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November 2008

Video: " Ce Jeu" (means "This Game") by Yelle; directed by Yoann Lemoine; styled by Jean Paul Lespagnard OFFICIEL. Remixes of "Ce Jeu" by St Andrew, Tepr, and The Twelves are out now (released on 13 Oct 2008).

French electropop singer Yelle (the name is a feminised acronym of YEL, “You enjoy life”), aka Julie Budet (born 1983) rose to fame on MySpace where she posted a song.

Yelle wears fashionable outfits in her videos, such is in the one above for the track “Ce jeu” which was played on Gap’s and H & M’s shop soundtracks in summer 2008. The song “A cause des garçons/ACDG” was used as the opening song for the Moschino spring/summer 2008 runway show.

Yelle tours in Spain (11 Dec Madrid, 12 Dec Barcelona, 13 Dec Bilbao), Japan (16 Dec Tokyo, 17 Dec Osaka, 19 Dec Tokyo). In February Yelle arrives in Australia.

Listen to the remixes of "Ce Jeu"!

Video: Live Concert Demo "Shahrokh SoundofK"

Dancing through the Night!

On 28 November 2008 „Dripping Point“ by Shahrkokh Sound Of K. will premiere in Vienna at the release party on occasion of the Roxy Club Night "deep, down and discofied", supported by Jürgen Drimal, founder of Vienna Scientists Recordings, and Smartex, member of the label Sunshine Enterprises.

If you can't visit the party you can stream the new release from the radio show of the first independent Viennese radio channel dedicated to Black Musik & Soul "Superfly" on on Friday, 28 Nov, 22:00 - 24:00.

The music of the Iran born Shahrokh Dini can be described as Garage, Afro, House, Jazz and Discofunk.
"The ones who have met Shahrokh, know that he is a party and rave professional, one of the pioneers. He has experienced as DJ and Clubber almost everything and can tell you stories ..." Vienna Scientists Recordings

More about Shahrokh SoundofK


Video: "Mi Confesion" by Gotan Project. In front of a collage of historical tango movies you can see the Buenos Aires based rappers Mcs Koxmoz.

On 10th November 2008 the pioneers of electro-tango Gotan Project, consisting of the musicians Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff and Christoph H. Müller, released the "Gotan Project in a Box" with a double live CD of both the “La Revancha del Tango” and “Lunático” tours, the 152 pages photography book “Carnet de viajes”, DVD video projections "Visiones", previously unreleased 7" vinyl, and an exclusive puzzle poster. Read more >>>



Video "Anything You Want (Not That)" from the album ‘The Express’ by Belleruche (released in Oct 2008, Tru Thoughts).

Belleruche's (Kathryn deBoer - vocals, Ricky Fabulous - guitar, DJ Modest - decks) second album since they have signed in 2007 to Tru Thoughts and 'Turntable soul music' (July 08) is entitled ‘The Express’. You will find out that it is made more for heating up the dancefloors such as the track "Anything You Want" (video on this site).

Belleruche is on tour in Turkey and Germany: 22 Nov Istanbul, 26 Nov Münster, 29 Nov Dresden ...

Listen to the album, check out details


Video for the new album "BLACK GOLD" by the Stereo MC's
. The original track is taken from Stereo MC's album "Double Bubble" (released: 28 Jul 2008) and is remixed on the "Black Gold" album from Fedde Le Grand, Marlow, Proper Villains, DJ Beware, Tic Toc; released on 14 Sep 2008 by Graffiti Recordings. Listen the 10 tracks's/Black+Gold

British group Stereo MC's, consisting of Rob Birch (vocals), Nick Hallam (turntables, production), Cath Coffey (backing vocals), Ian “Owen If” Rossiter (drums), is on tour: 17 Nov Graz, 18 Nov Vienna, followed by Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Prague, Zurich, Bucharest, Sheffield ... to name a few. Check out details


Video: "This World is Crazy" by Lonely Drifter Karen from the new album ""Grass Is Singing", released in May EU/June US /Sept Canada 2008 by Crammed Discs.

Crammed Discs' artists such as Balkan Beat Box, Shantel, Taraf de Haidouks, Tuxedomoon, ... have one in common: extraordinary mixes with delicate rhythm from the classic bossa nova to cool electronic beats. But, as you can read on never box them into one genre, culture, place ...: "We at Crammed have this strange phobia about being trapped in a box, pinned down, categorized, forbidden to cross boundaries... about belonging only to one place, one culture, one genre..."

