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Chronological order:

31 Dec 2011 - Happy New Year 2012 with the 'Blue Danube' waltz by Viennese composer Johann Strauss

30 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'Fall From Here' by 'Clubfeet', directed by fashion videographer Alex Goddard

28 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'Scale It Back' ft. Little Dragon by DJ Shadow from the album 'The Less You Know, The Better'

28 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'After' by Moby from the album 'Destroyed' directed by the Austrian Antonin Pevny

26 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'No Light, No Light' by Florence and The Machine from the new album 'Ceremonials'

25 Dec 2011 - Amazing #music #videos presented by #Fashionoffice in 2011

23 Dec 2011 - The structure of Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011

23 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: album 'Crazy Clown Time' by David Lynch

22 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: music from Goldton Records

22 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: album 'The Rip Tide' by Beirut

21 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: 'Love is Found' by Sade

21 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: album debut 'Cat's Eyes'

21 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: 'Sutphin Boulevard' by Blood Orange

20 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: 'Love in Motion' by Sebastian ft. Mayer Hawthorne

17 Dec 2011 - #Music: 'Young Lovers' is the second single from the upcoming album 'The Sound Of Sehnsucht' (2012) by Vienna based 'Bunny Lake'

16 Dec 2011 - The structure of #Fashionoffice's 'Best of #music and #fashion in 2011'

15 Dec 2011 - #Music: 'Wild Man' from Kate Bush's new album '50 Words For Snow'

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: #catwalk music mix by Jerry Bouthier for Vivienne Westwood

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: #video 'Ice Cream' by the Battles directed by (fashion filmers) Canada

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: Rye Rye's song 'New Thing' used by Prabal Gurung and adidas

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: limited vinyl edition of the album 'When The Night Falls' by Unkle

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: #video 'Switchblade Smile' by Kasabian and Aitor Throup

14 Dec 2011 - #Music albums 2011: 'Let England Shake' by PJ Harvey on the 2nd place of Spin's 50 Best Albums of 2011

12 Dec 2011 - #Music song by Sleeper Agent for #sportswear web #video starring athlete Lindsey Harding

12 Dec 2011 - #Music and #video project: electronic musicians team up with #fashion videographer

11 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'The Best Person I Know' by the duo 'Cat's Eyes'

8 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: storyteller Shara Worden in 'High Low Middle' from the #album 'All Things Will Unwind' by 'My Brightest Diamond'

6 Dec 2011 - #Music: 'Tonight, Tonight, Tonight' by Low Roar (aka Ryan Karazija) from his debut album

5 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: director Marc Klasfeld about a green screen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Raymond Pettibon's graphics

3 Dec 2011 - #Music 'Future World' by Deckard: "...a disease of machinery ... they are designed by other computers, we don't know exactly how they work..."

2 Dec 2011 - Mix by diegonardo for the #music competition (closes 15 Dec) by #sport #fashion label Bench; the winner travels to Igloofest (Montreal 12-28 Jan)

2 Dec 2011 - Free #music download: 'Parted Ways' by Heartless Bastards from the album 'Arrow' (release on Valentine's Day - 14 Feb 2012)

1 Dec 2011 - New #dance #movie 'Girl Walk // All Day' comes out online in 12 chapters; soundtrack by 'Girl Talk' from the album 'All Day'

1 Dec 2011 - #Music #video 'Mein Land' by Rammstein

29 Nov 2011 - #Music: Wax Tailor performs with seven guest musicians on 5 Dec in Vienna

27 Nov 2011 - #Music: New electro/techno #dancefloor track by The Kung Fu Divas 'Who Is The KFD'

27 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'Les Plus Beaux' by Fránçois and The Atlas Mountains from the new album 'E Volo Love' (23 Jan 2012)

26 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'All I Really Want To Do' by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

26 Nov 2011 - DRC #Music Remix submissions until 5 December 2011: 'Hallo' feat. Nelly Liyemge and Tout Puissant Mukalo; with Damon Albarn and Richard Russell

23 Nov 2011 - Re-listen #music by Karin Sawetz: 'What A Day That Was' by David Byrne from the album 'The Catherine Wheel'

22 Nov 2011 - #Music #video:'Monarchy of Roses' by Red Hot Chili Peppers inspired by the #art of Raymond Pettibon

20 Nov 2011 - #Music: stylist, model, singer Phlo Finister's interpretation of 'Riders on the Storm' by The Doors

20 Nov 2011 - #Music #video: retro-soul 'A Long Time' by Mayer Hawthorne with #dance scenes from a late 80/early 90s show

17 Nov 2011 - #Music #video premiere: 'I Want More' by UK band The Hours on

13 Nov 2011 - 'Mysterious Ways' (U2 Cover) by Snow Patrol from the CD 'AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered'

13 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'Your Loft' by Death In Vegas feat. singer Katie Stelmanis from Austra

12 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'All Fake Everything' by the Australian musicians Regurgitator begins like a 60s song...

10 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'My Name is Carnival' by the British indie-psych-folk band Erland & The Carnival

9 Nov 2011 - #Music: debut EP 'Electric Flower' by underground guitar player Imaad Wasif and drummer Josh Garza

8 Nov 2011 - #Music producer Wax Tailor arranges music like a director scenes for a film story

8 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'Pinky's Dream' feat. Karen O from the new album 'Crazy Clown Time' by David Lynch

6 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'Culture War' and the 30-min short film by Spike Jonze on Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs Deluxe' album

3 Nov 2011 - Melodious #music on 'Joy Atrophy' by "not laptop-jockey rock"-musicians Virgin Forest (Brooklyn) - LP 'Easy Way Out' announced for 31 Jan 2012

31 Oct 2011 - #Music video: 'Broken Toy Boy' by French duo 'Make The Girl Dance'

30 Oct 2011 - #Music video 'Total Decay' by The Soft Moon (EP release on 31 Oct) and Halloween 30min mix

29 Oct 2011 - #Music: Lateef The Truthspeaker shares 'Truth At Sea' 40min tape mixed by DJ Sharp, produced by Somehow At Sea

27 Oct 2011 - #Music: 'Ship Is Sailing' from the 'Sacred Fire' EP by Jimmy Cliff in collaboration with Tim Armstrong

27 Oct 2011 - #Music: 'Cinnamon Girl' by dunkelbunt

26 Oct 2011 - #Music: 'The Hill' fom the 4-tracks album 'Laminate Pet Animal' by Brooklyn based psych-indie band Snowmine

25 Oct 2011 - #Music video: making of 'My Machines' by Battles feat. Gary Numan, directed by the duo Daniels

24 Oct 2011 - #Music video: 'Vanessa' by Grimes showing women who are experimenting with their #makeup

21 Oct 2011 - #Music #video 'We Did Alright' remembers in its fashion style and music - sexy, black outfits, straps and lingerie, and its punky-rock sounds...

20 Oct 2011 - #Music #video for the Record Store Day 2011

19 Oct 2011 - #Fashion #film: "Sometimes you just need the perfect plan to survive" is the short plot of Paola Suhonen's new fashion film with special music

16 Oct 2011 - #Music: Gotan Project's new album 'La Revancha en Cumbia' with remixes by artists of the "nueva cumbia scene"

15 Oct 2011 - #Music: Mocky remix 'Oakland' featuring Del and The Grouch from the album 'FireWire' by Lateef the Truthspeaker

14 Oct 2011 - #Music: Industrial-dance-tribal 'Feasting on Mongeese' from the album 'Harbored Mantras' by Water Borders

13 Oct 2011 - #Music #shortmovie: 'Battersea Power Station' by Nezih Savaskan for the Amon-Tobin-Video-project

11 Oct 2011 - #Music: 'I'm His Girl' by Brooklyn based 5 members band Friends

9 Oct 2011 - #Musician in #jeans: fashion film by Armani, starring Rihanna

8 Oct 2011 - #Music: 'I Want You' by Mugison from the 'How To Make It In America'-mixtape

8 Oct 2011 - #Music #premiere: 'I Wanna Be Happy' by The Hours on Paste Magazine

7 Oct 2011 - #Music: garage vintage rock 'Hard Times' by The Blue Squares (Detroit)

6 Oct 2011 - Music-mix of tracks by members of Vienna based indie label Goldton Records

6 Oct 2011 - "'I Want More' is a song about wanting more from this short life we live on planet Earth!" Antony Genn, The Hours

5 Oct 2011 - #Music #video: 'Hallo' ft. Tout Puissant Mukalo, Nelly Liyemge from the new album 'Kinshasa One Two'

5 Oct 2011 - #Shoes on #music stage: Elton John's golden shoes on stage in Las Vegas

4 Oct 2011 - #Music #video: 'Beat and the Pulse' by Austra, directed by former #stylist Claire Edmondson

3 Oct 2011 - #Music #video: 'Another Day' by Maur Due and Lichter, video by Austrian director Nikolaus Jantsch

3 Oct 2011 - #Music #video: 'Hustle' by Tunng, directed by 'Spicer and Moore' who are also active in fashion

2 Oct 2011 - #Music on #fashion magazine: dancefloor mix by Simian Mobile Disco on oki-ni

1 Oct 2011 - #Art for album covers: Storm Thorgerson's artwork for #musicians in exhibition in London

30 Sept 2011 - #Music #fashion videos for Pierre Balmain men, women SS2012 with 'Devils Banquet' by Our Mountains

30 Sept 2011 - #Fashion #music: mixtape by Jerry Bouthier that reflects 'Paris Fashion Week'

29 Sept 2011 - #Fashion #film: for Thierry Mugler #womenswear SS2012 in collaboration with Lady Gaga

29 Sept 2011 - #Fashionoffice: #Music documentary about #DJ culture with David Guetta

27 Sept 2011 - #Music premiere: 'Creature' by The Duke Spirit from the album 'Batman: Arkham City'

27 Sept 2011 - #Music #video: 'Bedroom Eyes' from the album 'Only in Dreams' by the garage-rock band Dum Dum Girls

26 Sept 2011 - #Stage #fashion at Rock in Rio: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Mette Lindberg

25 Sept 2011 - #Music #video: 'Days are Forgotten' by Kasabian from the new album 'Velociraptor!'

22 Sept 2011 - #Music premiere: 'Afterdark' by Blaqk Audio from the new album 'Batman: Arkham City'

21 Sept 2011 - #Music 30-second preview: the new album by Lou Reed and Metallica references Lulu, a dancer

20 Sept 2011 - #Music: 'Walk Over You' by experimental music formation AB7VN (Ablivion)

19 Sept 2011 - #Fashion #music: US funk-soul band The Roots are the faces of John Varvatos men's wear campaign

19 Sept 2011 - #Music by Battles/Gary Numan in a #video: great performance of a man who is 'dancing' bad success away!

18 Sept 2011 - #Music: Kamp! 'Cairo by JBAG London/Jerry Bouthier; known for show music for Vivienne Westwood, Matthew Williamson...

