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19 Feb 2017 - #Music title track of the new album 'Hopeless Romantic' by Michelle Branch (album out on 7 Apr)

19 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Call Your Name' by Karen Elson, album 'Double Roses' (7 Apr)

19 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Love' by Lana Del Rey

17 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Safari' ft Janelle Monáe, St. Beauty, Nana Kwabena by Jidenna, album 'The Chief' (released today)

17 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Babylon' by Bilderbuch, album 'Magic Life' (released today)

16 Feb 2017 - #Music campaign video for 'H&M Loves Coachella' collection, ft The Atomics cover 'Let's Live For Today' by The Grass Roots

16 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Chief Don't Run' ft Roman GianArthur by Jidenna, album 'The Chief' (17 Feb)

15 Feb 2017 - #Music video 'Fun' by Blondie, album 'Pollinator' (5 May)

15 Feb 2017 - #Music by Nicholas Britell 'Moonlight' interpreted by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

15 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Wednesday' by Tennyson X Mr. Carmack for Red Bull Sound Select

15 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Cold' ft. Future by Maroon 5

14 Feb 2017 - New at #TopMusic 7 days (14 Feb): video 'Anymore' by Goldfrapp, album 'Silver Eye'

13 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Pray' ft Rooty by JRY, soundtrack 'Fifty Shades Darker'

12 Feb 2017 - #Music artful, stylish video 'Venus Fly' ft. Janelle Monáe by Grimes, album 'Art Angels'

12 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Show Me' by Kid Froopy, from Zeds Dead 'Deadeats Compilation 1', various artists

11 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Controller' ft Faris Badwan by Hercules and Love Affair, announce new album

10 Feb 2017 - #Music Closer view at Lady Gaga's sunglasses worn at the new 'John Wayne' video

10 Feb 2017 - #Music video 'Let's Work It Out' by Texas, album 'Jump On Board' (21 Apr)

10 Feb 2017 - #Music 'No Running From Me' by Toulouse, soundtrack movie 'Fifty Shades Darker'

9 Feb 2017 - #Music video 'Anymore' by Goldfrapp (album 'Silver Eye' 31 Mar) and interview with the musician

9 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Queen' by Flint Eastwood, 'Broke Royalty' EP (release in spring)

8 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Face It' ft Khazali by VUURWERK, 2nd single of forthcoming debut album

6 Feb 2017 - #Music Wild Beasts' 'Alpha Female' video filmed by Sasha Rainbow with Girl Skate India crew

6 Feb 2017 - #Music Allen French's 'Hot Stream' mix for music, clothing brand Maison Kitsuné

6 Feb 2017 - #Music Dior 'Poison Girl' fragrance dance video, soundtrack 'No rebel' GENER8ION ft Tayla Parx

6 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Hellfire' by Barns Courtney, EP 'The Dull Drums' (out now)

5 Feb 2017 - #Music 'home' (Joywave rework) by morgxn, announces upcoming debut EP 'Vital'

4 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Social Experiment' by Dead Pretties

3 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Love Is Mystical' by Cold War Kids, forthcoming album 'L.A. Divine'

3 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Where's the Revolution' by Depeche Mode, album 'Spirit' (17 March)

2 Feb 2017 - #Music 'Old School' by Urban Cone

2 Feb 2017 - #Music trending online 'Plastic' by Áine Cahill

1 Feb 2017 - #Music video 'No Reason' ft Nick Murphy by Bonobo, album 'Migration' (out now)

31 Jan 2017 - #Music video 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran

31 Jan 2017 - #Music video 'Shock Horror' by Shy Luv, Jones (track currently in various charts)

30 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Doomsday' by Ryan Adams, album 'Prisoner' (17 Feb)

30 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Gentle Storm' by Elbow, album 'Little Fictions' (3 Feb)

29 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Burning Man' ft Post Malone by watt

29 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Hideout' by Parcels, 'EP 'Hideout'

28 Jan 2017 - #Music SpotifyUSViral 'Temple, Mosque, Church' by Slow Joe and the Ginger Accident, album 'Let Me Be Gone' (17 Feb)

27 Jan 2017 - #Music video 'I'm Better' by Missy Elliott

27 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Automaton' by Jamiroquai, title track of the new album (31 March)

25 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Body' by Syd, debut solo album 'Fin' (3 Feb)

24 Jan 2017 - #Music video 'Castle On The Hill' by Ed Sheeran

24 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Hans Is Driving' by Vitalic ft Miss Kittin, album 'Voyager'

23 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Anymore' by Goldfrapp, album 'Silver Eye' (31 March)

23 Jan 2017 - #Music SpotifyViralUK 'You Don't Know Me' by Jax Jones ft. Raye

22 Jan 2017 - #Music 'I Give You Power' by Arcade Fire ft. Mavis Staples

21 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Freepower' by Austra, album 'Future Politics'

20 Jan 2017 - #Music 'A Little Uncanny' by Conor Oberst

20 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Johny' by Sofi Tukker

19 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Hot Thoughts' by Spoon, title track of new album (17 Mar via Matador Records)

19 Jan 2017 - #Music film/video 'Takes You Like A Rose' by Victoria+Jean

18 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Vampire' by Mai Lan

18 Jan 2017 - #Music 'This I Know' by Hanni El Khatib, album 'Savage Times' (17 Feb via Innovative Leisure)

17 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Don't Be Long' by Army of Bones, self-titled debut album (3 Mar)

17 Jan 2017 - #Music lyric video 'Troubled Times' by Green Day, album 'Revolution Radio'

16 Jan 2017 - #Music at SpotifyUSViral 'Also sprach Zarathustra' Prelude (Sonnenaufgang) composed by Richard Strauss

16 Jan 2017 - Film for 'Billabong + Desillusion' collection, surfer Jack Freestone, voice Charlie Chaplin, music Giacomo Puccini


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Last 30 days: 'home' (Joywave rework) by morgxn; 'Love Is Mystical' by Cold War Kids; 'A Little Uncanny' by Conor Oberst; 'Johny' by Sofi Tukker;...

Last 7 days: 'Let's Work It Out' by Texas; 'Anymore' by Goldfrapp; 'Queen' by Flint Eastwood; 'No Running From Me' by Toulouse;...

Closer view at Lady Gaga's sunglasses worn at the new 'John Wayne' video
The story can be described as sexy, witty hell ride of a badass couple on a horse, on motorbikes...

The Weeknd's selection of men's wear icons by H&M is branded with the musician's 'XO' streetwear label
From 2 March, the 'H&M Spring Icons Selected by The Weeknd'...

Tiberius designer Marcos Valenzuela's gowns for the concert performance of the opera 'The Miracle of Heliane'
In a video by Volksoper Wien, the designer speaks about...

Golden Globe Awards winner 'La La Land' director Damien Chazelle is the man of cinematic dreamtime
The comedy-musical breaks the record for the most Golden...

Musician Kaskade teamed up with Incase for luggage with tech-optimized storage
The carry-on roller, backpack, headphone case, USB light,... is on show at CES in Las Vegas...

Austrian folk dance 'Trestern' presented with remixed version by artist Thomas Hörl at Volkskundemuseum

Thomas Hörl's 'Tresterersie' art-documentary-installation...

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