The sensual voice of Lonely Drifter Karen comes from the Austrian native now in Spain living Tanja Frinta, who is as well the songwriter. She has founded the group with her co-musicians pianist/producer Marc Melià Sobrevias from Spain and the Italian Giorgio Fausto Menossi on drums/percussions in 2003. The music which combines folk, pop and Dark Cabaret roots in an European context. Check out the video "This World is Crazy" and start wandering through places, times, ...
Biography, albums, videos ...


Video: "Birds Fly Away" is the new "kitchen video" by Theresa Andersson (fall 2008) from her new album "Hummingbird, Go!"

This is the second homemade video for Theresa Andersson's new album "Hummingbird, Go!". You can see the musician who is described by the magazine Rolling Stone in September 2008 as a “Swedish vocalist blends chockablock rhythms, fairy tale instrumentation and dreamlike melodies for music that recalls a spacier, sultrier Feist,” as a one-woman band in her kitchen. She mixes the music by herself with hands and toes while playing on different instruments.

The Swedish born and now in New Orleans living musician explains her approach to the compositions: "I stopped thinking in terms of traditional songwriting. I worked on shapes, forms, and textures, scents and colors. Elements which are more earthy and organic inspired me."

Theresa Andersson is on tour now: 7 Nov Toronto, 8 Nov Montreal, 10 Nov Massachusetts, 12 Nov New York, ... to name only a few. Check out more about the composer/songwriter/singer, tour dates, tracks of the new album on


Video: "You Belong" (the guest voice by Antony from Antony & The Johnsons lies like a shade behind singer Nomi's; such as both belong together ...) from the new album (summer 2008) of Hercules & Love Affair

Recently, singer Nomi performed at "Sex and the City" stylist Patricia Field's residence for Fashion Week

You will find a documentary about the production of another video from the album online: "Blind" - behind the scenes

Dance party with Hercules & Love Affair! After travelling in Oct/Nov through Canada and US (... 1 Nov New York, 2 Nov Washington), they will start their European tour on 7 Nov in Barcelona, followed by Madrid, Milano, Heidelberg, Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, London ... to name only a few. Check out tour dates, tracks of the new album on


Video: "Just Got To Be" from the album "Magic Potion" (2006) by The Black Keys, directed by Peter Zavadil / Taillight TV.

The Black Keys are singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney. One of their trademarks is that they refuse to use big-name studios, and do most recording, producing, and mixing themselves.

You can hear their music such as ‘Set You Free’ on the soundtrack of the movie "School of Rock" (2003), ‘Girl is on My Mind’ in a Sony Ericsson advertising (2006), ‘The Desperate Man’ in a Victoria’s Secret commercial (2006) featuring Heidi Klum, their song “Your Touch” was used in a Lee jeans commercial (2007) ...
On 1st April 2008 the two musicians released their new album "Attack & Release".

In October The Black Keys will travel through US, starting with 1st Oct in New Orleans until 30th Oct in San Francisco. From 11th Nov on they are in UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, ... In December you can visit their concert in Australia. Check out tracks, more videos, tour dates


Video: "Relativity" by Grafton Primary; directed by Daniel Jameison. The track is from their first album "Relativity" (2007).

Grafton Primary are the brothers Joshua (voice) and Ben (synths/keytar). They began live performances in April 2006 in Sydney. The musicians are currently working on their new album, set for release in September 2008. Grafton Primary are touring in Sept, Oct, Nov 2008 through Australia. Check out tracks, biography, tour dates ...


"Jalouse" by French Mademoiselle K. Her new new album "Jamais la paix" was released in May 2008. Enjoy the strong-willed voice of singer and guitar player Katerine Gierak alias Mademoiselle K!

Check out tour dates (France) for fall 2008


Video: "Don´t Cry" from the album "Raw & Uncut" (Oct 2006) by Afro-German reggae musician Patrice aka Babatunde.

Patrice named his third and most current album after the river "Nile" as a representation of life on the African continent. Since 2001 he is on tour. In September, October, November 2008 he will give concerts in Spain, Switzerland, France, Austria, ... More info about Patrice, download tracks and albums, tour dates


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