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30 Dec 2012 - #Dresslab interview with #leatherDesigner Niels Peeraer, #music 'Settle Down' by Kimbra

30 Dec 2012 - #Music "You don't even know if I'm the right sex, do ya?" sings Chlöe Howl, debut 'No Strings'

28 Dec 2012 - #Music Carole King's compositions at the National Museum of Women in the Arts' exhibition 'Women Who Rock'

28 Dec 2012 - #Music 'Rollerblades' by London based 'Free Pop' musician Kwes (7-inch out on 21 Jan, Warp Records)

27 Dec 2012 - #Fashionoffice listens currently: Quentin Tarantino's introduction into the 'Django Unchained' soundtrack

25 Dec 2012 - #Music download 'Got Paid' by Katy B x Zinc x Wiley from the Danger EP

23 Dec 2012 - Selected #music tips on #Fashionoffice in 2012 for upcoming releases in 2013

22 Dec 2012 - New #music video by How To Dress Well on Urban Outfitters; musician Tom Krell speaks about the shooting, #fashion, spirituality...

22 Dec 2012 - #Music video 'Mirage' by Norway's Heyerdahl, debut album 'ØEN' out on 28 Jan, Red Eye Transit

22 Dec 2012 - Electronic #music by Alek Fin 'Rocks in Paper' remixed by DJ 501 (original track from Mull EP, 1 Dec 2012)

20 Dec 2012 - #Music Erin McKeown shares 'Santa is an Asshole', charity album 'F*ck That' (20% of purchase for Occupy Sandy)

19 Dec 2012 - Man's solo dance number at #music video directed by Pablo Padovani for French duo Bot'Ox' 'Basement Love' (Basement Love EP, 10 Dec)

19 Dec 2012 - Shamanic ritual animation #music video by filmmaker Dimitri Stankowicz for Rone's 'Bye Bye Macadam', album 'Tohu Bohu' (Nov 2012)

18 Dec 2012 - #Music video by director Tim Burton for The Killers' track 'Here With Me', Winona Ryder as mannequin

18 Dec 2012 - #Music stream Quentin Tarantino's #DjangoUnchained soundtrack (out today)

18 Dec 2012 - #TopTrending Videos (global) on #YouTube in 2012

18 Dec 2012 - #Music 'Ghost Train' by UK four members band China Rats

17 Dec 2012 - #Music stream Harriet's debut EP 'Tell The Right Story' (self-released); start of #Kickstarter campaign

17 Dec 2012 - #SkiFilm from Allgäu in #Bavaria; directed by Max Werdenigg, #music 'Emergency Exit' by Dr. Frankenstein

16 Dec 2012 - #Music video for 'Lover Of The Light' by #MumfordandSons, album 'Babel' (Sep 2012, #UniversalIslandRecords)

15 Dec 2012 - Invitation to the #worldMap where #musicians like Roger Waters, Amanda Palmer, Sting... vote for #FreeSpeech

15 Dec 2012 - #Music #ThaNewTeam remixed Dj Kentaro's 'North South East West - feat. Matrix+Futurebound' (album 'Contrast'); remix EP out on 19 Dec, #NinjaTuneRecords

14 Dec 2012 - #Music download Maximum Hedrum's 'Keep In Touch (N.A.S.A. Art Of Boogie Remix)' on #RollingStone.Com

13 Dec 2012 - #Music video for the track 'Sweet Talk' by Jessie Ware from the debut album 'Devotion' (Aug 2012, Universal Island Records)

13 Dec 2012 - #Fashionoffice liked in 2012: #music 'Lollipop Opera' by #PublicImageLtd, vocals John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten, Sex Pistols)

12 Dec 2012 - #RollingStone #music premiere James Brown and 2Pac 'Unchained (The Payback/Untouchable)' from Quentin Tarantino's soundtrack (18 Dec)

11 Dec 2012 - #Music 'ProtoVision' by Kavinsky, from the album 'Outrun' (release in early 2013)

11 Dec 2012 - #Music M.I.A will perform live at the opening of the 3 months #art event #KochiMuzirisBiennale in India; interview with M.I.A

11 Dec 2012 - #Fashionoffice liked in 2012: #musicVideo 'Turn It Around' by Lucius, directed by Matthew Pizzano, featuring actress Auden Thornton (Pan Am, Arlington Road)

10 Dec 2012 - #Music 'I Love It' by Icona Pop, selected for the HBO series 'Girls' soundtrack

9 Dec 2012 - #Music 'If I Were A Carpenter' by Smoke Fairies from 'Reason To Believe - The Songs of Tim Hardin' (early 2013 on Full Time Hobby)

9 Dec 2012 - #Music John Legend's 'Who Did That To You' from Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' soundtrack (release on 18 December)

8 Dec 2012 - #Music Boys Noize 'Ich R U' Jacques Lu Cont remix ('Ich R U'/'What You Want' remix EP, 14 Jan, Boysnoize Records)

8 Dec 2012 - #Music 'Cold Enough' ft Grammy winner, pop/R+B pioneer Jody Watley (French Horn Rebellion's 'Love is Dangerous' EP, 11 Dec)

8 Dec 2012 - #Music 'Get Your Shit Together' by Pillowfight, first single from their self-titled LP (22 Jan, Bulk Recordings)

6 Dec 2012 - The 10 most popular #MusicVideo items published via #FashionFeeds by #Fashionoffice during the last 30 days

6 Dec 2012 - #HypeMachine looked at its blog data and generated the #Top50Artists #Music Blog Zeitgeist chart

6 Dec 2012 - #Music Mocky shares 'Little Bird', from the upcoming 'Graveyard Novelas' EP (25 Feb 2013, Heavy Sheet)

6 Dec 2012 - #MusicLivePerformance 'Vision in Black' by King Dude, album 'Burning Daylight' (on tour: 7 Dec Brooklyn...)

5 Dec 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Seeing Red' by Alpine, debut album 'A Is For Alpine' (May 2013)

5 Dec 2012 - #Music Boys Noize's 'What You Want' remixed by Chromeo; remix EP out on 14 Jan, Boysnoize Records

4 Dec 2012 - #Music 'Wildewoman' by Lucius; recently their new song 'Ghosting' premiered on Elle

4 Dec 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Free (The Editorial Me)' by Darwin Deez, album 'Songs For Imaginative People' (Feb 2013, Lucky Number)

3 Dec 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Dance Ghost' by Helado Negro, album 'Invisible Life' (March 2013, Asthmatic Kitty)

1 Dec 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Run, Run, Run' by New York singer/songwriter Sophie Auster, album 'Red Weather' (released in Nov)

1 Dec 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Bang' by Swedish singer-songwriter Elin Ruth, from 'Bang' EP; full length out on 29 Jan 2013

1 Dec 2012 - #MusicVideo CeeLo Green 'All I Need Is Love (ft. The Muppets)' on #PitchforkTV

30 Nov 2012 - #Music '100 Black Coffins' by Rick Ross (produced by Jamie Foxx) from Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' soundtrack (18 December)

30 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Rotten' by Oliver Huntemann (album 'Paranoia'), released in Nov 2012 #MusicApp

29 Nov 2012 - #Soundtrack for the #movie 'Django Unchained'; release starts in December 2012

29 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Christmas Eve Can Kill You' by Dawn McCarthy + Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (19 Nov, Domino Records)

28 Nov 2012 - Interview with #composer, #artist Fatima Al Qadiri about her debut 'Desert Strike' on RBMA Radio

28 Nov 2012 - Interview with Florence Welch about her new #musicVideo 'Lover to Lover' on Nowness

28 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Ice Age' by How to destroy angels_ (Mariqueen Maandig, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Rob Sheridan)

28 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo Nosaj Thing's 'Eclipse/Blue' directed by Tokyo-based artist and programmer Daito Manabe

28 Nov 2012 - #Music Prince Rama's 'So Destroyed' remixed by Mark McGuire and US tour dates

27 Nov 2012 - Limited #musicDownload Maximum Hedrum's 'Keep In Touch' (feat George Clinton)

27 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Feel So Real' by Unicorn Kid (6 Jan, Ultra Music)

26 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Run Boy Run' by Woodkid (aka Yoann Lemoine), album 'The Golden Age' in early 2013

26 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'I Wanna Be Your Telephone' by Jamie Lidell; announces new album release in Feb 2013

26 Nov 2012 - #Art #musicVideo by Ilinca Höpfner 'Mickey Mouse and The Goodbye Man', album 'Grinderman 2'

23 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Easy' by Bambi 2012 award-winning Cro

22 Nov 2012 - #MusicPerformance by Californian composer Terry Riley for the opening of the exhibition 'Altered Earth' by Doug Aitken

22 Nov 2012 - #Music The Long Wives' 'Dark Horse' (produced by Nick Zinner + Karen O) charity single for Hurricane Sandy Relief

21 Nov 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Love Is Dangerous' by French Horn Rebellion (ft. JPatt from The Knocks) remixed by Chrome Canyon

21 Nov 2012 - #Music 'With A Love Like That' by Conquistador, moustache wearer and supporter of Movember

20 Nov 2012 - #Music 'Promises' by The Presets remixed by Plastic Plates from the remix bundle (out on 4 Dec)

20 Nov 2012 - #Musician Thunderbird Gerard at #ElectronicArtFestival in #SaintPetersburg (23, 24 November)

20 Nov 2012 - #Music band Phantogram had to cancel tour dates in Europe

20 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo with #dancers from the Waffle Crew: 'Crush' by Rush Midnight from +1 - EP (30 Oct, Cascine)

20 Nov 2012 - #Dance instruction by South Korean musician Psy into the #art of Gangnam: "You don't have to be good."

20 Nov 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Take Me to the Hospital' by The Faint, bonus track on 'Danse Macabre' Deluxe Edition (19 Nov, Saddle Creek)

