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Media information, December 2011

Most read articles in 2011 on Fashionoffice

While Galliano provoked the interest of users on The Guardian in 2011, Fashionoffice measured in the same time period interest in articles like a deleted report from April 2007 about Philipp Plein which evokes 93% more page views during this year than the one about John Galliano published from March 2011 on.

Statistically, the Galliano story is not important. This means for internet users (as internet is a mathematical construction) that this part of the 'timeline' of fashion has from sight of internationally used measurement tools (Google Analytics) no statistical significance and therefore no relevance for the information systems provided by interactive mathematical computer-networks.

What really impressed readers this year (statistically - and this means sustainably engraved into the memory of computer-networks worldwide) are deleted stories about Philipp Plein, Puma, and the Academy of Art University School of Fashion in San Francisco.

Fashionoffice's research on computer-networks

In 2011, Fashionoffice published not only stylish news about trends and reviews of things that happened (like the Galliano story) for users who are interested in fashion, art and culture; the organization (NPO/NGO) has even continued its researches on storage and content delivery in computer-networks. At this time, the organization Fashionoffice is on the waiting list for an EC Research Project to work further on the subject within an international science group organized by the European Commission.

During more than 5 years, computer science has joined forces with other academic disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches are today common on top-universities. Fashionoffice has delivered in the last months the results of its computer-network studies to internationally working project groups of computer/media/law scientists with focus on society/democracy/media at the leading universities in Asia, United States, and Europe.

A practical insight into the current situation, which is not new or uncommon for academics - even if not desired, are described in the Fashionoffice press release about 'Cloud Computing' and about the 'Construction of Reality' on

Fashionoffice hopes that the results about storage and content delivery which had been collected during the last 5 1/2 years on the websites of Fashionoffice have positive effects on the future of our computer-networked society.

Top 20 stories in 2011 (1 January 2011 - 23 December 2011, measured with Google Analytics; stories on the websites of Fashionoffice with the most impressions in 2011):

  1. /ss2007/philippplein4-2007.htm
  2. /ss2007/puma3-2007.htm
  3. /ss2007/lenesecher5-2007.htm
  4. /ss2008/ibm1-2008.htm
  5. /ss2008/ritukumar10-2007.htm
  6. /ss2007/garges6-2007.htm
  7. /ss2007/inhorgenta4-2007.htm
  8. /ss2007/venlai5-2007.htm
  9. /ss2007/schweitzberger5-2007.htm
  10. /ss2007/galati6-2007.htm
  11. /culture/2008/chanel5-2008.htm
  12. /ss2007/generalmotors6-2007.htm
  13. /ss2006/jiwonree6-2006.htm
  14. /cosmetics/2008/makeupforever10-2008.htm
  15. /collections/2011/beachstyle4-2011.htm
  16. /collections/2011/comicstyle3-2011.htm
  17. /cosmetics/2006/givenchy12-2006.htm
  18. /collections/2011/bluestyle4-2011.htm
  19. /who/calvin1.htm
  20. /film/domino11-2005.htm

Top 20 stories which had been written in 2011
(1 January 2011 - 23 December 2011, measured with Google Analytics on the websites of Fashionoffice):

  1. /collections/2011/beachstyle4-2011.htm
  2. /collections/2011/comicstyle3-2011.htm
  3. /collections/2011/bluestyle4-2011.htm
  4. /music/2011/rio9-2011.htm
  5. /collections/2011/intimissimi11-2011.htm
  6. /music/2011/pharrellwilliams3-2011.htm
  7. /collections/2011/y3-9-2011.htm
  8. /fw2011/mango5-2011.htm
  9. /fw2011/viviennewestwood6-2011.htm
  10. /fw2011/redcarpet4-2011.htm
  11. /ss2012/jeroenvantuyl7-2011.htm
  12. /ss2011/spring2-2011.htm
  13. /fw2011/parissight3-2011.htm
  14. /ss2012/liesangbong11-2011.htm
  15. /ss2012/beachbunny7-2011.htm
  16. /ss2012/oddmolly8-2011.htm
  17. /skin/2011/spring-womenstyle1-2011.htm
  18. /fw2011/liesangbong3-2011.htm
  19. /ss2011/summer1-2011.htm
  20. /skin/2011/breastcancer8-2011.htm

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