17 Sept 2011 - #Music #video: about love as a game, just like carnival attractions

14 Sept 2011 - #Music #video: Charlotte Gainsbourg in a dancing scene (new album on 8 Nov)

12 Sept 2011 - #Music: Florence Welch inspired by the art of Frida Kahlo

12 Sept 2011 - #Music: Sienna Miller in '#fashion overload' scene in 'See The Light' by The Hours

11 Sept 2011 - Spherical #music: by the Austrian musicians Maur Due & Lichter

9 Sept 2011 - #Music #video: 'Blue Jeans' by Lana Del Rey from the single 'Video Games' (comes out in Oct)

7 Sept 2011 - #Music #video #game: 'Shadow On The Run' by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on new Batman video game

5 Sept 2011 - #Music #video: '35 Summers' by Plaid shows a woman in Asian dress in a computer-reworked scene

4 Sept 2011 - #Music #computer #art: Amon Tobin's spaceship stage, exhibition 'Control over Nature'

2 Sept 2011 - Trailer for new The Black Keys’ Blakroc album

2 Sept 2011 - #Music #video: 'Sound of Silence' by rapper/writer Stalley, directed by BMike (2-Cent Films)

31 Aug 2011 - #Music #literature: Lou Reed and Metallica inspired by German writer Frank Wedekind

28 Aug 2011 - Fashion film and music video: directors researching glam and the truth of 'real life'

24 Aug 2011 - Music: 'How Deep Is Your Love' by the US punk-dance band The Rapture

23 Aug 2011 - New album 'The Mindeater' with contributions by Bonnie 'Prince Billy' on Knitting Factory Records

23 Aug 2011 - Music/video/gender: new video by 'Blood Orange' inspired by transgender culture

20 Aug 2011 - Music: 'Dance While The Sky Crashes' by Jason Webley (concert on 4 Sept in Paris)

19 Aug 2011 - Music/photo: Unkle releases new art work by Warren du Preez and Nick Thorton Jones

19 Aug 2011 - Music/fashion: Two Fingers (Amon Tobin, Doubleclick) 'Fools Rhythm' and Adidas

18 Aug 2011 - Music/photo: multidisziplinary artist Nikki Sixx brings music and photo into the linear poetry of a book

16 Aug 2011 - Music/art: 'New Age'-esthetics in 'Clouds Over The Pacific' by James Pants and Iasos

15 Aug 2011 - New Feist single 'How Come You Never Go There' - report on Pitchfork

14 Aug 2011 - Fashion/music: men's wear designer Aitor Throup directed video 'Switchblade Smiles' by Kasabian

13 Aug 2011 - Music: ‘Testimony’ by Lateef the Truthspeaker from the debut album FireWire (Quannum Projects, 8 Nov), article on

12 Aug 2011 - Music/movie: California-Mexican sounds by Calexico for the new comedy 'The Guard'

9 Aug 2011 - Music-video: 'Tonight Downtown' by Aloe Blacc; on 10 Aug at Poolbar Festival, Austria

8 Aug 2011 - Music: 'AM/FM' by US punk-funk band '!!!'. On tour in Aug: San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas, St. Louis...

6 Aug 2011 - Music-video: 'Love is Found' by Sade 

4 Aug 2011 - Music-free download: track 'Culture of Fear' by Thievery Corporation from the new self-entitled album

3 Aug 2011 - Music/fashion: There is much fashion around US rapper Rye Rye

3 Aug 2011 - Music: 'Take Off Your Skirt' by Bibio (single released on 1 Aug, Warp Records)

3 Aug 2011 - Music: 'Pour It Out' by Brian Eno from the new album 'Drums Between The Bells' (July, Warp Records)

3 Aug 2011 - Music: 'All There Is' feat. Steffaloo, new album My <3 by Chrome Sparks

1 Aug 2011 - Music-video: 'Monuments' by Yann Tiersen with animated pictures from a 'skydive'

1 Aug 2011 - Music-video: for 'Gizzard' from the 'Delicacies'-series by Simian Mobile Disco

31 July 2011 - Music-video: 'Little Shocks' by Kaiser Chiefs; will perform live on 13 Aug at in Budapest

31 July 2011 - Music: 'Walking Machine' (Sebastian Remix) by Revl9n used for new 'ck one shock' TV commercial, directed by Steven Meisel

31 July 2011 - Music: 'The Insult' by Trash Palace and John Cale

31 July 2011 - Music-video: 'Night Air' by Jamie Woon from the debut album 'Mirrorwriting'

29 July 2011 - Listen: Jarvis Cocker, Boys Noize, and Erol Alkan Turn Leonard Cohen Cover Into Dance Track

27 July 2011 - Music: 'Love in Motion' by Sebastian ft. Mayer Hawthorne

26 July 2011 - Music: raw guitar and distorted voice 'Black Summer' by My Name Is Music

25 July 2011 - Music-video: recently premiered 'Saturday Night' by Travis Barker ft. The Transplants and Slash

24 July 2011 - Music-video:'Get Over U' by Neon Hitch

23 July 2011 - Music-relisten: 'Odessa' by Caribou from the album 'Swim'

22 July 2011 - Laid Back - Cocaine Cool (Soul Clap Dub Mix) @youtube

22 July 2011 - Music: Dead Kennedys Lash Out Against Heineken (via @pitchforkmedia

21 July 2011 - Fashionoffice likes
'The Obama Joint' t-shirt from the limited edition by the denim label 'Brooklyn Bandit' presented by the musicians of 'Poetic Republic'...

19 July 2011 - Music/fashion: 'Space Flakes' provided the sound for the men's show by Quoc Thang

17 July 2011 - Show-music: for Vivienne Westwood Man by Jerry Bouthier

15 July 2011 - Music: 'The Good Leaf' by Seun Kuti, produced by Brian Eno; Seun Kuti at Celebrate Brooklyn! on 22 July; video on 

14 July 2011 - Music-video: 'Over You' by 'Cat's Eyes' (single release on 24 July)

13 July 2011 - Music-video: 'Sun of a Gun' by Danish 'Oh Land' (single released on 4 July 2011)

11 July 2011 - Music: Buddy Holly's 'Not Fade Away' by 'Florence + The Machine'

8 July 2011 - Music-relisten: electronic hip-hop 'Ready for the Fight' by the UK trio The Young Punx feat. Count Bass D

8 July 2011 - Music: orchestral-pop 'Holding Stones' by the US band Little Tybee

3 July 2011 - Music-video: 'I Knew It Was Over' by the UK/Canadian duo Cat's Eyes
...performed live in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. Recently, Cat's Eyes - consisting of UK musician Faris Badwan (from the band 'The Horrors') and Italian-Canadian opera soprano and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira, has released the debut album 'Cat's Eyes' with goth-punk songs made of Cowboy Junkies guitars and girl melodies of 1960s Nancy Sinatra. Now, the duo give 20 pairs of tickets for the iTunes Festival (performance on 10 July at the Roundhouse in London) to visitors of their website

1 July 2011 - 'Too Much Midi (Please Forgive Me)' by the US electronic musicians Ford & Lopatin
...consisting of Joel Ford and Daniel Lopatin who are working with music instruments of the 80s - analogue synthesizers and drum machines which were used before the first computers arrived in the studios and became 'instruments' of musicians. Lopatin is cited by Andy Battaglia on 'The National': "We've always wanted to experiment in this way, to cut up music that doesn't want to be cut up." Andy Battaglia explains in his very elaborated review Ford & Labotin's style: "...the way they take sounds, tones, and timbres so recognisably rooted in a certain time - in this case the 1980s of new-wave designs and synth-pop dreams - and recast them, by way of contemporary computer tools and holistic ways of thinking common among young artists for whom computers themselves are tools, as something new."

1 July 2011 - Legendary scene from the movie 'Performance' (1970) with Mick Jagger
...where he sings 'Memo from Turner' - Mick Jagger plays rock-superstar Turner who meets a psychotic gangster world and begins to identify with them. Several sources are referring the movie's cutting style 'cut-up-technique' as well as parts of the songtext of 'Memo from Turner' to the American novelist William S. Burroughs (he has developed the technique with newspaper texts which he brought as cut pieces into another context/meaning). The movie is even legendary because of a new style of music movies where the 'superstar' appears quasi as himself. An interesting promotional video with behind-the-scene footage is online which was shown to the Warner Bros execs and the worldwide distributors before the movie was released BTW: the movie tip was found at in Vienna where delicacies of film can be viewed 'Open Air' since yesterday until 14 August.

30 June 2010 - Music-video: 'Do You' by Portugal The Man
The four members' band from Alaska, now based in Portland (US), will open the Poolbar Festival on 1 July in Feldkirch (AT). The artwork of the albums and website is made by the members of Portugal The Man: rich colored pencil art fantasy-creatures - one is spitting out a smaller one, make the first impression of the psychedelic scenery on The creatures are looking like mutated teletubbies! On the album cover of the new 2-tracks release 'In The Mountain In The Cloud' (comes out on 19 July), the fantasy-figures are mixed with photos of the members of Portugal The Man.

28 June 2011 - 'West African Strut' by Dr. Michael White
...from the new album 'Adventures in New Orleans Jazz, Part 1', released on 21 June 2011 (Basin Street Records). It is announced that the 2nd part of the album will come out in early 2012. The traditional New Orleans Jazz musician Dr. Michael White has collaborated for record projects of Eric Clapton and Marianne Faithfull. On his new album, he mixes jazz with African, Caribbean and 60s/70s pop music.

27 June 2011 - Music-video: 'Return of the Tres' by Delinquent Habits
The Latin-hip-hop three members band Delinquent Habits from Los Angeles performed last Friday at the Donauinsel Festival in Vienna. Los Tres Delinquentes announce on their website live performances on 7 July in Budapest (HU), 8 July in Linz (AT)

25 June 2011 - 'Little Shocks' by Kaiser Chiefs from the new album 'The Future Is Medieval'
...physically available on CD with special artwork from 27 June on. The band offers on their website additionally an interactive album mixer - you can choose 10 of 20 songs and make the artwork yourself

24 June 2011 - 'Cross To Bear' by Tricky used for a new fragrance campaign
A short preview to an - until yet - unreleased beauty video.

24 June 2011 - 'You're No Good' by About Group from the new album 'Start and Complete'
The album's art work shows a design of the textile sisters 'Collier Campbell' consisting of Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell. The awarded designers have collaborated for example with Yves St Laurent for the fabrics of his first ready-to-wear 'Gypsy'-collection. In an interview, they are speaking about that time: "In the early ’70s one of our Liberty of London silk dress designs caught his eye … he wanted a range built round it, we had the most joyous time painting the sketches, singing and dancing, and the results were the two prints used in his first off-the-peg Gypsy Collection – we loved it." Their work is exhibited until 10 July at the National Theatre in London.

24 June 2011 - 'Bless This Space' by Brian Eno from the new album 'Drums Between The Bells'
"Recently I was in Sao Paulo, the most city-ish city in the Western world. I took lots of pictures of the forest, and then, back in London, started playing with the images in photoshop…" Brian Eno about the creation of the art work for the album cover; you can watch it on

23 June 2011 - Non-traditional art presentations in fashion and music
The Museo Bienal 2011 in New York focuses on the aesthetics of street in the meaning of a city's visual energy, expressed by artworks of 75 Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American artists. This year, the works - from murals, graffiti to non-traditional presentations in fashion and music, are on show at 7 different places in New York City.