19 Nov 2012 - #Music premiere on NPR: Erin McKeown's 'The Jailer' from the album 'Manifestra' (15 Jan, TVP Records)

19 Nov 2012 - #Kickstarter campaign to finance #documentary about #music in the late 20th century, 'Beautiful Noise' directed by Eric Green

17 Nov 2012 - Nominated for #UKMusicVideoAwards 2012: 'Express yourself' by Labrinth

16 Nov 2012 - #Music Midnight Magic's 'Threshold'

16 Nov 2012 - #MusicDownload 'What A Shame' by Jamie Lidell from the album 'Jamie Lidell' (18/19 Feb, Warp Records)

15 Nov 2012 - #Music 'Waiting Like A Wolf' by Alek Fin from the 'Mull' EP (1 Dec 2012)

14 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Inhaler' by Foals from the album 'Holy Fire' (11 Feb 2013)

14 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Augenbling' by Seeed from the 'Augenbling' EP (16 Nov, Downbeat Records/Warner Music Group)

13 Nov 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Know Til Now' from Jim James' album 'Regions of Light and Sound of God' (5 Feb 2013)

13 Nov 2012 - #Music Snoop Lion's 'La La La' (Boys Noize Island Haze Mix)

12 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Remember Me (feat. Jessie J)' by Daley from the EP 'Alone Together' (2 Nov, Polydor Ltd. UK)

12 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Don't Move' by Phantogram (tour in Nov in FR, DE, NL, UK...)

10 Nov 2012 - #Music 'Northern Lights' by Swedish electro-pop musician Kate Boy

9 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Diamonds' by Rihanna

9 Nov 2012 - #Music 'Quadrant' by Photek from the new album 'KU:PALM' (Oct, 2012)

9 Nov 2012 - #Music 'An omen EP_' provided by Trent Reznor's How to destroy angels_

7 Nov 2012 - #MusicDownload 'What Makes a Good Man?' by The Heavy from the album 'The Glorious Dead'

7 Nov 2012 - New #musicVideo 'Fitzpleasure' by alt-J (∆) from the album 'An Awesome Wave', directed by Emile Sornin

5 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Cheap Beer' by Fidlar from the upcoming debut album (announced for early 2013)

5 Nov 2012 - #Music 'Red Action' by Indian Handcrafts from the album 'Civil Disobedience For Losers' (30 Oct, Sargent House)

4 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo Alicia Keys' 'Girl On Fire' (Inferno Version) ft. Nicki Minaj

3 Nov 2012 - #Music 'So Long Solange' by pianst and singer Caroline Keating, album 'Silver Heart' (Oct 2012)

3 Nov 2012 - #Music 'Take Me With You' by Psychic Ills (released on Sacred Bones)

2 Nov 2012 - #MusicPerformance 'Keep it together' by 'How to destroy angels' (Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig, Rob Sheridan, Atticus Ross)

2 Nov 2012 - #Music 'Pull Me Down' by Mikky Ekko, written and produced with Clams Casino

2 Nov 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Born To Fly' by Beca from her upcoming EP (20 Nov, This Is Music Ltd.)

1 Nov 2012 - Lyric #musicVideo 'Follow Me' by Muse from the new album 'The 2nd Law'

1 Nov 2012 - Boiler Room X James Lavelle; live broadcast from 7pm to 11pm, today on 1st November

1 Nov 2012 - #Music 'I'm a Man not a Machine' by Touché

30 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Brave' by John Talabot and Pional, theme song for #marathon in #Valencia, Spain

29 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Along The Way' DeVotchKa Live with the Colorado Symphony (13 Nov, Cicero Recordings LTD)

29 Oct 2012 - Electronic-punk-dancefloor #musicVideo 'Stamina' by Vitalic from the album 'Rave Age' (5 Nov, PIAS America)

28 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo Brodka's 'Dancing Shoes' remixed by Kamp!

28 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Featherlight' by Skye from the new album 'Back To Now' (29 Oct, PIAS America)

28 Oct 2012 - #Music instrumental dance floor by Strip Steve 'One Thing' feat. Robert Owens (12 Nov, Boys Noize Records)

28 Oct 2012 - #Music premiere on Vibe Magazine: Avan Lava's 'Somebody To Love Me' (Mark Ronson Cover)

28 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo that rewinds the genealogy of a story and repositions the roles of bad vs good

27 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Revival' by Beats Antique, directed by Ivan Landau

27 Oct 2012 - Electronic-world fusion #music 'Crush' (feat. Brass Menazeri) from Beats Antique's album 'Contraption Vol. II'

27 Oct 2012 - Courtney Love Cobain, Klaus Biesenbach are judges at Halloween #costumeContest (MoMA PS1, 28 Oct, New York)

26 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Welcome To The Now Age' from Prince Rama's album 'Top Ten Hits of the End of the World' (6 Nov, Paw Tracks)

26 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Thunderbird' by Thunderbird Gerard

26 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo Wax Tailor's 'This Train' (featuring Ali Harter)

25 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Green is the Mountain' by Frances Yip from 'The Man With The Iron Fists' #movie soundtrack (released 22 Oct)

24 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Born To Fly' by Beca from the upcoming EP 'Born To Fly' (20 Nov, This Is Music Ltd.)

24 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload on Gotta Dance Dirty 'Poster Girl' by French Horn Rebellion vs Database (Justin Faust Remix)

24 Oct 2012 - National Museum of #Women in the #Arts article about #music "I Will Survive: The 1970s-Rockers to Disco Divas"

24 Oct 2012 - #Music album stream 'Keep You Close' by the Belgian band dEUS

22 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'The Baddest Man Alive' by The Black Keys / RZA, soundtrack of the upcoming movie 'The Man With The Iron Fists'

22 Oct 2012 - H&M #menswear #fashionFilm by Jonas Akerlund, #music by James Lavelle and Matthew Puffett

22 Oct 2012 - #Travel documentary-poetical view on a purification ritual in San Bartolome de Pinares; #music used from Unkle

21 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Push It to the Limit' by Giorgio Moroder and Paul Engemann

20 Oct 2012 - #Music Best new track on Pitchfork: Philip Glass' work '73 - 78' remixed by Beck

19 Oct 2012 - #Fashionoffice picked: #art #music video 'Body_Noise' by Lou De Buck

19 Oct 2012 - '#Art & #Music - Search for New Synesthesia' Tokyo Art Meeting (III) at the Museum of Contemporary Art #Tokyo, 27 Oct 2012 - 3 Feb 2013

18 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Heal' from the debut single The Child of Lov (26 Nov, Double Six)

18 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Scattered Like Leaves' by Azure Ray from the album 'As Above So Below'

18 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Wor' by Django Django from the self-titled album (nominated for Mercury Prize)

17 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Alghalem (live)' by desert rock band Terakaft from the album 'Aratan N Azawad', performance at Womex, 19 October

17 Oct 2012 - "this black and white video is all about the ladies" Filter about Ungdomskulen's #musicVideo 'Kafka On Ice'

17 Oct 2012 - #FashionFilm Nina Ricci FW2012/13, directed by Inez van Lamsweerde + Vinoodh Matadin, #music Avan Lava, model Kati Nescher

16 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Blinding' by Jakwob remixed by Hybrid Minds (12 Nov, Boom Ting Recordings)

16 Oct 2012 - #Music Gossip's 'Get a Job' remixed by Wankelmut

16 Oct 2012 - #MusicTrailer 'Stop When The Red Lights Flash', 'Fuck Time', 'Stray Heart!' by Green Day ('¡Dos!', 13 Nov)

15 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'The Base' by Paul Banks from the album 'Banks' (23 October, Matador Records)

15 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Chained' from the album 'Coexist' by The xx, director Young Replicant

15 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Ghosts' from the album 'Pacifica' by The Presets remixed by Señor Coconut

15 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'All Wash Out' by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, director Weronika Tofilska

15 Oct 2012 - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros' #musicVideos

15 Oct 2012 - #Music Band of the Week on 'Django Django' from UK (nominated for Mercury Prize)

13 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Run Run Run' and interview: Sophie Auster about song-writing, 'Brooklyn Cuisine'...

13 Oct 2012 - Keyboard man meets screen beauty; Boys Noize's 'Ich R U' #musicVideo

12 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Destroyer' by Telepathe remixed by Trent Reznor, Alessandro Cortini, Atticus Ross

11 Oct 2012 - #Music 'The Baddest Man Alive' by The Black Keys & RZA, soundtrack 'The Man with the Iron Fists' (with Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu)

11 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Sweet Potion' by Hank & Cupcakes from the new EP (22 Oct, BMG Rights Management)

11 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Because I Know That I Can' by Andy Burrows from the solo album 'Company' (23 Oct, Play It Again Sam)

11 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Navy' by Kilo Kish (recently released on the new singles label The Blue Rider)

11 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Turn It Around' by Lucius, directed by Matthew Pizzano, featuring actress Auden Thornton (Pan Am, Arlington Road)

11 Oct 2012 - Serbian-Viennese #music remix by dunkelbunt in electro-Gypsy-jazz style; Marco Markovic's 'Sljivovica'

10 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Cosas de la Vida Normal' by Argentinian musician Cineplexx, album 'Perfume' (20 Oct, Molécula Records, México)

9 Oct 2012 - #Music electro-funk-soul 'Same Way I Feel' by Midnight Magic, debut 'Walking The Midnight Streets' (13 Nov, Midnight Sun Sound)

9 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo Wax Tailor's 'Time To Go' feat Aloe Blacc, from the album 'Dusty Rainbow From The Dark' (Sept, Le Plan/Lab'Oratoire)

