by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America).

Watch 'Big Crown X1 Calculator' by Oris, will be presented at the watch and jewellery fair Baselworld from 24 to 31 March 2011 in Basel, Switzerland. Oris pays with this watch homage to the Bell X1 Supersonic airplane, which was the first plane that exceeded the speed of sound in 1947 (historical video), and remembers the time without computers.

Leather sneakers with elegant punching by the English footwear brand Barker Black, SS2011, available from March 2011 on in Barker Black stores in UK and online. The punching on the cap of the shoe shows the logo of Barker Black: two bones that are crossed, a skull, and above a crown. The logo of Barker Black (founded 1880) is inspired by an ancient British regiment which has the motto '...or glory'.

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