22 June 2011 - 'Whiplash' by the punk-rock band 'Little Fish'
Find more information about the Oxford based band 'Little Fish' and their music which is influenced by Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin... on The release of the next single 'Wonderful' is announced for Aug 2011.

22 June 2011 - Video: 'Money and Run' by Unkle feat. Nick Cave
The song 'Money and Run' is taken from the recently released five tracks ‘Only The Lonely’ EP by Unkle containing new songs with Nick Cave, Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit)... The video, released end of May, is directed by Tom Haines who has published a selection of his work - music videos, art and design documentaries, on such as an interview with Dieter Rams (Rams has created legendary consumer products like the SK4 record player by Braun from 1956, later he was Head of Design at Braun. Dieter Rams is the inventor of the ten principles of good design) and how his work has influenced contemporary computer designers like Jonathan Ive (since 1997 Senior Vice President for Industrial Design at Apple; designer of iPod, iPhone, MacBook, iPad; received several awards like 'Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire' by the British Queen).

20 June 2011 - 'Blue Harbour' by The Wave Pictures
...directed by UK based Ben Reed who is known to bring humour into low budget productions. 'Blue Harbour' is released on the self-titled single as well as on the album 'Beer in the Breakers' (released in May 2011) by the East-London based three members band 'The Wave Pictures'.

19 June 2011 - Electro pop sisters 'Le Corps Mince de Françoise' (LCMDF) performing on Frankie Morello men's wear 2012 catwalk in Milan a stage setting with bicycles to the collection under the title 'I'm The Messenger'. The Frankie Morello designers Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti have been inspired by a NY messenger boy who doesn't follow rules. The Milan based duo has designed a collection of colorful urban-sporty pieces for the ones "who struggle and weave their way through traffic jams for their daily survival". Pop duo LCMDF (consisting of Emma and Mia Kemppainen from Helsinki, FI) is on tour now: 19 Aug Frequency Festival in St. Pölten (AT), 27 Aug Rock En Seine in Paris (FR)... to name only two events of a long list

18 June 2011 - Music-video: 'Party Machine' by electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack and pre-Def Jam Russell Simmons
...remixed by Prince Language; from the collection of vocoder recordings between 1970 and 1982 released on the album 'Farad: The Electronic Voice'. Bruce Haack (1931-1988) named the vocoder 'Farad' after the physicist Michael Faraday. "Haack's music is rooted in the idea that humans and electronic machines share a reciprocal relationship that manifests itself through sounds. In order to further explore this dynamic, Haack dropped out of Juilliard to pursue a more experimental course in, surprisingly, educational children's music."

16 June 2011 - Music-video: 'Van Tango' by Fresco presents a tango directly from Vienna
Fresco's motto is that it is not important for a musician to be strong or the best; a musician has to be a 'chewy sod'. The new video shows the fictional '24. Viennese Tango Marathon'.

14 June 2011 - Ingredients for a breakfast by singer/songwriter Rosi Golan
The breakfast recipe made of raspberries, bananas, fried egg, toasted bread, sliced tomatoes, smoked salmon... is from Israeli born, several languages speaking musician who has lived in cities worldwide, now based in Brooklyn, NY. Another mixture of 'organic' impressions from her travels can be found in her country music compositions made for acoustic guitar, xylophone, triangle... spiced with her fresh, clear voice like you can hear on the lead single 'Paper Tiger' of Rosi Golan's debut album 'Lead Balloon' which will be released after two years work on 30 August. On her website, you can find a stream of 'Paper Tiger' and a video-interview with Rosi Golan about the album

13 June 2011 - Musicians and human relationships: from the Viennese underground-stations (video) to an alp in Vorarlberg
The Austrian electronic-acoustic post-punk group 'Kommando Elefant' with texts and expressions somewhere between humour and tragedy, party and melancholy, explores in its work social relationships between humans. For 30 July, the Kunsthaus Bregenz announces a walking tour to the outdoor-exhibition 'Horizon Field' of the human-sized figures of artist Antony Gormley on the mountains in Vorarlberg. "Kommando Elefant will accompany walkers with music from the mountain station to the Hochalphütte, from there to the figures on the Saloberkopf, then downhill to the Hochtannbergpass and along the Old Salt Route back to Warth (approx. 3 hrs). This event is organized together with the poolbar Festival."

11 June 2011 - Re-listen: 'Scuba' by Bonobo
..from the 3 tracks 'Scuba' EP (2000, Ninja Tune) and used as soundtrack for the racing game 'Need For Speed'; here you can see a fan video. In 2010, Bonobo and Ninja Tune were nominated in DJ Mag's 'Best Of British' for several awards; one nomination was in the category 'Best Artist Album' for 'Black Sands' (March 2010) which presents relaxed downtempo, poetical - with a sound that opens the room for echoing through space and texts that invite to the meta-level for traveling with soul and spirit... The track 'Scuba' was additionally remixed by another British exceptional musician, the experimental sound designer Amon Tobin who has just released his new psychedelic album 'Isam' on 23 May.

10 June 2011 - 'Distance' by the Austrian multiinstrumenalist/singer/songwriter Effi
The Graz (AT) based Effi (alias Thomas Petritsch) has released in January his debut album 'Astronaut' with songs that are melodious like a summer breeze. Now, jeans label Diesel's Austrian division has selected him together with other musicians for the 'Mix and Remix' (physically CD) album where original songs of the artists are published in a remix by DJs.

10 June 2011 - Designer writes fashion inspired songtext for musician
Kilian Kerner invites to the exclusive (By Invitation Only!) men/women SS2012 show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin with live-performance by Danish musician Mads Langer...

9 June 2011 - 'Plate Tectonics' by the Brighton based band Tall Ships (video, audio stream, MP3 download)
The recently released single by the UK three men band 'Tall Ships' has received attention by the, where Paul Lester writes: "Tall Ships have been on our radar for a while now, but it's only with the release of their new single Plate Tectonics that we've decided to feature them here, mainly because we like the idea of geological forces being used as a metaphor for love."

9 June 2011 - 'East Harlem' by Beirut
Zach Condon introduced with his band 'Beirut' European folk traditions accompanied by a trumpet from Paris, glockenspiel and ukelele and mixed them with Brooklyn/New York style for the first time on the album 'Gulag Okestar' in 2006; his latest single 'East Harlem' is a story about Manhattan and the distances between the NY districts and how far it can seem to get from one end to the other.

8 June 2011 - Video-report about Paris born (1932) electronic music pioneer and visionary Eliane Radigue
...on occasion of the music festival 'Triptych' from 12 to 26 June 2011 on various venues London-wide with focus on the work of the French composer Eliane Radigue. The retrospective includes compositions for acoustic instruments, her classic electronic compositions and the presentation of Eliane Radigue's installations.

8 June 2011 - 'Vacuum' by the Vienna/Paris based electronic musician and guitarist Christian Fennesz (album 'Black Sea')
...who says in an interview about his work style and the preference of analog or digital tools: "Both. The way I work is, I produce everything on the computer and then mix it all once more on a very high-end analog mixer, feeding the result back into the computer." The interview by Anna Ceeh with the musician Christian Fennesz is published on on occasion of the festival for spatial sound and advanced music composition 'The Morning Line' from 8 to 11 June in Vienna where approx. 30 sound artists present new compositions.

6 June 2011 - Article on Wired about the trailer 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' with music remix of Led Zeppelin’s 'Immigrant Song'
The music for the recently published trailer for the movie about a female computer hacker (Rooney Mara) and a male journalist (Daniel Craig) is a remix of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” with vocals of a woman. Wired calls the remix 'spooky'; the magazine offers a conspiracy theory about Sony's posting of trailers: "Did Sony marketing mavens play Jedi mind games with fanboys by planting two supposedly pirated trailers in order to stoke interest in the film?"

3 June 2011 - Video showing dance style to 'Feel So Good' by 'The Juan MacLean'
'The Juan MacLean' consists of US electronic musician John MacLean and singer Nancy Whang. They are part of the
'Concerts Electro and Boom-Box' (25 June in Enghien Les Bains, FR) alongside to Simian Mobile Disco, Château Flight...

3 June 2011 - 'Victory Dance' by My Morning Jacket from the new album 'Circuital'
The Asian gong with the Beethoven alike hunter horns in the beginning of the track are great!

31 May 2011 - 'Trickaz No Jutsu' by Paris based duo 'Tha Trickaz' (free download)
The selfnamed 'Tha Vietnamists' DJ iRaize and Pho released on 9 May 2011 the dubstep/hip hop album 'Cloud Adventure' on Tha Trickaz are on tour: 29 July Palermo (Sicily, IT), 9 Sept Bourges (FR)...

31 May 2011 - Electronic music and dance interpretation of the spiritual 'Wayfaring Stranger' theme
...found on the blog of poet Rick Holland on Rick Holland collaborates with musicians, designers, choreographers, film makers; since the beginnig of the 2000s Rick Holland works with music composer Brian Eno. Listen 'Glitch' by Brian Eno with words by poet Rick Holland from the new album 'Drums Between The Bells' (release on 24 June)

31 May 2011 - Electronic music interpreted by dancers in slim-stretch jeans
Electronic music by Stockholm based DJ/producer Kornél Kovács interpreted for 'Tiger of Sweden' with various styles like classical ballet, robot, jazz, street...

27 May 2011 - Album 'Tai Chi Bum Bai Chi' by the Austrian group The Kung Fu Divas
The album contains 3 electronic-renaissance music-fusion-asian sounds tracks; just relased on 19 May.

27 May 2011 - 'A Little Death' by the US punk-rock band Fucked Up a review (with audio) on, where the track was described with the words: "It's a pop offering from a crew named Fucked Up." The 4th part of the concept album 'David Comes To Life' (78-minute rock opera in 4 parts about a man in the 70s in a British industrial town, who loses his lover in a bombing...) comes out on 6 June; you can listen the tracks from the album on Fucked Up is on tour in US (TX, NY, MA...).

26 May 2011 - Punk-rock-party song 'Blow Your Mind Away' by the Berlin band Poolstar
...from the album 'Losing Gravity' (2005) was the official hymn of the IFMXF FreestyleMotoCrossShow 'Night of the Jumps'. The four members band Poolstar's music is influenced by "love sex music life". They will perform today at Sage Club in Berlin

25 May 2011 - How to dress at music festivals in 2011?
Music festival 2011 style made of pieces which are especially advised by international labels in combination with items that are following the idea of outdoor entertainment...

25 May 2011 - Bollywood-electro 'Load-David Starfire' remixed by 'Love and Light'
...from the 'Bollyhood Bass remixes Vol 2' album by San Francisco and Los Angeles based producer/DJ David Starfire; released in May on Six Degrees Records.