8 Oct 2012 - #Music #visualArt project by Absolut: 'Sunshine' by Little Dragon (Sunshine Star Slinger Remix)

8 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Man and Man's Ruin' by Cult of Youth from 'Love Will Prevail' (top album in Sept on Vice Magazine)

7 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Echo' by British singer Foxes aka Louisa Rose Allen (vinyl 11 Nov)

7 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Timeaway' by Darkstar (vinyl on 12 Nov, Warp Records)

7 Oct 2012 - #MusicVideo for the Kickstarter campaign by Kim Boekbinder 'The Sky is Calling' with footage by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

6 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'True Romance' by Citizens! from the debut album ''Here We Are' (9 Oct 2012, Kitsune/Cooperative Music)

6 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload presented by Jerry Bouthier - Kill The Hero ft M K de Monde 'Surrender (Mannequine remix)'

5 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Fear Like That' by Deluka and A Heart Is A Spade; live on 15 Oct, Mercury Lounge, NYC

5 Oct 2012 - 'Picnic' with #musicians; dunkelbunt's release party at the club Chaya Fuera in #Vienna

5 Oct 2012 - #Music James Bond's 50th anniversary: Adele publishes the title song of the upcoming #movie 'Skyfall'

5 Oct 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Mykki Blanco - Punish me for Fun', instrumental produced by Adeptus

4 Oct 2012 - #Shoe #fashionfilm by Stuart Weitzman, directed by James Franco, #music by Girl In A Coma

4 Oct 2012 - #Catwalk presentation #womenswear Louis Vuitton SS2013 with #music by Philip Glass 'Einstein on the Beach'

2 Oct 2012 - #Music #stageDesign New book about the #opera 'Einstein on the beach' by Philip Glass, director Robert Wilson

2 Oct 2012 - #Music Brick + Mortar's 'Move to the Ocean' in Baauer Remix (original version from the single 'Heatstroke', Jan 2012)

1 Oct 2012 - #Music 'Flatlands' by Chelsea Wolfe from the album 'Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs' (16 Oct, Sargent House)

30 Sept 2012 - #Music #Culture at 'Imagining #Europe' in Amsterdam: clarinet player, composer Kinan Azmeh and trumpet player Eric Vloeimans (4, 5 Oct)

30 Sept 2012 - #Art and #music in exhibition, discussions 'More Than Sound' at Bonniers Konsthall (until 2 Dec 2012)

29 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'I Already Forgot Everything You Said' by The Dig and tour dates

29 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Those Who Live for Love Will Live Forever' by Prince Rama (EU tour in November)

29 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Mind Control' by Friends from the debut album 'Manifest!' and tour dates

29 Sept 2012 - The female body, #music and sculptural #outfit; performance #artist Holly Bass

29 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'The Edge' by Robosonic with street-views of Kreuzberg, Berlin

28 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Beautiful' by Seeed from the self-titled album (physically out on 28 Sept)

28 Sept 2012 - NPR #music preview: 'Rubic' by Ty Braxton, album 'Rework' with remixes of Philip Glass' works by Amon Tobin, Beck...

28 Sept 2012 - #MusicDownload album 'Eternal Champ' by Sweet Valley (on tour in US - California, Arizona, New Mexico...)

28 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Awake' by Electric Guest from the album 'Mondo'

28 Sept 2012 - #Music electro-rock 'Old Boy' by Brick + Mortar from three tracks debut 7" vinyl 'Making Moves' (June 2012, curated by Motion City Soundtrack)

27 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Ask Me No Questions' by Canadian accordionist and singer Wendy McNeill

27 Sept 2012 - Virgin founder Richard Branson looks back in #music and speaks about The Sex Pistols

27 Sept 2012 - about the #music online experiment by MS MR

27 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo (part 2) for 'One Day/Reckoning Song' by Asaf Avidan and The Mojos (Wankelmut Remix)

26 Sept 2012 - #Music Michael Jackson's 'BAD' remixed by Afrojack feat rap performance by Pitbull - DJ Buddha Edit ('Bad 25', 18 Sept)

25 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'True Romance' by Citizens! on Jay Z's Life + Times

25 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Time to Go' by Wax Tailor feat Aloe Blacc from the album 'Dusty Rainbow From The Dark' (18 September)

24 Sept 2012 - #MusicFashionVideo for the collaborative 'Reebok Classics and Alicia Keys' collection

23 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Love in the Old Days' by Daddy with spoken-word lyrics by James Franco from the album 'MotorCity' (25 Sept)

22 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Hot Boys' by RIKSLYD from the new album 'Ecotone' (24 September 2012)

21 Sept 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Remand' by Triad God from the album 'NXB' (out on 13 November, Hippos in Tanks)

21 Sept 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Violent Cries' by Cold Showers from the debut LP 'Love and Regret' (9 October, Dais)

21 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Bangs' by indie-rock band Brick + Mortar

21 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Suburban Space Invader' by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour from the album 'Out Of Frequency'

20 Sept 2012 - Support the Pussy Riot members via Amnesty International: "...the cathedral performance was a peaceful protest...

19 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Yet Again' by Grizzly Bear from the new album 'Shields' (17 Sept, Warp Records)

19 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Something Good' by alt-J from the album 'An Awesome Wave'

18 Sept 2012 - Selected #Music track 'Troublemaker' from Green Day's album ¡Uno!; click 'Hear ¡Uno! Now.' and stream the album on Facebook

18 Sept 2012 - Selected #Music track 'I Wish I Was A Girl' by The Vaccines from the album 'The Vaccines Come of Age' (2 Oct)

18 Sept 2012 - #Music for campaigns for #motorcycles and #fashion by Solebay Music

18 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Dark Doo Wop' by MS MR from the debut EP 'Candy Bar Creep Show' (14 September, Creep City Records)

17 Sept 2012 - #Music live sessions (album 'An Awesome Wave'), interviews with alt-J on

17 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'You're Not Pretty But You Got It Goin' On' by Band Of Skulls (single out on 4 November)

17 Sept 2012 - #FashionFilm for Fred Butler SS13, #music 'Bee In My Bonnet' by Two Inch Punch, directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock

16 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Breezeblocks' by alt-J from the debut album 'An Awesome Wave'

16 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Fitzpleasure' by alt-J with #artworks by Wim Delvoye, directed by Guillaume Cagniard

14 Sept 2012 - Dresslab interview with Berlin based Dana about her #MusicVideo 'Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools'

14 Sept 2012 - Pitchfork TV #MusicVideo 'Cycle' by Icky Blossoms from the self-titled debut album (released July 2012, Saddle Creek)

14 Sept 2012 - #Music trailer for the album 'Dusty Rainbow From The Dark' by Wax Tailor (10 Sept)

13 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Killer' by Seal and Adamski covered by 2:54 (sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow)

13 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Sleepwalker' by Moon Duo with "new-age workout guru"

13 Sept 2012 - Dark-rock #MusicVideo 'Jesus in the Courtyard' by King Dude from the 11-tracks album 'Burning Daylight' (16 Oct, Dais)

12 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo showing a #skateboard #dancer, 'Youthless' by Millionyoung from the album 'Amanecer'

12 Sept 2012 - Electro-punk-pop #Music 'Be My Yoko Ono' by the Danish band Reptile Youth from the self-titled debut album (24 Sept, hfn music)

12 Sept 2012 - #eBook 'PUSSY RIOT! A Punk Prayer for Freedom', contributors like Yoko Ono, JD Samson (21 Sept, Feminist Press)

11 Sept 2012 - Re-listen #music from the 70ies 'They Say I'm Different' by Betty Davis (second name from her short-time marriage with Miles Davis)

10 Sept 2012 - #Music 'If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up' by Betty Davis covered by Iggy Pop (2 Oct, Light In The Attic)

8 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'So Cold' by the US rock band Further Seems Forever from the new album 'Penny Black' (23 Oct, Rise Records)

8 Sept 2012 - Official #MusicVideo 'Go Right Ahead' by The Hives and tour dates September

7 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Madness' by Muse from the upcoming album 'The 2nd Law' (1 Oct, Warner Bros. Records)

7 Sept 2012 - #MusicDownload 'The Tulip' from Karlie Bruce's debut album 'Paperback Lover' (released digitally on 4 September)

7 Sept 2012 - Short-film featuring #music from the album 'Until The Quiet Comes' by Flying Lotus (1/2 October, Warp Records)

7 Sept 2012 - #MusicDownload Chrome Sparks remix of 'Houseboat Babies' by Reptar from the album 'Body Faucet'

7 Sept 2012 - Current #music at #Fashionoffice...

6 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Avatar' by post-punk band Swans from the new album 'The Seer' (28 August 2012)

5 Sept 2012 - Animated #MusicVideo 'La velocità' by Il Pan Del Diavolo, direction and #artwork by Marco Pavone

5 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Kill The DJ' by Green Day and the interactive 'Nokia Music' channel

4 Sept 2012 - #Music 'Bones' by MS MR from the EP 'Candy Bar Creep Show' (18 September)

3 Sept 2012 - Video for #ballet dancer Elif Cesur by #photographer Akif Celikel, #music by Yann Tiersen and Mozart

3 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Little Girl' by Spiritualized, main role stunt rider Chesca Miles, directed by Vincent Haycock

2 Sept 2012 - #MusicVideo 'The Soft Fall' by dEUS from the new album 'Following Sea'

1 September 2012 - #Music 'Smut' by Crypts from the upcoming self-titled debut album (4 September, Sargent House)

30 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Weigh You Down' by Crushed Out from the debut full-length album 'Want to Give' (6 Nov, Cool Clear Water)

29 August 2012 - 50 years 'James Bond' #music, #design, #sciences... at shows around the world on 5 October - Global James Bond Day

29 August 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Bad Blood' by Bastille from the new EP (released on 17 August 2012)

28 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Andreja 4-Ever' by Elite Gymnastics, new single of the 'Adult Swim' program

27 August 2012 - #Music: Waves #Vienna Festival (4 - 7 October) international DJ #contest, deadline 23 September 2012

25 August 2012 - #MusicVideo, download 'Fishbones' by Johanna And The Dusty Floor (aka Aussie-born songstress Johanna Cranitch)

24 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Seashore' by Steven A. Clark from the new album 'Fornication Under the Consent of the King' (11 September)

24 August 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Forget' by Lianne La Havas from the debut album 'Is Your Love Big Enough?'