25 May 2011 - Electro-latin-soul 'Astro Black (The Big Wow Mix)' by the Viennese formation 'Freedom Satellite' a remix of Sun Ra's jazz-composition with vocals by June Tyson. Freedom Satellite was founded 1997 by the producers/DJs Jürgen Drimal (owner of the label Vienna Scientists Recordings) and Gernot Ebenlechner, who studied mechanical engineering and wrote a thesis for the European Space Agency before he turned to music

21 May 2011 - Fashion & music
The German musician Illute has made a bag showing a spacy sewing/piano machine and invites to download her version of 'Major Tom'; the poolbar Festival has extended its style collection with poolbar underwear and bags. This year's festival t-shirt 'The Explorer'...

21 May 2011 - Three male bodybuilders who are combing the hair of a female musician
...directed by UK video maker Ben Reed (known for dark humour and creative realisations in low budget productions) for the visualisation of the song 'The Magic' by Joan As Police Woman from the new album 'The Deep Field'. The album was released physically in April. US musician Joan Wasser aka Joan As Police Woman has collaborated already with musicians like Lou Reed or Antony and the Johnsons. Joan As Police Woman is on tour: 25 May San Francisco, 27 May Los Angeles, from 2 June on in Australia, on 18 June the European tour starts...

21 May 2011 - 'Bells' by cirKus from the album 'Medicine'
The album was just released on 10th May. cirKus is the project of the Sweden based couple Neneh Cherry and Cameron McVey (Massive Attack/Portishead) together with their daughter Lolita Moon. The video 'Bells' shows the abuse of men and their existence as a 'puppet on the string' while McVey sings that we never live and learn.
analyses it as a video that "…follows a series of cloned men, being spit out of the machines that built them, into another. They continue on in a repetitive, zombie-like existence, as a cog in this other machine, this time enduring more and more abuse."

18 May 2011 - 'Penthouse Suites' by Wise Blood (aka Chris Laufman) from the new EP 'These Wings' (release on 2 August)
Wise Blood's video 'B.I.G E.G.O.' featuring fashion icon Daphne Guinness has attracted the media by the end of last year. He is now back - again with a lot of press coverage such as on, where this feed posting links to.

18 May 2011 - Cuban actor William Levy, who is the star in several Latin-American Telenovelas
...- such as the video clip shows, is the man in Jennifer Lopez' new video 'I'm Into You' feat. (the voice of) Lil Wayne; it's the second single from her album 'Love'. It took a while to find out that the male actor in 'I'm Into You' is William Levy - albeit a star but in another region than Europe, because everybody is talking only about Jennifer Lopez' outfit (she wears Gucci aviator shades in the style of the 1980s, a printed dress which remembers glamorous vintage couture of the 70s), her dance moves in the Maya-ruins in Chichen Itza, and the beach of Tulum, where she appears in a bikini...

18 May 2011 - 'Smoke Up' in 60s folk-pop style with punky voice by the Austrian music project 'Sweet Sweet Moon' singer/multi-instrumentalist Matthias Frey (plays violin, guitars, drums... himself); just released on Siluh Records. 'Sweet Sweet Moon' is on tour: 29 May at the Arena in Vienna (AT), 16 June Krems (AT), 25 June Cologne (DE)...

18 May 2011 - " anthem for total arsehole ladykillers, but it’s also catchy as hell."
...writes Jess McGuire on about the debut song in 1960s pop-style ‘Face In The Crowd’ by Cat's Eyes, consisting of Faris Badwin and Rachel Zaffira, who sings with her soprano voice: “you’re not the one, not the one, and not only that you’re not anyone, anyone, you’re not anyone, yeah you’re not the one, not the one, you’re not anyone at aaaaaaaall…”

17 May 2011 - "In ancient times singers used to debut new songs on the radio or in concert..."
...begins the article on The Wall Street Journal about a new option for musicians on occasion of the premiere of Lenny Kravitz' track 'Rock Star City Life' from the new album 'Black and White America' (release in summer)...

17 May 2011 - 'Circuital' by My Morning Jacket from the new album
...with the same title which comes out on 31 May. On occasion of the release, My Morning Jacket invites with a virtual video presenter who remembers the wizard of OZ in the role of a circus director to the 'unstaged, magic, online' live music event on YouTube on For the live stream from the Palace Theater in Louisville (home town of the US band), they are working together with award-winning director Todd Haynes.

16 May 2011 - Equipment for outdoor music festivals
Fashionoffice received a Sports Experts 'music festival kit' containing pieces like the chair 'Wilder Kaiser', means 'Wild Emperor'...

16 May 2011 - Music, multimedia and street style in London
Creative chief Christopher Bailey has selected the British band 'Life in Film' for the 'Acoustic'-music activities of Burberry...

15 May 2011 - Re-listen: Disco-hit 'Lovemachine' by the music-project 'Supermax' (1978)
...founded by the Austrian multi-instrumentalist Kurt Hauenstein (1949 - 2011) whose funky-hynotic sound became known in the late 1970s in the European and American underground club-scene. In 1981, after Supermax toured as the first mixed-race band through South-Africa, Kurt Hauenstein was 'punished' with a black-listed status by some political organizations and couldn't enter several countries; more on

10 May 2011 - "If you're blue and you don't know where to go to. Why don't you go where fashion sits, Puttin' on the ritz" sings Fred Astaire the movie 'Blue Skies' from 1946; 'Putting on the Ritz' means to dress up and relates to the hotel Ritz. Fred Astaire, who would be today 112 years old (born on 10 May 1899 as Frederick Austerlitz, son of an Austrian immaigrant, in America), has recorded the song by Irving Berlin already in 1930. 16 years later, the song became in a remix part of the movie 'Blue Skies' - written by songwriter Irving Berlin himself. The story of the musical is about a love triangle consisting of a dancer, a night-club opener and a woman...

10 May 2011 - "Living for the weekend..." sings Cee Lo Green on 'Bright Lights Bigger City' from the album 'Lady Killer'
...which was already released at the end of 2010. In spring 2011, US singer/songwriter Cee Lo Green - known for his hits 'Crazy' and 'Fuck You', has remixed the funky song ' 'Bright Lights Bigger City' with additional vocals by Wiz Khalifa; available on

9 May 2011 - Gypsy-punk 'Not a Crime' by New York band with 'wonderlust' Gogol Bordello
...who state on their website that their task is to provoke the audience for a new view on the world: "From where we stand it is clear that world's cultures contain material for endless art-possibilities..." Now, the Sziget Festival in Budapest (Hungary, 8 - 15 August) announce in their line-up that Gogol Bordello alongside to Kasabian, The Chemical Brothers, Ben l'Onlce Soul, Amy Winehouse, Gotan Project, La Roux.... perform on stage

8 May 2011 - Who has inspired musicians like Lady Gaga and Beth Ditto? Online music source Pretty Much Amazing presents one example for a new music creation that was inspired by 'her' - really pretty much amazing video!

7 May 2011 - 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga
...who is integrating polarizing performance art into her stage appearance and videos; Lady Gaga is inspired by artists like Serbian born in US living performance artist Marina Abramovic (as she says on who allows the audience to become interactive with her body. The documentary about two concerts by Lady Gaga from February 2011 at Madison Square Garden (New York) debuts today on the international TV channel HBO

7 May 2011 - Users are invited to a social media music performance to 'The Bomb' by John Pigeon
...on where the Los Angeles based hip-hop/soul musician provides the a capella vocals for the song from the album 'Dragon Slayer' (label Quannum Projects) to be downloaded and remixed in the 'chosen style'; upload of the remix until 15 May.

6 May 2011 - Re-listen: 'I Fought the Law' by the British punk-rock band The Clash from 1976 to 1986. They are known for their  idealistic political ideology. The Clash positioned themselves as rebels with a cause. With songs such as 'The Guns of Brixton' or 'I Fought the Law' they became icons with outlaw image for a whole generation which has worked on a new society by the end of the 20th century. Find more videos, interviews on

3 May 2011 - Soulful indie rock "Mess A Good Thing" by Gaby Moreno ... from the album 'Illustrated Songs' (released in April 2011) The video by Silent Killer Productions, founded by broadcast journalist (graduated at the University of Colorado, US) Erica Soto who works mainly for English and Spanish language television, shows singer/songwriter Gaby Moreno (grown up in Guatemala, living in Los Angeles, already awarded with several prizes) presenting how her voice sounds to the guitar in the small space of a New York cab. The music clip was produced by, a TV/radio channel with focus on indie artists and up-and-coming musicians

2 May 2011 - Music video that looks like a trailer of a 'Machete'-alike movie
...for the track 'Howlin' for You' from the album 'Brothers' by the US duo The Black Keys. On IMDB (The Internet Movie Database), the action movie parody evokes postings like "It's a music video. Wow, I was really scared for a minute there."

1 May 2011 - Electronic pop song 'Dance Into The Morning' by the Austrian duo Allen Alexis
...consisting of Guenther Bernhart and Philip Preuss; the single was released on 29 April, the video is directed by Salzburg (AT) based Gerald Schober.

1 May 2011 - Balkan-gypsy-electro dance 'Disko Partizani' by Shantel
...who is listed under the title '13 years of anarchy and romance' as one of the live-acts at the Surf Worldcup 2011 and music festival in Podersdorf at the Neusiedler See in Austria, which runs from 29 April until 8 May The German based musician and DJ Shantel has become known for mixing traditional music from the historical European Habsburg and Ottoman Empire (Bukovina - today Romania, Ukraine) with electronic dance beats.

30 April 2011 - Video for the 'Lightning in the Bottle'-music and arts festival with organic-electronic sound multi-instrumentalist Emancipator (aka Doug Appling) from Portland (Oregon, US), who has already received a Puma sponsorship for his musical work, and The Glitch Mob. From 27 to 30 May, expected 7000 people will attend the festival's art installations (from interactive pieces to larger-than-life sculptures), workshops on body and mind, yoga, etc. and music performances by Thievery Corporation, Bonobo, Nick Warren... in Southern California. For kids, the festival organisers have built a magical place called 'MagiKidz village' for playful educational activities

29 April 2011 - Re-listen: 'I changed my mind' by Lyrics Born and The Poets of Rhythm in a Stereo MC remix
The awarded music video for the song 'I changed my Mind' (released on the collaborative label 'Quannum', 1999) by Lyrics Born (San Francisco, US) and the German retro-funk band The Poets of Rhythm in a remix by the British Stereo MCs was created by the members of the British animators/illustrators collective Shynola. They have already worked for Nike, Playstation... and made music videos for Beck or Unkle

28 April 2011 - Sound designer, studio musicians and video animators
...collaborated for the music video 'Turn' from the recently released album 'Amongst Giants' by the Innsbruck (AT) based sound designer/composer/producer Matthias Hacksteiner who recorded the 10 tracks with eleven studio musicians of classical instruments like piano, violin, etc. as well as electronic sound creators. The artwork for the video (directed by Markus Wagner) - it shows impressions of human culture vs. nature as a run against the intoxication of air - comes from members of the Austrian collective Find more information about the album on

28 April 2011 - Video about how digital sounds are made with physical objects
...presented by the experimental sound designer Amon Tobin on occasion of the release of his new psychedelic album 'Isam' (physically on 23 May). On you can find the digital album, photographs of human insects, information about the musician's collaborative art installation with Saatchi Collection artist Tessa Farmer 'ISAM: Control Over Nature' from 26 May to 5 June at The Crypt Gallery in London...