24 August 2012 - #Music 'Strong Love' by Smokey from the compilation of Songs Of Gay Liberation 1972-81

22 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Sleepwalker' by Moon Duo from the album 'Circles' (2 October, Sacred Bones Records)

22 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Take Me To The Hospital' by The Faint, remastered album 'Danse Macabre' (30 Oct, Saddle Creek)

21 August 2012 - Pitchfork TV #musicVideo: aquatic, tropical beach clip for 'Dreams' (Dub Remix) - Taken by Trees

21 August 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Big Bright World' by Garbage, directed by Julie Orser, new album 'Not Your Kind of People'

21 August 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Putin Lights Up the Fires' by #art group Pussy Riot

20 August 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Celebrate' feat. Pharrell Williams by Mika from the upcoming album 'The Origin Of Love' (16 October)

19 August 2012 - 'Die Life' by The Soft Moon from the new album 'Zeros' (30 October)

18 August 2012 - #Music Jun Miyake 'The Here And After' sung by Lisa Papineau

18 August 2012 - #MusicDownload title track 'Paperback Lover' by Karlie Bruce from the new album (4 September)

17 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Shoop Lion' by Dave Sitek

16 August 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Don't Have You' by Steven A. Clark, album 'Fornication Under the Consent of the King' (11 September)

16 August 2012 - #MusicVideo from the 'Cooking with mom-series' by The Sanctuaries, new track from the EP 'Not Guilty' (28 August, self-released)

15 August 2012 - MusicDownload 'That's Still Mama' by Cody ChesnuTT from the upcoming album 'Landing On A Hundred' (October 2012)

15 August 2012 - New #MusicVideo 'Key To My Heart' by Zulu Winter from the debut album 'Language'; directed by David Higgs

15 August 2012 - #Music #art performance by 'The Erasers' at the exhibition 'Newtopia: The State of Human Rights' (31 August, #Mechelen)

15 August 2012 - TED Talk: Kirby Ferguson about #copyright in #music, computer #technology, and sources of creativity

14 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'BC' by Cold Showers from the debut LP 'Love and Regret' (9 October, Dais)

13 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Chemical Legs' by Com Truise on Adult Swim

13 August 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Youth Without Youth' by Metric from the new album 'Synthetica' (June, Metric Productions)

12 August 2012 - #MusicVideo voting for MTV Music Awards Nominees such as 'Lonely Boy' by The Black Keys

10 August 2012 - #Music 'Strange Man' by Red Hot Chili Peppers, just released first of 7" singles from the 'I'm With You' sessions

10 August 2012 - #Music premiere 'So Destroyed' by Rage Peace, from the Prince Rama album 'Top Ten Hits of the End of the World' (6 November, Paw Tracks)

10 August 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Circles Around The Sun' by Dispatch

9 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Bed Time Stories' (Extended Live Version) by Amon Tobin (on tour in Sept in North America)

9 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Hurricane' by MS MR, today worldwide live-session on KEXP Radio

8 August 2012 - #Music 'Let's Buy Happiness' by Boys Noize (EU/US live-tour starts in October)

7 August 2012 - "We survived a momentary break down of my 65 mustang..." recalls Pony Boy the making of her #musicVideo 'Not In This Town'

7 August 2012 - #Music premiere 'Ghosts' by The Presets from the upcoming album 'Pacifica' (10/11 September, Casablanca)

6 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'I Wanna Rob A Bank' by Jason Collett from the album 'Reckon' (25 September, Arts & Crafts)

5 August 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Suzuka 9 Hours' by Sweet Valley

5 August 2012 - #Music 'Cosas de La Vida Normal' by Cineplexx from the upcoming album 'Perfume' (October 2012)

4 August 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Sleeping Ute' by Grizzly Bear from the upcoming album 'Shields' (17/18 September, Warp Records)

3 August 2012 - #Music 'Outta My System' by My Morning Jacket in Washed Out Remix from the upcoming EP (7 August)

2 August 2012 - Use the fader for sound variations of Feist's #musicVideo 'A Commotion' (directed by Vice Cooler)

2 August 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Words' by Ane Brun, directed by Magnus Renfors from the album 'It All Starts with One'

1 August 2012 - The style of a #musician, #jewellery and #cityEvents; seen at Swarovski 'Kingdom of Jewels' FW2012/13

1 August 2012 - #Music for hot days 'Watergun' by Kilo Kish produced by The Internet

1 August 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Take Me With You' by Psychic Ills (out on 7 August, Sacred Bones)

31 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Last Land' by John Talabot, video art direction Stroll TV

31 July 2012 - #Music James Lavelle presents 'UNKLE Sounds - The End Pt. 1'

30 July 2012 - #FashionFilm 'Greenwich By Night' for the FW2012/13 Burberry campaign, shot by Mario Testino, music by Roo Panes

28 July 2012 - #MusicDownload 'My Kind of Woman' by songwriter, singer, producer Mac DeMarco from the album '2' (16 Oct, Captured Tracks)

26 July 2012 - #Music premiere 'Only Everything' by Poolside

25 July 2012 - #Womenswear, #shoes, bags by Miu Miu FW2012/13, with Chloë Sevigny, #music 'When I'm small' by Phantogram

25 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Speckbrot' by the Viennese Julian und der Fux, directed by Clemens Kogler

25 July 2012 - #Music premiere 'What You Want' by Boys Noize from the album 'Out Of The Black' (2 October, Boysnoize Records)

24 July 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Disarm' by The Mynabirds from the new album 'Generals'

23 July 2012 - #Music 'Money Trouble Funk' by French born, Berlin-based Strip Steve from the new album 'Micro Mega' (16 July, Boysnoize Records)

23 July 2012 - #Music Philip Glass' opera '1000 Airplanes on the Roof'

22 July 2012 - #MusicDownload and stream 'Lovecrimes (Frank Ocean Cover)' by Afghan Whigs

20 July 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere jazz-guitars electronic-beats 'Boogie In Zero Gravity' by Black Strobe

20 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Heart Stop' feat. Jennifer Charles by Wax Tailor, album 'Dusty Rainbow From The Dark' (10 September)

19 July 2012 - #Music premiere 'Be My Husband' by Meshell Ndegeocello with Valerie June, album 'Pour une âme souveraine' (9 October, Naïve Records)

19 July 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Total Carnage' by Sweet Valley from the album 'Stay Calm' (7 August, Fool's Gold)

18 July 2012 - #MusicDownload electro-ambient 'Comenius Garden' by The Field on Adult Swim, sponsored by Kia Motors

18 July 2012 - New form of #musicDistribution and #experimental music concerts; seen at Swarovski 'FM Riese' Music Festival (22 - 24 November 2012)

18 July 2012 - #Music 'Stronger' by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs from the new album 'Trouble' (June 2012)

17 July 2012 - #MusicVideo #contest for 'One More' by Jimmy Cliff from the new album 'Rebirth' (out today); deadline is 20 August 2012

17 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Freedom at 21' by Jack White, album 'Blunderbuss', directed by Hype Williams

16 July 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Oh Love' by Green Day, first single from the upcoming album ¡UNO! (25 Sept)

15 July 2012 - Frank Ocean's live #musicPerformance of 'Bad Religion' from the new album Channel Orange (17 July, Def Jam)

14 July 2012 - #Textile creators, #shirt makers Ministry of Supply's #musicVideo on their kickstarter campaign

14 July 2012 - #MusicVideo for unearthly song 'Easy Water' by Caveman from the album 'CoCo Beware' (Jan 2012, Fat Possum Records)

13 July 2012 - Today! #MusicStream album premiere 'Rebirth' by Jimmy Cliff exclusively on RollingStone (17 July, Universal Music Enterprises)

13 July 2012 - Uncensored art-nude-body #MusicVideo 'Want It Back' by Amanda Palmer, directed by Jim Batt (album 'Theatre Is Evil', September 2012)

13 July 2012 - Play! #OnlineGame and #PhoneApp accompany #music remix 'Where Is The Light' by Swedish band The Amplifetes

13 July 2012 - Enjoy! #Artwork by Ernesto Artillo with #music by San Francisco band Girls on Dresslab

13 July 2012 - Warm up! #MusicDownload summer song 'Magic' by Australian Panama in Midnight Magic Remix

12 July 2012 - #MusicStream premiere of the album 'Exo' by Gatekeeper (out on 17 July, Hippos In Tanks)

11 July 2012 - #Music 'In The Grace of Your Love'(Poolside Remix) by The Rapture

11 July 2012 - #MusicStream debut album 'Space Between The Words' by Dan Le Sac (6 July, Sunday Best Recordings)

11 July 2012 - #Music 'Bang' (feat. Kool A.D. of Das Racist) by Bonde do Rolê from the upcoming album 'Tropicalbacanal' (31 July, Mad Decent)

10 July 2012 - #Music 'Cerulean' by Simian Mobile Disco from the new album 'Unpatterns' (May 2012, Wichita Recordings)

10 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'R U Mine?' by the Arctic Monkeys (single released in March, Domino)

9 July 2012 - #MusicVideo - studio performance of The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble; US premiere on 2 August at Lincoln Center, #New York

7 July 2012 - #Music 'Sweet Sour' by Band of Skulls remixed by UNKLE

6 July 2012 - Accoustic #music session 'Twisted' by Phoebe Killdeer and the Short Straws in front of #graffiti by artist blu in #Berlin

5 July 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Countermeasure' by Dub Pistols from the new album 'Worshipping the Dollar' (released 29 June, Sunday Best Recordings)

5 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Out of Reach' by the Vienna based King Electric from the self-titled debut album (out on 7 September 2012)

5 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Survival' by Muse (track will be played during the London Olympic Games 2012)

4 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Real Love' by Chrysta Bell from the album 'This Train', produced by David Lynch

4 July 2012 - #MusicVideo Lana Del Rey as Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O in 'National Anthem' directed by Anthony Mandler

4 July 2012 - 1960s/2010s time loops at the horror-crime #music short-movie for 'Old Friend' by Caveman directed by Phil Di Fiore

3 July 2012 - #Music performance of the 1960s hit 'Heatwave' by Martha and The Vandellas and the new version by Girl In A Coma

2 July 2012 - A male nude in movement as expression of listening to #music; seen on the #watch 'Montreux Jazz Festival' by Parmigiani

2 July 2012 - #MusicVideo Matthew Dear's 'Her Fantasy' directed by Tommy O'Haver, inspired by filmmaker Kenneth Anger (album 'Beams' out on 27 August 2012)

2 July 2012 - Electronic #music journey 'Open' by Com Truise (New Jersey producer Seth Haley) from the album 'In Decay' (out on 17 July)

2 July 2012 - #MusicDownload Joe Jackson + Iggy Pop's version of Duke Ellington's 'It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)'

1 July 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Sunshine` by Swedish electronic soul band Little Dragon (premiered on 27 June)

1 July 2012 - Metallic angel voices, secret messages; 'Tree Drum - Pre-Gen Exo Mix' by #music #art duo Gatekeeper (album 'Exo', 17 July)

30 June 2012 - #Music 'Sweet Chariot' (acoustic live on radio FM4) by My Jerusalem and the band's official video

29 June 2012 - #Art on beer bottles by #musicians, artists M.I.A., Bloc Party, Seeed, Boys Noize + Paul Snowden, and #photographer Anton Corbijn

29 June 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Youth In Trouble' by The Presets from the upcoming album 'Pacifica' (September 2012)

29 June 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Houseboat Babies' from Reptar's album 'Body Faucet' remixed by New Orleans producer Jim-E Stack

28 June 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Brendan's Death Song' by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

28 June 2012 - Lyrics #MusicVideo for the title-track 'Circles Around The Sun' from US rock band Dispatch's new album (21 August, Bomber Records)

28 June 2012 - #Music listen the London #Olympics track 'Survival' by Muse from the album 'The 2nd Law' (release in September 2012)

27 June 2012 - #Music premiere of the official London #Olympic Games song 'Survival' by Muse today on BBC Radio 1 around 19:30

27 June 2012 - #Music in #fashion stores. Sportswear International interview with Rob van Rozendaal from The Music Marketeers

27 June 2012 - #MusicVideo 'The Tropics' by Ducky (project by San Francisco born Morgan Neiman)

26 June 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Petite Mort' by Meshell Ndegeocello (album 'Weather'/2011 Naïve Records) in Miguel Migs Moody Downtown Remi

26 June 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Street Parade' by Theresa Andersson from her new album (April, Basin Street Records)

26 June 2012 - Making-of the #musicVideo for the title track of David Lynch's debut solo album 'Crazy Clown Time'

24 June 2012 - #MusicVideo for the title-track of the album 'The Rip Tide' by Beirut (video posted on 22 June 2012)

23 June 2012 - Sound creator Frédéric Sanchez' #music mash up for the catwalk Jil Sander #Menswear SS2013

23 June 2012 - Bunny Lake #musician in glamorous seamless #couture seen at Modeschule #Wien, Hetzendorf

23 June 2012 - #MusicVideo 'We Are On Fire' by CocoRosie (song released on 5 June 2012)

22 June 2012 - Cedella Marley's #fashion designs for the #Jamaica #Olympic Team inspired by musician Bob Marley

22 June 2012 - #Music 'Lollipop Opera' by Public Image Ltd, vocals John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten, Sex Pistols) from the new album 'This Is PiL'

22 June 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Rocket Ship' by Dragonette from the upcoming album 'Bodyparts' and a song-creation contest

21 June 2012 - #Fashionoffice listens currently #music 'Track Addict Vol. 1 Mix Series' by Brooklyn-based duo MS MR

21 June 2012 - #MusicDownload hypnotic electronic beats 'Overkill' by Tassels from the new album 'Pressure Mounts'

20 June 2012 - #MusicTrailer 'Powerless' by Linkin Park for the #movie 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' (release starts today)

20 June 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Bitter Moon' by British band Zulu Winter from the album 'Language' (released 19 June)

19 June 2012 - #Music 'Woolgatherer' by four members band Conveyor from the debut self-titled album (17 July, Paper Garden Records)

19 June 2012 - Water inspired #fashion and #beauty pieces for #music festivals

19 June 2012 - #MusicDownload electro-swing-oriental beats 'Gipsy Doodle' by [dunkelbunt] and Analogik from the album 'Sun Dub 2'

18 June 2012 - Award-winning #music production 'Fela!' for a limited run at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in #NewYork from 9 July - 4 August 2012

18 June 2012 - Just premiered: #musicVideo 'Patient Spider' by the British four members band Sharks from the debut album 'No Gods'

18 June 2012 - #Musicians from various disciplines at 'Fête de la Musique' on stages in over 340 cities worldwide, 21 June 2012

17 June 2012 - #MusicDownload 'Raking Me Over The Coals' by Everest from the upcoming album 'Ownerless' (26 June, ATO Records)

16 June 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Slow Down' by Poolside from the debut album 'Pacific Standard Time' (9 July 2012)

16 June 2012 - Adult Swim and Kia Motors' #musicDownload program of new, rare or un-released tracks (starts on 18 June - runs until 3 September)

15 June 2012 - #MusicPremiere Mika's 'Celebrate' featuring Pharrell Williams from the forthcoming album 'The Origin of Love' (this fall, Universal Republic)

15 June 2012 - #MusicDownload industrial-electro-rock 'IFUCKINGLOVEYOU' by Big Black Delta from the debut album (no release date yet)

15 June 2012 - #Music rough-rock 'Stranglin' You Too' by Slug Guts from the new album 'Playin' in Time With the Deadbeat' (24 July, Sacred Bones)

13 June 2012 - 'Club Secreto' by Gotan Project

13 June 2012 - #MusicDownload indie-rock 'Nothing Is Anything (Without You)' acoustic version by Wintersleep from the deluxe album 'Hello Hum' (12 June, Roll Call Records)

13 June 2012 - #MusicDownload alternative R&B 'Pyramids' by Frank Ocean from the debut album 'Channel Orange' (17 July, Def Jam)

12 June 2012 - #MusicDownload otherworldly 'Keep It Low' by The Hundred In The Hands from the new album 'Red Night' (11 June, Warp Records)

12 June 2012 - #MusicDownload electro-dance 'xxx HATE xxx' (Is Tropical Remix) by French duo Total Warr from the EP 'Corbay' (released 11 June)

11 June 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Make You Happy' by Mika, first song from the upcoming album 'The Origin of Love' (release in fall 2012)

10 June 2012 - Just premiered: #musicVideo 'Every Single Night' by Fiona Apple

10 June 2012 - #MusicVideo and #t-shirt 'Waveforms' by the British psychedelic-pop quartet Django Django from the debut album

9 June 2012 - Pony Maedchen's sailor dresses in 'Gimme your Sushi' #music video by Leningrad Cowboys; in July at #Berlin #Fashion Week

8 June 2012 - #Music download 'One Eyed Fool' by Girl In A Coma from the album 'Exits & All the Rest'

8 June 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Street Parade', title track of Theresa Andersson's new album

8 June 2012 - #Music stream 'Werewolf' by Fiona Apple from the new album 'The Idler Wheel' (18 June, Epic)

8 June 2012 - #Music pre-listen dance-electro-pop 'Stronger' by TEED remixed by Miguel Campbell (release on 18 June 2012)

7 June 2012 - #MusicDownload remix of 'Man on Fire', original track by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, album 'Here'

7 June 2012 - #Music 'The Ladies' from EP n°I by Vienna based quartet Rambo Rambo Rambo

6 June 2012 - #Music download rock-folk 'Watch The Moon Disappear' by the three members band The Spring Standards

6 June 2012 - #Music 'Dark Allies' by Light Asylum is part of 'Snacky Tunes Vol. 2' (out on 26 June, Finger on the Pulse)

5 June 2012 - #MusicVideo premiere 'Generals' by The Mynabirds from the new album

5 June 2012 - Spherical, otherworldly #music 'Ocean Floor For Everything' by How To Dress Well

4 June 2012 - #MusicVideo with eagles, crows, wolves, crystals to electronic-pop-ethereal 'Deep Shadow' by the duo T.T.L.