28 April 2011 - Music video 'True Loves' inspired by French sci-fi comic strip creator Moebius
...for Hooray For Earth's album 'True Loves' (already on iTunes, physical release of the song and 6 additional remixes on 7 June) is directed by Alex Takacs from the LA based production team Young Replicant, who says about the non-linear story of two persons on a hunt through times and spaces: "The video is an homage to our favorite Russian and Eastern-European cult sci-fi. French artist Moebius and early Metal Hurlant were also big visual influences. It's about mindscapes and the memory of true love." Reality-fiction artist Jean Giraud alias 'Moebius' (after the German mathematician) creates comic strips that are non-linear narrations to involve the reader in generating meaning.

25 April 2011 - Music video 'Follow' by the Spanish electronic-folk band 'Crystal Fighters'
...directed by Spanish/English storyteller Ian Pons Jewell, who answers Patricia J. Friedrich, student of history of art at the University of Vienna (Austria), questions (in German/English) about the aesthetics of the video and the underlying intentions

25 April 2011 - "Run little rabbit run"
...sings Nick Cave on 'Money and Run' by Unkle, just released on the five track EP 'Only The Lonely' with other collaborative songs like 'The Dog Is Black' feat. Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit

23 April 2011 - Electronic mix 'Invaded by my own' by Shroomtune aka Christian Finsterwalder
...who is known online as member of the Austrian Alpine 'Tyrolean Dynamite Crew'; recently Christian Finsterwalder contributed the music ('incomplete' feat. Eva Elekktra) to a snowboard movie - seen on

22 April 2011 - Silk textile painting technique starring at a social media-music video project
Turkish artist Hikmet Barutcugil (studied textile design, lecturer of arts) experiments with the traditional 'marbling' technique which is developed from the different consistencies of water and color pigments. For the social media-video project, he choreographs live a 'water dance' in front of the camera to the song 'Lucky Me' from the new album 'Home Sweet Home' by the electronic duo Project Jenny, Project Jan.

21 April 2011 - Video invitation to Lady Gaga's 'Monster Ball Tour' HBO (Home Box Office). The producer of series like Sex and the City, The Sopranos, or Six Feet Under, will broadcast exclusively Lady Gaga's 'Monster Ball Tour' (filmed in February 2011 at the shows in Madison Square Garden) on 7 May. Until then, users can take previews - each week a new. More on Facebook

19 April 2011 - Ambient-rock 'We Can Make It Out' by UK band Spokes (Ninja Tune)
Yesterday, they have released the new single '3, 4, 5', included are additional remixes - a very emotional, spheric sound; listen it here Spokes are on tour: today in Hamburg (DE), 20 April Münster (DE), 21 April Giessen (DE), 22 April Graz (AT)... followed by cities in UK like Oxford, Hatfield, London...

18 April 2011 - A 'censored' dance video by an artist who...
...usually worked with found footage. The video 'Breakaway' from 1966 by Bruce Conner (a 'father' of music videos) shows songwriter, choreograph... Toni Basil (aka Antonia Christina Basilotta, she sings the song herself) dancing in front of the artist's camera. A signature style of Bruce Conner was the looping of scenes (non-linear elements) which became part of his narration; such as Toni Basil gets undressed and dressed again - in the uncensored video. Now, the Kunsthalle Zürich presents Conner’s film works such as 'Breakaway' or "...'Marilyn Times Five' (1968–1973), a soft porn film from the 1940s in which a topless Monroe look-alike alternately holding an apple and Coca-Cola bottle in her hand flirts with the camera to a soundtrack of the song I’m Through with Love."

15 April 2011 - Electronic Indian dance 'Moonlit Horizons-Desert Dwellers' by David Starfire (Remix)
The San Francisco (US) based producer/DJ David Starfire is one of the musicians who will perform at the Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress (art, music, meditation, fashion... with focus on humanity and nature) in Hawaii (13-15 May). At this peaceful festival, it's probably hard to keep with the feet on earth; take a preview

14 April 2011 - Behind the scenes of the new version of Janis Joplin's song "Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz" from 1971 ...with vocals by Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Estelle and Daley (collaborated with Gorillaz for 'Doncamatic' 2010), music and production by David Banner (Grammy Award winning producer, rapper, actor) is now presented by the British style magazine Blag which has organised the cooperation between the musicians. The car in the video (directed by the publishers of Blag, Sally A. Edwards and Sarah J. Edwards) is a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE Convertible (Model W111, built in 1971). On 18th April, Blag releases the track with accompanying video ‘Benz’ via iTunes.

12 April 2011 - Celebrities from music, fashion, film... Iggy Pop, Kanye West, Patti Smith, Kate Moss, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Sharon Stone... appear in the Grammy awarded video (directed by Tony Kaye) 'God's Gonna Cut You Down' by Johnny Cash. The video was released posthumous in 2006.

12 April 2011 - 'Money and Run' by Unkle feat. Nick Cave
...sings "run little rabbit run - take the money and run" on the five track EP 'Only The Lonely' (released April) which provides new songs like 'The Dog Is Black' feat. Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit

11 April 2011 - Country post-punk rock 'Airstream Driver' by Gomez
...from the album 'A New Tide'. Now, the UK/US band Gomez announces the new release 'Whatever's on your mind' (comes out in June) that the pre-order starts on 18 April on, where the band (members are from US-Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Brighton-UK) offers the album's first single 'Options' as free download to give a preview to the "summer soundtrack... fresh feeling of rebirth and awakening."

10 April 2011 - Grunge/New Wave track 'I Think I Like U 2' by the Paris based duo Jamaica
...consisting of Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet from the debut album 'No Problem'. Jamaica is on tour: 13 April Washington (US), 14 +15 April New York (US),... followed by other cities in US and Canada; in June in Germany, Spain, Switzerland...

8 April 2011 - Spheric gypsy folk soul '100 Other Lovers' by DeVotchKa
The new video tells the romantic story of a Babuschka (a Russian woman - DeVotchka means in Russian 'girl, woman') - dressed in traditional Eastern European costume, who frees her birds. The song is from the album '100 Lovers' (released on 1 March) by the Grammy awarded Denver (Colorado, US) based band. They are combining Eastern European traditional music from Slavic and Balkan Romanic language regions with American folk and Mariachi rhythms.

7 April 2011 - Re-listen: ''Fade Up' by Shawn Lee feat. The Superimposers
...from the 'Sing a Song' album (released in summer 2010). The American in London based musician Shawn Lee publishes on his website a video with work examples of the soundtracks he has made such as for movies like Oceans 13, The Break Up, The Bank Job... the TV series Lost, Desperate Housewives, CSI: Miami, Ugly Betty... and tracks for BMW, Jaguar, Barclays, Head and Shoulders... skate, snowboarding, surf films or even a video game

6 April 2011 - Tom Chaplin, lead singer of the British band Keane, about the opening event of a high-tech fashion store in Beijing
On 13 April, the British band Keane will perform at the Burberry flagship store opening in Beijing (China). The store, designed by Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey, is the brand’s most technologically advanced one; it is equipped with a digital exterior 9x5 flat screen LED video walls showcasing the brand’s multimedia content. The event on 13 April will be live streamed globally on

5 April 2011 - 'Official' music videos and fan productions
The virtual exhibition 'Internet killed the Video Star' will open at the 'real space' of the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf with models in special t-shirts and music by DJ Toulouse Low Trax, who will play YouTube videos instead of records...

2 April 2011 - 'Ritual Union' by the Swedish electronic-soul-pop group Little Dragon (album release in July)
...performed live on stage with leadsinger Yukimi Nagano’s voice looping electronically. 'Ritual Union' is from the new same entitled album which comes out on 12 July (Peace Frog/EMI).

1 April 2011 - 'Rhythm of Time' by the Austrian experimental a capella-electro band Bauchklang
Bauchklang (they are making the sound with their voices) is one of the groups alongside to electronic musician like Peter Kruder, Dorian Concept... who are announced to perform live on stage on 17 April at the 'Help For Japan'-event in Vienna. The purchase of the entry and gastro goes to the Red Cross. Additionally, visitors can buy fashion samples of Austrian designers and art (supported by tba 21, the foundation of Francesca von Habsburg)

1 April 2011 - Re-listen: 'Satisfaction' by the American new wave band Devo from the album 'Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!'
...from 1977 (album released 1978) is a cover of the Rolling Stones hit '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'. The name Devo is derived from 'de-evolution' and the conviction that the intelligence of people is steadily declining. For the latest Devo album 'Something for everybody', the band members have used market research techniques to find the best songs, artworks and outfits; interview on

31 March 2011 - British pop star Eliza Doolittle in Moschino SS2011 fashion video
...seen on; music 'Pack Up' by Eliza Doolittle.

30 March 2011 - Dance floor pop 'Contact High' by Architecture In Helsinki
...from the album 'Moment Bends' (comes out in April). The Australian (Melbourne) 5 members band Architecture In Helsinki is on tour: 6 April Hamburg (DE), 7 April Luxembourg (LX), 8 April Paris (FR), followed by London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna... in June in US.

28 March 2011 - Re-listen: 'Heaven's In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac' by the British band Hot Chocolate on stage at the chart show 'Top of the Pops' in 1976. Frontman and band founder Errol Brown began his career with a reggae version of John Lennon's 'Give Peace A Chance' in 1969. The website remembers: "Errol Brown changed the lyrics of the number but he was informed that he could not change Lennon's song without his permission! So a copy of the demo was sent to the Beatles record label, Apple with fingers crossed. Amazingly John Lennon loved the version and it was released on the Apple label." (Note: Apple Corp. was founded in the late 1960s by the UK music group The Beatles and has an apple in the logo; while Apple Inc. (iPad, iTunes, iPhone...), which was founded by Steve Jobs and partners in the same year of the release of the Hot Chocolate song in 1976, has the bitten apple as logo.)

27 March 2011 - 'My Music is a Boat' by Illute (released in March)
Berlin based singer Illute sings in German, Japanese, Spanish; on her second single 'My Music is a Boat' in English to guitars and a dramatic violin by Daniella Grimm.

27 March 2011 - Songs by the indie-rock band The Smiths performed by fans for an art project
The videos for the three-part installation 'the world won't listen' by UK born (1970), in Germany based artist Phil Collins features The Smiths fans from Colombia, Turkey and Indonesia. The fans are performing songs from the compilation 'The Smiiths' from 1987. Now, the installation 'the world won't listen' is on view at Marabouparken in Sundbyberg (Sweden, until 29 May): "A tender, humorous, and occasionally heartbreaking portrait of humanity, the work is a study on the mediation and strength of popular culture's global reach."