2 June 2012 - #Music Mark Lanegan will reinterpret Link Wray's 'Fire and Brimstone' for the movie 'Lawless' (August 2012)

1 June 2012 - #Music Fela Kuti's 'Lady' new interpreted by Angelique Kidjo, Akua Naru from the forthcoming album (RED) Hot + FELA

1 June 2012 - #MusicVideo 'She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain' by Neil Young and Crazy Horse from the new album 'Americana' (out on 5 June 2012)

31 May 2012 - #Dance and #sports performances to a song about social themes; #music video by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

31 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Glorious' by punk-rock band The Duke Spirit with footage from street artist Kid Acne's Stabby Women film series

31 May 2012 - Rock-punk-funk #MusicVideo 'Lead!' by Spirit Animal from the forthcoming album 'Spiritia Animalia'

30 May 2012 - #Music stream of The Dig's new full album (just released)

30 May 2012 - #Music download 'Flood and a Fire' by Gemma Ray from the new album Island Fire (rehearsal in Londoner Men's Club

29 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Creeping' by 2:54 from the just released debut album (mystical water landscape sceneries directed by Scandinavian duo Frode & Marcus)

28 May 2012 - Free #music download 'Magnolia' by Alberta Cross from the upcoming album 'Songs of Patience' (17 July 2012, ATO Records)

27 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Burn It Down' by Linkin Park from the forthcoming album 'Living Things' (out on 22 or 26 June 2012)

25 May 2012 - Interview with Swedish electro-pop-dance duo Icona Pop on Pitchfork about #music and #fashion

25 May 2012 - #Music 'Summertime' by Milk Maid from the new album 'Mostly No' (release on 9 July in UK, 26 June America)

25 May 2012 - Free #music download 'I Already Forgot Everything You Said' by The Dig from the album 'Midnight Flowers' (29 May 2012, Buffalo Jump Records)

24 May 2012 - #Music 'L'Amore È Femmina' by Nina Zilli at the Eurovision Song Contest (22, 24 and 26 May 2012)

24 May 2012 - Free #music download 'Body of Work' by The Mynabirds from the upcoming album 'Generals' inspired by revolutionary spirits

24 May 2012 - Free #music download and video 'Time To Kill' by Gold and Youth (debut album 'Beyond Wilderness' out in summer 2012)

23 May 2012 - Interview #music performance series by #fashion label Ben Sherman: Brendan Benson, Crystal Fighters, etc; soon: Dry the River, Maps and Atlases, Tribes, Howler, Ben Kweller, Laura Gibson, Bleeding Knees...

22 May 2012 - #Fashion #music video 'Palo Alto: peSeta and Primavera Sound 2012' with sewing machines that are connected and used as music instruments

21 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Born To' by Jesca Hoop (album 'The House That Jack Built' on 25 June), single free download

21 May 2012 - Free #music download electro-funk-punk 'Crocodile Skins' by Spirit Animal in Big Black Delta Remix

21 May 2012 - #Music 'Go Right Ahead' by The Hives from the new album 'Lex Hives' (release on 5 June 2012)

18 May 2012 - R.I.P. Donna Summer

18 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Major' by Danish The Asteroids Galaxy Tour from the retro-funk-psychedelic-soul album 'Out Of Frequency'

17 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'American Dream Part II' from the debut album 'Trouble' by TEED and call for #designers to create a head piece

17 May 2012 - Social critical video '#Beauty is only skin deep' directed by Kitty Von-Sometime, episode 15 of The Weird Girls Project, #music 'So Dark In Here' by Ghostigital

17 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Breath Of Life' by Florence and The Machine with footage from the #movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman' (Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, release May/June 2012)

17 May 2012 - #Music #performance in an interactive house installation by Swoon in #NewOrleans; next performances on 8 and 9 June 2012

16 May 2012 - #Music 'Mattic Featuring Artists Of The Beautiful' is dedicated to the urban art, music project Crimes Of The Mind (EP 'The Abstract Convention', 12 June)

16 May 2012 - The Samurai Girl, the Fighter, the Pioneer; seen at the #dance, visual #art, classical #music production Red Bull Flying Bach

16 May 2012 - #Music ethereal synth-pop 'City of Lovers' by the duo Baby Monster from the new EP (5 June 2012)

15 May 2012 - #Music 'Ghost Lit' by Diagrams (music project by Sam Genders) from the new album 'Black Light'

14 May 2012 - #Music album 'Rojotango' by opera singer Erwin Schrott

13 May 2012 - #Artist collective Neon Golden creates the #visuals for the first ever electronic #music event at the Vienna State Opera on 7 July 2012

13 May 2012 - #Music 'Bladiator' from the new album 'The Diver' by Led Er Est

11 May 2012 - #Music 'Skin' by Hamburg/Zürich based duo BOY from the debut album 'Mutual Friends'

11 May 2012 - Very fruity! #MusicVideo 'Kilo' by Bonde do Rolê from the album 'Tropicalbacanal' (26 June, Mad Decent) premiere on Pitchfork

10 May 2012 - #Music premiere 'Hurricane' by New York's duo MS MR

10 May 2012 - #Music 'Sunshine' by Matisyahu from the forthcoming album 'Spark Seeker' (release on 17 July 2012)

10 May 2012 - #Music 'Shake Them Shackles' by experimental electronic music project Tassels from the new LP 'Pressure Mounts'

10 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Lost in the World' by Kanye West, directed by Ruth Hogben, a Showstudio project

9 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Ocean Blue' by Rae Spoon from the new album 'I Can't Keep All Of Our Secrets', produced by Benetton group's research laboratory 'Fabrica'

9 May 2012 - Free #music download 'Detained' by Giant Giant Sand from the album 'Tucson' (release on 12 June, Fire Records)

9 May 2012 - Free #music download Nite Jewel remix of 'Se Pixelo el Vinito' by Super Guachin from the album 'Future Sounds of Buenos Aires' (May 2012, Waxploitation/ZZK)

7 May 2012 - #MusicVideo trilogy for Ane Brun's new album 'It All Starts With One'

6 May 2012 - Free #music download 'Born To' by Jesca Hoop from her forthcoming album 'The House That Jack Built' (26 June, Bella Union)

6 May 2012 - Free #music download 'Not Messin'' by US rock band Dispatch from the upcoming album 'Circles Around The Sun' (21 August, Bomber Records)

5 May 2012 - #Graffiti styled #music video by Uli Sigg 'Give It To You' feat. Monsoon (Subatomic Sound System Remix) from the new Ancient Astronauts album

5 May 2012 - #Bags by Spanish label peSeta in package with Palo Alto's songs at the #music festival Primavera Sound (May/June Barcelona; June Porto)

3 May 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Only Skin' by The Spring Standards premiere on Interview Magazine

3 May 2012 - "These weirdos think you need help keeping your thoughts light..." explains Dragonette's front-woman Martina Sorbara the new #music video 'Let It Go'

3 May 2012 - #Music 'Make Him Pay' JD Samson & MEN (AKA JK Remix DUB)

3 May 2012 - Video and free #music download 'For Slowing Down' by electro-pop band Something In Spanish

1 May 2012 - Free #music download and video 'Le Goudron' by electronic-pop-dance duo YACHT

1 May 2012 - 'Diamonds & Dub' from the collaborative #music album by VHS or BETA and Jacques Renault and Mark Verbos (out on 8 May, Krian Music Group)

1 May 2012 - #Short-film #documentary 'This Is Pepper' with #music by Blue Foundation from the upcoming album (out on 22 May)

30 April 2012 - #MusicVideo starring Jack White, directed by #actor Gary Oldman (who also appears in an unexpected scene)

26 April 2012 - #Music: 'When Tiger Smoked' by Nôze reworked by the German trio Brandt Brauer Frick

26 April 2012 - Boxers in a fight, seen at the #music video 'Lead Me' by Manna directed by #film maker and #fashion designer Paola Suhonen

26 April 2012 - 360° #cinematic wall for digital content, #music performance, DJ set at the new #fashion store designed by Burberry's Christopher Bailey

26 April 2012 - Dancefloor tracks 'Teenage Bass' and 'Space Race' by Shit Robot from the #music project 'The Green Machine'

25 April 2012 - #Music #fashion party with German producer/DJ Etnik at the 'Shirty'-fair in #Vienna (5 May 2012, The Loft)

25 April 2012 - #Music: 'Scholar' by Phoebe Killdeer and The Short Straws (Mad March Hare remix) and new video for the original track

25 April 2012 - US Olympic hurdle runner Lolo Jones speaks about the training, her medals; music 'In For The Kill' by La Roux (Skream remix)

24 April 2012 - #Music: Seun Kuti's 'Slave Masters' in a remix by Jacques Renault

24 April 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Just a Hand' by Blue Foundation from the upcoming album 'In My Mind I Am Free'

23 April 2012 - #Music free download 'Dragon Chasers' by Wax Tailor, new tour dates, next album...

22 April 2012 - #Music: French electro pop 'Amisexy' by RIKSLYD in a remix by Claude Violante

21 April 2012 - #Music: Eurythmics song 'Sweet Dreams' in a new interpretation by Fitz and The Tantrums

20 April 2012 - Sziget announces the festival's pre-events in Vienna

20 April 2012 - Free #music download of Dragonette's synth dancefloor pop 'Let It Go' and interview about #fashion on Rolling Stone

19 April 2012 - #Fashion inspired by #musicians seen at James Mollison's #photo series 'The Disciples'

18 April 2012 - #Music free download 'Keep It Low' by The Hundred In The Hands from the upcoming album 'Red Night' (vocals Eleanore Everdell, guitars Jason Friedman)

18 April 2012 - #MusicVideo (made of vintage footage) and lyrics of 'Make Him Pay' by JD Samson and Men from the EP 'Time'

17 April 2012 - #MusicVideo starring Helena Bonham Carter 'Out of the Game' by Rufus Wainwright (prod. by Mark Ronson, release 23 April)

16 April 2012 - #MusicVideo 'My Life Could Use A Remix...Part 1' featuring the song 'What Did I Do' by Sophie Delila

16 April 2012 - #Music at #Fashionoffice on Monday morning: 'On A Streak' by Basement Batman

15 April 2012 - Huffington Post's slideshow 'Coachella Style 2012' with some fantastic #makeup ideas and #hair, head #accessories

15 April 2012 - 'The Black Keys' concert video Coachella Festival; today live on YouTube: Seun Kuti and Egypt 80, Band of Skulls, Justice, Beirut, Florence + the Machine...

13 April 2012 - #Actress Jessica Stroup starring as risky rooftop walker in LA in the #music video 'Go Ego' by Eight and a Half from their debut album

13 April 2012 - #Music 'Gabriel feat. Valentina' by Joe Goddard remixed by The Ashton Shuffle

12 April 2012 - #Music 'Old Friend' by New York band Caveman

12 April 2012 - #MusicVideo 'Here I Lie' by singer/guitarist Marika Hackman from the Burberry #Eyewear campaign

12 April 2012 - Tribute to the Austrian #music producer, #DJ, #journalist Werner Geier (1962-2007)

11 April 2012 - #MusicVideo: Unkle/Grinderman (Nick Cave's band) 'Hyper Worm Tamer' from the collaborative album 'Grinderman 2 RMX' with Robert Fripp, Cat's Eyes...

10 April 2012 - #MusicVideo 'We Should Be Swimming' by British band Zulu Winter from the debut album 'Language' (19 June, Arts & Crafts)

8 April 2012 - Free #music download 'Heavy Metal' by the White Rabbits

7 April 2012 - #Music video 'Take Care' feat. Rihanna by Drake, directed by Yoanne Lemoine

6 April 2012 - Christopher Bailey curates #music video series which accompanies Burberry #Eyewear Summer 2012 campaign

6 April 2012 - Jack White's #music video 'Sixteen Saltines'; article on

5 April 2012 - #Music: 'Jasmine' by British electronic-soul musician Jai Paul

4 April 2012 - #Music video 'Blood for Poppies' by Garbage

3 April 2012 - #Music video 'Runaway' by Mr. Little Jeans aka Monica Birkenes (single out on 10 April from the debut LP - release in August, Sony)

1 April 2012 - #Music video 'Angles' by Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo from his solo album 'Between The Times and The Tides' (released 20 March)

31 March 2012 - #Music video 'It's Never Over' by Avan Lava from the EP Flex Fantasy

30 March 2012 - #Music tracklisting by Jerry Bouthier for Vivienne Westwood Gold Label #womenswear FW2012/13

29 March 2012 - #Music video 'You're Early' by 2:54 (London based Colette and Hannah Thurlow) from the debut album (28 May, Fat Possum)

28 March 2012 - #Music: 'Chemistry' by Basement Batman from 'Episode 2', the second chapter of the segmented album 'Season 1'

28 March 2012 - #Music: 'Schlawiener' rap about the city of #Vienna by dunkelbunt

27 March 2012 - Laminat is one of the #techno-#DJs at the Eastern Conference on 6 April at the Fluc Wanne in #Vienna 

26 March 2012 - Free #music download 'Rehberger' by Maur Due & Lichter

25 March 2012 - #Music video French-pop-chanson 'Golden Baby' by Canadian 'Coeur de Pirate' (project by Beatrice Martin) from her second album 'Blonde'

23 March 2012 - #Music: listen to 'I'm A Man' by Mac DeMarco from the recently released debut solo EP 'Rock And Roll Night Club' on Pitchfork

23 March 2012 - New #music video 'Blue Jeans' by Lana Del Rey (directed by Yoann Lemoine) from the album 'Born To Die'

23 March 2012 - #Music: 'The Pining pt2' by Clark (UK, Berlin based) from the upcoming album 'Iradelphic' (2 April, Warp Records)

21 March 2012 - #Beauty products and #music concerts for clean water; #EarthMonth 2012 by Aveda and Viva con Agua

21 March 2012 - #Sound #performer Paul Prudence's visual #concert at the L.E.V [Laboratory of Visual Electronics] Festival (27 - 28 April 2012, Spain)

21 March 2012 - #Music listen: album 'The Next Logical Progression' by Gift of Gab (out on 27 March, Quannum Projects)

20 March 2012 - #Music 'Perfect World' by Gossip from the upcoming album 'A Joyful Noise' (May 2012)

19 March 2012 - #Music free download (for one week) of 'Blood For Poppies' by Garbage from the new album 'Not Your Kind Of People' (May 2012)

19 March 2012 - #Music: 'Yellow Halo' by Goldfrapp; new song on the recently released compilation 'The Singles'

16 March 2012 - #Music: 'Malheur' from the album 'Melody Cut' by Ryzk a.k.a No-Bless (released on 1 March 2012)

16 March 2012 - #Fashion, #beauty, gender addicted #musician, artist John O'Regan (Diamond Rings) skipping rope in Pitchfork's series '60 Seconds Left'

15 March 2012 - #Music video 'Antelope' by Diagrams, #animation by James Bates, from the new album 'Black Light'

15 March 2012 - #Music video 'Never Let Me Go' by Florence + The Machine with British actor Jamie Campbell Bower (Twilight Saga, Harry Potter)

13 March 2012 - #Music: 'Able Moving Hearts' by the Sharks from the upcoming album 'No Gods'

11 March 2012 - #Music video 'After' by Moby, directed by the Austrian Antonin Pevny, shot at a non-activated nuclear power station

11 March 2012 - #Music video 'True Loves' by Hooray For Earth inspired by French sci-fi #comic strip creator Moebius

11 March 2012 - #Music video 'To Let Myself Go' by singer/writer/guitarist Ane Brun

9 March 2012 - #Fashion #photographer Matt Irwin directs the #music video 'Blood For Poppies' by Garbage from the upcoming album (May 2012)

9 March 2012 - #Music free download: 'So Special' by Bomb the Bass

8 March 2012 - #Music: 'Drinking alone in Paris (feat. Scream Dream Baby)' by Ira Lee

7 March 2012 - #Music: dance-electro-pop 'Houseboat Babies' by US band Reptar from the debut album 'Body Faucet' (1 May 2012, Vagrant Records)

6 March 2012 - #Music: Rolling Stone streams exclusively 'Young Lust' by Pink Floyd from 'The Wall: Immersion Edition'

5 March 2012 - #Music video by Black Dog Films for Unkle's 'Another Night Out' feat. Mark Lanegan

4 March 2012 - #Music free download 'Night Swim' by Amon Tobin on

1 March 2012 - Making of Givenchy's music video with Liv Tyler singing 'Need You Tonight' by INXS

1 March 2012 - #Music: new single 'You're Early' by 2:54 (London based Colette and Hannah Thurlow)

29 Feb 2012 - Givenchy launches new #perfume with #music video directed by Johan Renck, starring Liv Tyler interpreting 'Need You Tonight' by INXS

29 Feb 2012 - #Music: song collection from Paper Garden Records on occasion of the SXSW Festival in March in Texas

29 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'Fly High' from the new album 'New Multitudes' with until yet unrecorded lyrics by music legend Woody Guthrie

28 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense' by Fela Kuti from the 1980s Detroit Concert (album release on 8 May, Knitting Factory Records)

28 Feb 2012 - #Music: "Gold On The Ceiling" from the new album 'El Camino' by the Black Keys (on tour in US, in summer in EU)

28 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'The Devil Takes Care of His Own' from the new album 'Sweet Sour' by the British 'Band of Skulls'

27 Feb 2012 - #Music album teaser for 'No Gods' by the UK punk-rock band Sharks (March 2012)

27 Feb 2012 - #Music download: spherical music made of classical instruments and melodious vocals by Maur Due & Lichter

27 Feb 2012 - #Music: #Berlin based singer Illute's new video for her interpretation of 'Major Tom'

25 Feb 2012 - #Music download on website in Windows 3.1 design: 'Sebastian' by Reptar from the debut album 'Body Faucet' (1 May, Vagrant Records)

25 Feb 2012 - #Music: Mark Ronson's anthem for the London Olympic Summer Games

23 Feb 2012 - Invitation to select the best musicians; winners will receive the Amadeus Austrian #Music Awards 2012

23 Feb 2012 - #Music - free download: UNKLE Remix Competition Winners EP

22 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'The Science of Imaginary Solutions' by Autolux, directed by Thomas McMahan's, artwork Mark Whalen

22 Feb 2012 - #Fashion #music video with exclusively for Burberry FW12/13 recorded track 'Walls' by singer/writer Rae Morris

22 Feb 2012 - #Music: Han Drabur's single 'Moonriser' today on rotation at Radio Guerilla (Bucharest, Romania); listen on

22 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'The Good Leaf' by Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 in a remix by Spoek Mathambo

21 Feb 2012 - #Music by Deus, Austra, Ministry, Korn, Mardi announced by #Sziget Festival

20 Feb 2012 - British #musician Rae Morris' new song at Burberry's #fashion show today in #London, 4PM

19 Feb 2012 - #Fashion report from Hollywood: Bryan Ferry on stage at the H&M party; guests Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder, Milla Jovovich...

19 Feb 2012 - #Music video: Bryan Ferry's 'Love Is The Drug' as Todd Terje Disco Dub; footage from Hollywood movies, disco dances...

17 Feb 2012 - #Music video 'Arcane Effigies' by UK punk-rock band Sharks from the album 'No Gods' (20 Mar, Rise Records)

17 Feb 2012 - #Music download on Spin of the "crispy psych-pop beauty" track 'Eclipsed' by Electric Flower Group (EP II out on 27 Mar, Narnack Rec.)