26 March 2011 - Pin drop, the split, synchro, fire dance... are the name of dance styles a new music video. Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to 'Ijo' by the British born, in New York living musician Siji, who collaborated for the song with producer/DJ Alix Alvarez. The video shows a dance audition in Lagos (Nigeria).

26 March 2011 - Re-listen: 'The Raft' by Fat Freddy's Drop
...from the album 'Dr. Boondigga and The Big Bw' (2009). The dub-reggae band from Wellington (New Zealand) Fat Freddy's Drop (the name is derived from a character in a comic strip and LSD acid art) announces the world tour: 27 + 28 May in Queensland (Australia), 18 June London (UK), 19 June Dublin (Ireland), followed by Portugal, German, Norway, Spain, France...

24 March 2011 - 'Week-end à Rome' by Nouvelle Vague and Vanessa Paradis
...from the new album 'Couleurs sur Paris’ by the Parisian musicians of Nouvelle Vague Marc Collin et Olivier Libaux. Fashionoffice just received the tour dates for March and April with the words "Expect the unexpected": 24 March Warsaw (PL), 25 March Wroclaw (PL), 26 March Leipzig (DE), 27 March Nuremberg (DE)... followed by France, Sweden, Norway

24 March 2011 - Model and musician Josh Beech singing in the bathroom
Recently, Moschino has chosen the British model and musician Josh Beech for the new campaign of the label's men's fragrance 'Forever' and presents with him the SS2011 collection on Josh Beech's latest song is the greasing guitars ballad 'She', available physically on 4 April.

22 March 2011 - New music video 'Party bis zum Untergang' - means transl. 'Party until the Doom' by the Austrian band Kommando Elefant
...featuring Russkaja frontman Georgij Alexandrowitsch Makazaria, who bursts in the video a party of shy weirdos. The song will be released on 25 March, Las Vegas Record.

22 March 2011 - Re-listen: Electronic beats 'Venus In Furs' by Trash Palace feat. Cozette (2002) covered from Velvet Underground's 1967 song. 'Venus in Furs' by the cult-band Velvet Underground, which is strongly connected to Andy Warhol, was covered in the last 40 years by several musicans, most recently in 2008 in a folk-rock acoustic guitar version by the 'The Kills'; you can hear it on The song, written by Lou reed, is inspired by Austrian journalist and writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's novel 'Venus in Furs' which is about a woman who loves furs, a man, and a contract between the two that was developed from a sado-masochistic pleasure gain. The term 'masochism' was derived from the author's name already in the 19th century.

19 March 2011 - Electronic soul dance 'White Horse' by Brooklyn based trio Jessica 6
...with the smoky lascivious voice by lead singer Nomi Ruiz from the debut album 'See The Light' (release in May). The three members of the band Jessica 6 have met while working with Hercules and Love Affair and Antony on 'Hercules and Love Affair' (2008). On Jessia 6's 'See The Light', Antony appears as guest vocalist on the track 'Prisoner Of Love'. It is announced, that Antony and Nomi Ruiz are "weaving their voices around each other to a stunning effect".

19 March 2011 - 'Heavy in Your Arms' by Florence and the Machine from the Eclipse soundtrack
Florence Welch, recently nominated for Best New Artist at the 53rd Grammy Awards, has written the song for the vampire series 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'. Her role in the black and white, morbide video could be described as 'passive body', which evokes probably even's question: "Is she dead or alive?".

16 March 2011 - Hypersensitive electronic-dance beats 'Ghosts of Utopia' by IAMX
...from the new album 'Volatile Times' (release on 18 March, Berlin based musician Chris Corner, the head of IAMX, is known of being also the director of his videos. This time, he creates dark images of a mysterious world. He is on tour in Europe: 17 March Apeldoorn (Netherlands), 18 March Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), 19 March Brussels (Belgium), 24 March Malmö (Sweden), 25 March Stockholm (Sweden)...

15 March 2011 - Re-listen: 'Fast Love' by George Michael
...from the album 'Older' (1996). The video shows the British musician George Michael in a virtual reality with men and women who are dancing in sexy costumes. Now, Fashionoffice has received the information that George Michael is wearing on the cover of his new single 'True Faith' (released physically on 14 March) the sunglasses 'Bel Air' by the Belgian brand theo, created by fashion designer Tim Van Steenbergen. The designer has been inspired by the round forms and chrome of American vintage cars.

12 March 2011 - Music video 'Tightrope' by Janelle Monáe & Big Boi (Grammy 2011 nominated for Best Urban/Alternative Performance)
...from the album 'The ArchAndroid'. Singer/songwriter/dancer Janelle Monáe describes herself as a Nerd, believes in time travels and has an alter-ego 'Cindi Mayweather', an android. The Daily telegraph describes her as a mix of James Brown, Judy Garland, Andre 3000 and Steve Jobs. Her signature clothing style is a tuxedo.

12 March 2011 - Free download 'DNA' by the duo The Kills
...punky country-rock guitar to the smokey voice of singer Alison from the new album 'Blood Pressures' (release in April). At this time, The Kills are publishing their 'Blood Pressures' photo diary on

11 March 2011 - Hip-hop musician in beauty
Grammy awarded musician Pharrell Williams designed an eco-friendly shopping bag made from recycled plastic bottles for the beauty label Kiehl's...

11 March 2011 - Re-listen: Dance electro hip-hop 'Bad Girl ft. Ce'Cile' by Two Fingers (Amon Tobin and Joe 'Doubleclick' Chapman)

...from the album 'Two Fingers' (2009). Now, the experimental sound designer Amon Tobin announces the release of his new psychedelic album 'Isam' on 23 May. On occasion of the new album, Amon Tobin and Saatchi Collection artist Tessa Farmer present the art installation 'ISAM: Control Over Nature' from 26 May to 5 June at The Crypt Gallery in London. Tessa Farmer says: "ISAM is beautiful, surprising, playful, disturbing and unnerving at times. It has an incredible energy, to which I am responding to instinctively, conjuring scenes that reflect the varying moods of the tracks. The scenes are action packed, but frozen in motion - to be animated by the viewer's imagination and Amon's music."

10 March 2011 - Party trance sound - 'Echoes' by the British band Klaxons in a remix by Steve Aoki
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the new remix by the Los Angeles DJ, producer and electro musician Steve Aoki. Klaxon's song 'Echoes' was released on the album 'Surfing the Void' already in summer last year.

9 March 2011 - Music inspired multimedia installation 'Pinocchio Is On Fire' by Mark Bradford
...presented on a website that gives insight into the work of the US artist. 'Pinocchio Is On Fire' (2010) reflects on music, musicians and the roles they play in our society. Mark Bradford explains in a video that the installation is inspired by the character Pinocchio - a male that is made by his father - but rejected because he was not the perfect boy, and the artist's own experiences he made in the 80s in Los Angeles hip-hop communities. Now, Mark Bradford's paintings, sculptures, installations, and videos over the past decade will be on exhibition from 28 May to 18 September at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

8 March 2011 - Re-listen: 'April Fool' by the female funk-rock pioneers Isis
...from 1974 in a fan-video for 1970s comic supergirls like Wonder Woman, The Bionic Woman, or "VAMPIRELLA, the gothic love-child of Bettie Page and Barbarella, from the decidedly more adult horror stories of Warren Magazines..."

7 March 2011 - 'Can You Hear Me?' by Pace Won and Mr. Green a tribute by the US musicians to the people of Tunisia. The text comes from Tunisian artists, who told Pace Won to spread the word.

7 March 2011 - 'Toil In Your Field' by the Austrian experimental a capella-electro band Bauchklang, feat. US spoken-work musician Ursula Rucker
...from the new album 'Signs'. Philadelphia based Ursula Rucker's text is motivated by social ideas like women's rights. The album 'Signs' by Bauchklang (make the sound with their voices) will be released on 19 March by monkey.

5 March 2011 - 'It's not about you' by the British band Scouting for Girls
Recently, Scouting for Girls' song 'This Ain't a Love Song' from the album 'Everybody Wants To Be On TV' was nominated for Best British Single at the Brit Awards (15 Feb, London). The Londoner indie-pop band hasn't received one of the desired Brit Awards statues styled by Vivienne Westwood. But now, Burberry has chosen the song 'It's not about you' for the presentation of the 'Exotics' SS2011 pieces. Scouting for Girls is on tour: March in NL and DE, April UK...

3 March - "Our vivid dreams are just like big production movies..."
...sings 'Murph' (lead guitar, lead vocals, keyboards) of the Liverpool band The Wombats in 'Anti-D' from the new album 'This Modern Glitch' (release 26 April). The hyperlink for the video (produced by Jacknife Lee - U2, R.E.M.) was sent with following words: "The woozy psychedelia of the video - shot in one continuous take - addresses frontman Matthew “Murph” Murphy’s issues with depression and addiction to anti-depressants by contrasting the solemn, black-clad Murph to a colorful array of bizarre characters as he makes his way through a surreal, Technicolor world."

1 March 2011 - 'Cassette Tape' by singer/songwriter Katie Costello from her new album 'Lamplight'
The video for the song by soulful Katie Costello has a playful fresh, spring alike appeal!

28 Feb 2011 - Singer, guitarist Anna Calvi interprets Elvis Presley's song 'Surrender'
'Surrender' is the b-side of the upcoming single 'Blackout' (21 March). 'Blackout' ( is published on Anna Calvi's self-titled album (release on 1st March in US - digitally since 17 Jan). Elmore Magazine has probably found the best description for Anna Calvi's music: "Think Nick Cave, if he wore stilettos." Anna Calvi is on tour: 8 + 9 + 10 March in New York, 11 March Toronto, 17 March Austin, TX...

27 Feb 2011 - 'The Wilhelm Scream' by electronic musician James Blake (release 7 March)
The website opens with the new video 'The Wilhelm Scream' (directed by Alexander Brown, who is known for his artwork for La Roux's covers) showing the London based musician in a watery/airy/dreamy diffluent imaginary. The second video on the opening page of James Blake's site is the video 'Limit To Your Love' - great song!

26 Feb 2011 - English version of the French song 'Soulman' by Ben L'Oncle
...from the debut album 'Ben l'Oncle Soul' (released in 2010); the English version of the song 'Soulman' premiered recently. Benjamin Duterde aka Ben L'Oncle (the name is derived from Uncle Ben's rice which shows an African-American man on the packaging) appears in his retro-styled videos in 1950/60s American fashion pieces. Ben L'Oncle is on tour: today in Brussels (BE), 5 March Genève (FR), 6 March Luxembourg (LU)...

24 Feb 2011 - French electronic musician/producer Joakim provides music to a fashion party
The hyperlink was sent by Vice Magazine together with the invitation to a fashion after party with the special music guest Joakim on 5 March at Club Take 5 in Vienna. The party's fashion event happens on 4 and 5 March in Suite 725 at Le Meridien, where adidas will pop up an 'Originals by Originals' store

24 Feb 2011 - FC Barcelona defender in fashion
Recently, Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué became even for non-football addicts a person of interest; finally after he began dating musician Shakira. Now, Mango announces to collaborate with Gerard Piqué...