14 Feb 2012 - Online live #music performance by Florence and the Machine today at 20:30 CET

13 Feb 2012 - #Music video of the title track 'Sweet Sour' of the new album (release 14 Feb) by UK 'Band of Skulls'

11 Feb 2012 - Thievery Corporation invites #musicians to send creations inspired by their compositions until 14 February

9 Feb 2012 - #Music #fashion: new single 'Fatty Boom Boom' by Die Antwoord used in Alexander Wang's Spring 2012 campaign

8 Feb 2012 - #Design competition on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Sziget #music festival in Budapest - deadline 12 March

8 Feb 2012 - Amon Tobin's psychedelic #music journey 'ISAM Live' at Coachella in California and the Sónar Festival in Barcelona

8 Feb 2012 - Interactive #music video 'Look Around' Red Hot Chili Peppers - navigate to rooms, zoom...

7 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'See You Hurry' by WIM (directed by #fashion filmer Daniel Askill) - the band perform at SXSW in March

7 Feb 2012 - #Music made by driving a #car! The lead singer took stunt driving lessons...

7 Feb 2012 - #Sound installation made of twenty sun driven boxes sending twenty different #guitar loops

6 Feb 2012 - #Music composed by the French duo Brigitte for the new lipstick video by #beauty label Lancôme

5 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'Genesis' by Grimes from the upcoming album 'Visions' in DJ playlist of New York Fashion Week

5 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'Save The Date' for seeing Metallica on 7 February on

4 Feb 2012 - #Music download: 'Go Girl' by Evian Christ (aka UK producer Joshua Leary) from the album 'Kings and Them'

3 Feb 2012 - #Snowboarder, #skateboarder Shaun White in the #music video 'Howlin' For You' by The Black Keys

1 Feb 2012 - Trailer of the world-touring #dance #musical 'FELA!' about the life of Fela Kuti

1 Feb 2012 - #Music: 'Love Interruption' from Jack White's new solo album 'Blunderbuss' (release April 2012)

31 Jan 2012 - #Music: 'Don't Fight The Feeling' from Harriet's debut EP 'Tell The Right Story', released on 31 Jan 2012

30 Jan 2012 - Live #music videos by the US band Sleeper Agent filmed in the abandoned Tennessee State Prison

28 Jan 2012 - #Music: 'Miss Chang (remix from Tha Trickaz)' by Chinese Man (LP release on 30 Jan)

28 Jan 2012 - #Music: 'On A Streak' by the Brooklyn 'Basement Batman'

27 Jan 2012 - Oscar-nominated #actress, #director Samantha Morton about The Kills' #music video 'The Last Goodbye'

25 Jan 2012 - #Music #video premiere: 'Look Around' by Red Hot Chili Peppers on

23 Jan 2012 - Stylish #music video for 'Where Are Your People?' by We Have Band directed by #fashion filmer Alex Turvey

20 Jan 2012 - #Catwalk #music by Giorgio Moroder for Louis Vuitton #menswear FW2012/13

20 Jan 2012 - #Music: pure guitars, vocals, drums, organ - 'Savages' from the debut album 'Savages' by the US band Bonesetters

19 Jan 2012 - #Music video 'The Man' by the #Viennese band Black Shampoo

19 Jan 2012 - #Rapper, spoken word poet, #singer, #author Dessa on tour with the rap crew Doomtree

18 Jan 2012 - #Movie trailer for 'Transformers: Fall of Cybertron' with #music featuring vocals by Milla Jovovich

17 Jan 2012 - 'Le Butcherettes' performs live at the #music office of NPR

15 Jan 2012 - #Music #art #sport: experimental-electro band 'Pretty Good Dance Moves' at the exhibition 'The Sports Show'

14 Jan 2012 - #Music: 'And I Say' by Nicolas Jaar ft. Scout LaRue and Will Epstein

14 Jan 2012 - #Music #video 'My Secret Friend' by IAMX, album 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction', directed by Berlin based Chris Corner

10 Jan 2012 - #Music #video 'On A Certain Night' by the UK band The Miserable Rich

9 Jan 2012 - #Music: '(disappointed cloud) anyway' by Leila from the upcoming album 'U&I' (23/24 January, Warp)

8 Jan 2012 - #Valentine's #music #video tip: 'In a Manner of Speaking' by Tuxedomoon

6 Jan 2012 - 'Take Your Minds Off The Spirit Of Shit' by #Paris based electro-afro-beat #musician FireTongue feat Akiba (aka Valérie Belinga)

6 Jan 2012 - 'Protocol f. Samantha Kravitz' by Gift Of Gab from the new album 'The Next Logical Progression' (Quannum Projects, 27 March 2012)

4 Jan 2012 - #Music #video 'Unified Tribes' by the duo Thievery Corporation feat. rapper Mr. Lif 

3 Jan 2012 - #Music #video 'Complexity' from the Boots Electric 10 tracks debut album Honkey Kong (released on Dangerbird, 2011) 

3 Jan 2012 - #Music 'Ugly' by Zerocrop from the album 'Painkiller'

1 Jan 2012 - Chilly Gonzales about his music composition for a computer; live with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna

31 Dec 2011 - Happy New Year 2012 with the 'Blue Danube' waltz by Viennese composer Johann Strauss

30 Dec 2011 - #Music, #film, and #menswear; seen at Hartwich SS2012

30 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'Fall From Here' by 'Clubfeet', directed by fashion videographer Alex Goddard

28 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'Scale It Back' ft. Little Dragon by DJ Shadow from the album 'The Less You Know, The Better'

28 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'After' by Moby from the album 'Destroyed' directed by the Austrian Antonin Pevny

26 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'No Light, No Light' by Florence and The Machine from the new album 'Ceremonials'

25 Dec 2011 - Amazing #music #videos presented by #Fashionoffice in 2011

23 Dec 2011 - The structure of Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011

23 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: album 'Crazy Clown Time' by David Lynch

22 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: music from Goldton Records

22 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: album 'The Rip Tide' by Beirut

21 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: 'Love is Found' by Sade

21 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: album debut 'Cat's Eyes'

21 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: 'Sutphin Boulevard' by Blood Orange

20 Dec 2011 - Best of #Music for #Fashion People in 2011: 'Love in Motion' by Sebastian ft. Mayer Hawthorne

17 Dec 2011 - #Music: 'Young Lovers' is the second single from the upcoming album 'The Sound Of Sehnsucht' (2012) by Vienna based 'Bunny Lake'

16 Dec 2011 - The structure of #Fashionoffice's 'Best of #music and #fashion in 2011'

15 Dec 2011 - #Music: 'Wild Man' from Kate Bush's new album '50 Words For Snow'

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: #catwalk music mix by Jerry Bouthier for Vivienne Westwood

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: #video 'Ice Cream' by the Battles directed by (fashion filmers) Canada

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: Rye Rye's song 'New Thing' used by Prabal Gurung and adidas

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: limited vinyl edition of the album 'When The Night Falls' by Unkle

15 Dec 2011 - Best of #music and #fashion in 2011: #video 'Switchblade Smile' by Kasabian and Aitor Throup

14 Dec 2011 - #Music albums 2011: 'Let England Shake' by PJ Harvey on the 2nd place of Spin's 50 Best Albums of 2011

12 Dec 2011 - #Music song by Sleeper Agent for #sportswear web #video starring athlete Lindsey Harding

12 Dec 2011 - #Music and #video project: electronic musicians team up with #fashion videographer

11 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: 'The Best Person I Know' by the duo 'Cat's Eyes'

8 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: storyteller Shara Worden in 'High Low Middle' from the #album 'All Things Will Unwind' by 'My Brightest Diamond'

6 Dec 2011 - #Music: 'Tonight, Tonight, Tonight' by Low Roar (aka Ryan Karazija) from his debut album

5 Dec 2011 - #Music #video: director Marc Klasfeld about a green screen, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Raymond Pettibon's graphics

3 Dec 2011 - #Music 'Future World' by Deckard: "...a disease of machinery ... they are designed by other computers, we don't know exactly how they work..."

2 Dec 2011 - Mix by diegonardo for the #music competition (closes 15 Dec) by #sport #fashion label Bench; the winner travels to Igloofest (Montreal 12-28 Jan)

2 Dec 2011 - Free #music download: 'Parted Ways' by Heartless Bastards from the album 'Arrow' (release on Valentine's Day - 14 Feb 2012)

1 Dec 2011 - New #dance #movie 'Girl Walk // All Day' comes out online in 12 chapters; soundtrack by 'Girl Talk' from the album 'All Day'

1 Dec 2011 - #Music #video 'Mein Land' by Rammstein

29 Nov 2011 - #Music: Wax Tailor performs with seven guest musicians on 5 Dec in Vienna

27 Nov 2011 - #Music: New electro/techno #dancefloor track by The Kung Fu Divas 'Who Is The KFD'

27 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'Les Plus Beaux' by Fránçois and The Atlas Mountains from the new album 'E Volo Love' (23 Jan 2012)

26 Nov 2011 - #Music: 'All I Really Want To Do' by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

26 Nov 2011 - DRC #Music Remix submissions until 5 December 2011: 'Hallo' feat. Nelly Liyemge and Tout Puissant Mukalo; with Damon Albarn and Richard Russell

23 Nov 2011 - Re-listen #music by Karin Sawetz: 'What A Day That Was' by David Byrne from the album 'The Catherine Wheel'

22 Nov 2011 - #Music #video:'Monarchy of Roses' by Red Hot Chili Peppers inspired by the #art of Raymond Pettibon

20 Nov 2011 - #Music: stylist, model, singer Phlo Finister's interpretation of 'Riders on the Storm' by The Doors

20 Nov 2011 - #Music #video: retro-soul 'A Long Time' by Mayer Hawthorne with #dance scenes from a late 80/early 90s show


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