23 Feb 2011 - 'Satellite' by the alternative punk-rock duo The Kills
'Satellite' is the first single from the new album 'Blood Pressures', release in April (Domino Records). The video is posted by the music, film, interactive conference and festival event, which announces on its YouTube channel the band 'The Kills' as showcasing artists at the next SXSW from 11 to 20 March 2011 in Austin, Texas (US).

23 Feb 2011 - Streaming of the new album 'Never Be Content' by the three members band Innerpartysystem
The melodious synthesized-electronic songs of the album 'Never Be Content' premiered on 22 Feb (Red Bull Records) at #1 on the iTunes Electronic Albums Chart. Innerpartysystem is on US-tour: today San Francisco, 25 Feb Los Angeles, 26 Feb Las Vegas...

23 Feb 2011 - Re-listen: 'Ruby Baby' by the American singer-songwriter 'Dion' Francis DiMucci a song that plays in the heads of the Austrians in the days before Opernball on 3rd March at the Vienna State Opera - probably because TV editors love to mix the song 'Ruby Baby' with images from Berlusconi's Ruby (now 18 years old), who is the guest at the ball and heats up the discussion about good manners. Would be Berlusconi a better guest? Ruby looks nicer!

22 Feb 2011 - 'Young Pros' by the garage-rock duo Bass Drum of Death
The single 'Young Pros' by John (guitar, vocals) and Colin (drums) from Mississippi just premiered online. Now, they are announcing the release of the debut album 'GB City' on 12 April. "The songs are about drugs, trying to make it with religious girls, panic attacks, stealing stuff, mild to severe depression, Elvis appearing in your dreams and giving you advice, gravity bongs and the devil living inside your brain. This record is the soundtrack playing in your head when you're fucked up and walking home in the middle of the night."

19 Feb 2011 - 'Mexican Mavis' by Boy & Bear
The folk songs by the Australian band Boy & Bear are harmonious and quite good to relaxe while listening. Rolling Stone Australia wrote "...harmonies that are smoke, not sugar." The band is named a 'hotly-tipped export' of Australia's music scene. Now, the band announces a concert tour in Texas (US) After the tour, Boy & Bear will produce with Joe Chiccarelli (My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes) their debut album which will be released later in 2011.

19 Feb 2011 - Re-listen: 'Black Tambourine' by Beck from the album 'Guero' (2005)
The album 'Guero' (guero means in Mexican something like 'Hey blonde, what's happening?') by the Los Angeles based musician Beck features prominent co-stars like Jack White (The White Stripes) or Money Mark (Beastie Boys). The song 'Black Tambourine' was used in David Lynch's psycho-thriller 'Inland Empire' (2006) with Laura Dern, Jeremy Irons... in a story about a blonde actress' perception of reality.

18 Feb 2011 - New music video for the song 'Victory' by the US band Trampled by Turtles
The video's stop-motion photography by director Justin Gustavison evoked an unexpected result, tells Erik Berry (mandolin, vocals)

17 Feb 2011 - Singer and fashion icon Micky Green for Mango
Micky Green in front of the camera of Barcelona based photographer Nico whose name is mentioned online in relation to glam-glossy...

17 Feb 2011 - 'Out Of Our Minds' by Katie Costello
...who is compared to musicians like Fine Frenzy, Adele, Regina Spektor. 'Out Of Our Minds' is from the singer/songwriter's new 12 tracks album 'Lamplight' (Tiny Tiny Records, release on 22 Feb). Fashionoffice received the info with the words: "Upon third and fourth and fifth listen, the record comes together in the same way every great album does, in the moments when you find yourself on an empty street, iPod blasting as you dance recklessly along in the rain doing bell kicks over puddles, happily sheltered under a big black umbrella or when you find yourself on the subway, alone, singing along, out loud."

17 Feb 2011 - 'Mary Jane' by the German blues-rock-punk band Secret Basement
The music by the three members band is a mix of John Lee Hooker, Nirvana, The White Stripes. Secret Basement will perform today at the Sage Club in Berlin.

16 Feb 2011 - A film director's view on a scenery on occasion of a Vogue Italia photo shooting
John Christopher Pina is the director of the Vogue Italia movie with views on the location and scenery on occasion of an editorial shooting for the photo story 'Coterie' (means 'clique' or a small group of persons) from Sept 2009. Pina has worked already for brands like Pepsi, Nike, Red Bull or musicians such as Kanye West, John Legend. Now, his new video for the song 'OMFG' by the Brooklyn-native Birmingham electronic-pop band Deluka is published online

16 Feb 2011 - Trailer for the new album 'Speak Through the White Noise' by The New Regime
...directed by Los Angeles based John David Moffat who has mashed old black/white film and TV news material with scenes that show 22 year old musician Ilan Rubin singing about reality. Rubin has founded The New Regime in 2007 as a One-Man band - he plays all instruments by himself. Even the new album is entirely written, sung and played by Ilan Rubin (release date digitally 5 April, physically 26 April).

14 Feb 2011 - 'Call Me' feat. Skye by Paris based Nouvelle Vague
...from the album 'Hollywood Mon Amour'. Nouvelle Vague producer Marc Collin has rearranged on the album songs from '80s movies with vocals by Juliette Lewis, Cibelle, Yael Naim...

14 Feb 2011 - Rock 'n' Roll inspired fashion visuals
Two time Grammy Award winner Dave Matthews appears as a One-Man band with Coco the monkey on his shoulders in the new SS2011 campaign of men's wear designer John Varvatos (received already three times the American Fashion Award by the CFDA). John Varvatos is known for his Rock 'n' Roll inspired visuals since he has founded the own label in 2000. In fall 2010, the 10 years anniversary campaign featured 39 musicians like Franz Ferdinand, Perry Farrell, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop...

14 Feb 2011 - Re-listen: 'Baby I love you!' by the US punk rock band Ramones...while searching for more information about the musicians and a new t-shirt collection with signature prints...

13 Feb 2011- 'Parachute' by US singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson
The video shows the singer/writer flying into space and landing somewhere on a planet with a green plant. Fashionoffice got the invitation to "grab a box of chocolates and spend this Valentine’s day with Ingrid Michaelson" at the online chat and performance live from New York

11 Feb 2011 - 'Digital Love' by Bronze Radio Return
...from the album 'Old Time Speaker' (2009). Now, the US band announces the release of the new album 'Shake! Shake! Shake!' (29 March) with a video that gives insight into their work

10 Feb 2011 - Re-listen: '320' by 'Project Jenny, Project Jan' from the album XOXOXOXOXO (2007)
The electronic dance beats with vintage layering come from music programmer Sammy Rubin, the experimental melodious voice is contributed by Jeremy Haines. If you don't understand everything what he sings, the beginning of the lyrics of the song about paranoia is like a 'secret code' - you can read the lyrics on Now, the indie rockers' album release of 'Home Sweet Home' is announced for 5th April. "... a download code of Home Sweet Home will be available to anyone that purchases PJPJ merch via the band’s website and at live shows. Each composition, from liner notes, to t-shirts, to press photos and the visual elements that are part of every performance, is designed by them or by people they admire, as an interpretation of the music."

8 Feb 2011 - New video for 'Patience' by Nas and Damian Marley
...from the album 'Distant Relatives' directed by the Australian in Los Angeles living director and photographer Nabil Elderkin, whose client list includes Nike, Coca Cola, Rolling Stone, Paramount Pictures, MTV...

7 Feb 2011 - 'Running With Insanity' by the Danish experimental folk-indie band Alcoholic Faith Mission the title track of the new 'And The Running With Insanity EP'; comes out on 29 March on Paper Garden Records. The band tours in Feb in Denmark, March in Canada, US...

7 Feb 2011 - 'Crazy' by the French chanson-rapper Soprano
...sings about today's youth that uses smartphones, wearable audio-devices, Facebook and Blogs, and have lost their believe in the political discourse. On 21 March, Soprano's re-edition 'La Colombe et Le Corbeau' of his last album 'La Colombe' with additionally 12 yet unpublished tracks will be released.

5 Feb 2011 - Advertising as 'Musica Interrupta'
Recently, the new video for the song 'My House' from the album 'Blue Songs' (released on 31 Jan by the Brooklyn based electro-dance group Hercules & Love Affair in a direction by Price James (videos for 'OK' by Shit Disco, 'It's The Beat' by Simian Mobile Disco) was published online. In the second half of the video, ads are breaking the linearity of the movie. The trashy, music-interrupting 80s/90s advertising style enhances the intended low quality of the retro house-dance music video that references the club scene of that time. A campaign for a laundry and then a chicken house in the Bronx appear, before the catwalk scenery with gogo dance elements continues.

4 Feb 2011 - Lady Gaga about the art work of Marina Abramovic
... which is in the eyes of the musician without any limits in a world where people can be 'terrifying monsters'. She names as an example a performance where the Serbian born in US living performance artist Marina Abramovic (this year's honorate of the Savannah College of Art and Design for her influence on contemporary art) allows the audience to become interactive with her body. Wikipedia cites Marina Abramovic: "The experience I learned was that…if you leave decision to the public, you can be killed." such as she also describes in the video about the 'Rhythm 0' performance from the 70s on

4 Feb 2011 - 'Broken Bones' by The Holidays
Fashionoffice received the hyperlink to the song 'Broken Bones' from the debut album 'Post Paradise' of the Australian Music Prize Red Bull Award winners 'The Holidays'. On, additionally to the original version you will find a Javelin Remix. At this time, the four members band tours in Australia (today Brisbane, tomorrow Melbourne...); it is announced that The Holidays will perform in March in Austin - Texas (US)...

4 Feb 2011 - 'Quicksand' by La Roux in a Boy 8-bit Remix part of La Roux’s 'Gold Edition' featuring new interpretations of songs by the UK electroinc pop duo such as Kanye West's version of Grammy nominated 'In For The Kill'. It is announced that the record premieres today on MySpace; digital release of the 'Gold Edition' (Cherrytree/Interscope) via Amazon and iTunes on 8 February.

3 Feb 2011 - 'No Escape' by Priscilla Sucks from the 'Dirty Bastard' EP
Just received an announcement that the Berlin punk-rock-trash band Priscilla Sucks will perform today live at the Sage Club Berlin

2 Feb 2011 - Sports, music, lifestyle video
The video by Skullcandy was produced on occasion of the BMX Worlds in Germany in 2009; music 'Running With Scissors' by the German hardcore band 'Fire in the Attic'. Now, the design label for headphones, backpacks with built-in speakers... announces the 'Skullcandy Ispo Party' on 7 Feb during the international sports fair Ispo with DJs Mike Relm and The Disco Dogs at Club Ampere Muffatwerk in Munich (DE).

1 Feb 2011 - 'Satellite' by The Kills the first single from the album 'Blood Pressures' (release on 5 April). It is announced that a road trip inspired video directed by Sophie Muller (most recent works 'Soldier of Love' - Sade, 'Only The Young' - Brandon Flowers) will be launched soon.

31 Jan 2011 - Italian Disco Queen 'Hard Ton' tributes fashion performance artist Leigh Bowery
The video shows the Venezia (IT) based Disco Queen 'Hard Ton' in a tribute to the Australia born (1961) and in London (1994) died fashion artist Leigh Bowery. Leigh Bowery is a representant of the Londoner punk and gay scene. The Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna, AT) announces that works showing Leigh Bowery will be part of the exhibition 'No fashion, please!' (11 Nov 2011 - 22 Jan 2012) with focus on "utopian-looking dresses" in sceneries and the style of fashion photography - but the dresses are only players in stories that have not much to do with wearable clothes...

31 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: 'The Sound of Violence' by the French electronic duo Cassius, vocals by Steve Edwards
...from the album 'Au Rêve' (2002). The computer animated video shows a natural landscape that transforms by the end into an abstract virtual reality.

29 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: Fat Freddy's Drop - Flashback (Jazzanovas Mashed Bag Mix)
Dub-reggae by Fat Freddy’s Drop in a remix by the German formation Jazzanova. You can find it on the Jazzanova album 'The Remixes 2002-2005' together with tracks by Calexico, Masters At Work...

29 Jan 2011 - 'American Trash' by Innerpartsystem
The track 'American Trash' will be released digitally on 22 Feb, physically on 29 March. They are signed to Red Bull Records - what makes hopefully no problems for Fashionoffice as Red Bull is headquartered in Austria, where some have their own copyright strategies. This turns reporting into a 'risky' business!

27 Jan 2011 - 'OMFG' by Brooklyn-native Birmingham electronic-pop band Deluka
...from the album 'You Are the Night' is now available as free download on Deluka is planning the US tour (starts on 3 Feb in Brooklyn; w. Does It Offend You, Yeah?) and they are preparing a new music video for the song 'OMFG'. The video will debut in mid-February 2011. Deluka's first video 'Cascade' was directed by Paris born in New York living fashion and celebrity photographer Antoine Verglas, whose work can be seen in fashion magazines like Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated or Vogue. Fashionoffice received the information with the words: "Stay tuned..."

26 Jan 2011 - 'Nero' by Little Tybee
The song 'Nero' is from the 12 track-album 'Humorous To Bees' by the five members band Little Tybee from Georgia (US). Paper Garden Records has just announced that the album will be released on 5th April.

26 Jan 2011 - 'Birds Of A Feather' by Mocky from the album 'Saskamodie'
Mocky is one of the musicians of the 'green' sound installation 'Seven Speakers' at the Berlin Kreuzberg experimental design store Nr4, where the clothes, accessories by designers from US and EU are dispayed in an art scenery. The 'Seven Speakers' installation is made of seven speakers in a heptagonal arrangement - and plants. The music is contributed especially for this format by various artists such as Mocky (CA), Barbara Morgenstern and der Chor der Kulturen der Welt (D), or the project initiators Narrow Bridges (D/GB), to name a few. The installation is on view from 28 - 30 January, and during the music and art festival CTM.11 from 1 - 6 Feb in Berlin. It is announced that the shop will be transformed into a sonic greenhouse! Details on

26 Jan 2011 - "Rarely is so much noise generated by one individual"
...was the note that came with the information about the 22 years allround-music-talent old Ilan Rubin, who began to play drums at 8 - piano, guitar, bass and appearances as drummer at several groups followed. In 2007, he started 'The New Regime'. Now, the release of the album 'Speak Through the White Noise', which is entirely written, sung and played by Ilan Rubin, is announced for April 2011

25 Jan 2011 - Breakfast music-video 'Not Evident' by The Narcoleptic Dancers
The Lovely Hearts Club presents the video of the electro-pop Dutch-French half-siblings duo who name themselves according to MySpace after a trademark of their father who was a Dutch footballer: "They took the name “The Narcoleptic Dancers’ in homage to their father. The sports press had given him the nickname due to his peculiar haircut and his nonchalant dribble."

24 Jan 2011 - Fashion designers create costumes for the video 'The Runaway' by Unkle
Recently, reported about the "shady" 'The Runaway' video by Unkle with costumes by the Boudicca designers Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby. On, Boudicca is presenting the SS2011 collection 'A Fragmentary Dream' on a model photographed in sleeping position in 27 items. For each outfit, Boudicca has dedicated a short movie with interrupted picture flow - such as not all parts of a dream can be remembered, some parts of the model's movements are lost. The new Boudicca FW2011/12 collection will be presented in March in Paris.

24 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B' by The Andrews Sisters
Fashionoffice just received a music-compilation that accompanies the milestones of the underwear label Calida with songs from different times. The CD was released by EMI music on occasion of the label's 70th anniversary. Calida was founded in 1941 in Switzerland together with an Austrian family from the textile business; in the same year as the movie with the dance performance of The Andrews Sisters was produced. 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B' is one of the most important songs of the 20th century.

23 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: 'Hot Topic' by Le Tigre
The feminist punk-band Le Tigre mentions in this song from 1999 artists, musicians, writers like Yoko Ono, Joan Jett, Gertrude Stein, Valie Export... and Faith Ringgold (born 1930 in Harlem, New York), whose painted story quilts are now on view in the exhibition 'The Art of Faith Ringgold: Story Quilts and Freedom Quests' (31 Jan - 15 April) at the SCAD Museum of Art (US). "Ringgold's characteristic duality of beautiful imagery and deceptively simple characters and storylines repeatedly challenge the viewers to reexamine mythologies of cultural memory and identity."

17 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: 'Fly Away' by Lenny Kravitz from the album '5' (1998) This video has entered the history of music! The Grammy awarded song was interpreted by the Californian director Paul Hunter, who is counted for his work for musicians like A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera... to the best music video directors. Recently, Hunter has directed the video 'Give A Little More' by Maroon 5; you will find a similar scenery like at the Lenny Kravitz video. But with the difference of a more obsessive Kravitz and the censorship of topless women by unsharpened parts (a digital effect) on the film material, which was a typical style element in the late 90s; it was the same time that in film business the analog material, treatment and distribution was replaced by digital bits and bytes.

15 Jan 2011 - Re-listen 'Let Love Rule' by Lenny Kravitz in a remix by Justice The French electronic dance music duo Justice has released the remix of Lenny Kravitz' song 'Let Love Rule' in 2009. The musicians of Justice had been active in fashion too: in 2008, the musicians transferred their personal style into a small collection of jackets and jeans for Surface To Air; such as Stereogum reported. Surface To Air is a Paris headquartered group that collaborates with artists, designers, musicians, etc. in the fields fashion, communication and film. They have own shops in Paris, Sao Paulo and they are represented at Le Printemps in Paris.

15 Jan 2011 - Jack White's new music video
With this music-video-teaser, Jack White's label Third Man Records and Nonesuch Records just announce the premiere of the retro-styled video 'Thunder on the Mountain' (a Bob Dylan song) by rockabilly singer Wanda Jackson accompanied by Jack White on guitar and The Third Man House Band. Wanda Jackson's album 'The Party Ain’t Over' will be released via Third Man and Nonesuch on 25 January.

14 Jan 2011 - 'Waiting For My Time To Come' by TopBananas
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the debut video of LA rapper/producer TopBananas. TopBananas says that it "is the story of a blue collar guy trying to keep his sanity outside of work." The musician's seven song album 'Electric Nights' is announced for spring 2011.

13 Jan 2011 - Electronic-pop 'Not Enough' by Brooklyn band Xylos
Recently, Xylos was counted by the New York Post to the '10 Artists to Know in 2011'. 'Not Enough' is from the self-titled album which will be released soon.

12 Jan 2011 - Live performance of 'Rolling/Nectarine' by Hooray For Earth in San Francisco
Fashionoffice has already posted once the song in the version of a psychedelic music video. Now, this posting leads to the live performance of the song for - an online publication (headquarter San Francisco) by filmmakers, photographers, designers... who are sharing their passions. The website with reduced partly TV-screen alike design, features new music on a playlist and a 'theatre' with video coverage of live performances, interviews...

11 Jan 2011 - 'My Eyes To See' by 'Alcoholic Faith Mission'
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the new video for the song 'My Eyes To See' by the Brooklyn based band 'Alcoholic Faith Mission' with the note: "A video is worth a thousand pictures and a picture is worth a thousand words, though, so use YOUR eyes to see!"

10 Jan 2011 - 'Second Lives' by the French electronic-techno musician Vitalic (album 'Flashmob')
The amusing video, directed by Julien Henry, shows an elegant toilette visited by people who look as if they are working in one office. While they are doing whatever people are doing on the toilette, they are captured from the static angle of a secret observation camera. Vitalic alias Pascal Arbez will appear on stage at the audio visual festival 'Urban Art Form' in Wr. Neustadt (nearby Vienna)/Austria (16 to 18 June)

8 Jan 2011 - 'I Feel Love' by Donna Summer
By exploring how cultural identity globally evolves, New York's club culture is on focus of a discussion at the Museum of Arts and Design...

7 Jan 2011 - Dance party 'C N Burn Felix Cartal Remix' by the 'Moving Units' At this time, 'C N Burn Felix Cartal Remix' by the LA band 'Moving Units' is the most requested on their MySpace-site. Probably it will be soon overhauled by the band's new song 'Pink Redemption' from the coming album 'Tension War' (release on Valentine’s Day). You can hear the new song on where it is described as a reflection of "...the band’s excogitation on the difficulties of trying to 'harmonize the dualities in everyday life' — which I interpret as 'Why is life so damn hard sometimes?!?!'"

7 Jan 2011 - 'Broken Bones' by the Australian band 'The Holidays'
Fashionoffice just received the hyperlink to the music video of the new Australian band 'The Holidays' and the streaming link of another version of 'Broken Bones' in a CFCF Remix on

6 Jan 2011 - Download MP3: 'Dark Sunrise' by Rikki Ililonga and his band Musi-O-Tunya
The 1970s 'Zam Rock'-godfather (pop music from Zambia) Rikki Ililonga has recently re-issued his psychedelic soul rock music that is best described as a mix of Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Fela Kuti. 'Now Again Records' publishes an article about the 'Zam Rock' scene of the 1970s: "’s no wonder that the Zambian musicians taken by European and English influences gravitated to the hard, dark side of the rock and funk spectrum."

4 Jan 2011 - Website intro with movie and orchestral sound
The video on the website is the first music video ('Through to You') for the recently released 6 track album 'Back Of My Head' by Montreal (Canada) based upstarting Ben Wilkins. Fashionoffice has found it at the Lovely Hearts Club with the posting that Ben Wilkins was brought to their attention via a Canadian friend: "Oh Canada, how jealous we are of your beautifully cohesive and collaborative music scene!"

2 Jan 2011 - Re-listen: Early 'free-biker' scene from 1969 'Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head'
The Oscar-premiered song was written especially for the scene where Paul Newman (as bank robber Butch Cassidy) rides some stunts on an old bike. The musical alike scene is from the film 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'. The American Western film is one of the highlights of movies from the late 60s and was added 2003 as culturally important product by the Librarian of Congress (US) to the National Film Registry, which is the largest collection of film and television in the world.



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