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press release, June 2005

Style & Beauty Trend Mining on the Net
Lead users reveal an open but well adopted state of mind

Survey about desires and trends of fashion and beauty addicted online users: 4.701 interviews in Europe, USA and Asia

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One of the main style shifts since 4th quarter 2004: online fashion addicts now prefer the Hippie style with revolutionary accents. The Romantic look has fallen back in the ranking during the last 2 quarters. This new style is mainly encouraged by a certain type of role model: Gwen Stefani is the favoured musician/actress. The punky, revolutionary woman is represented by Stefani, who displaces Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

The online survey during 4th quarter 2004 and 1st quarter 2005 shows a consistent picture of desires and expectations which are in very strong correlation with the media agenda: The youth is well socialized by the main style topics of the media and in strong emotional connection with the top premium brands in fashion and cosmetics.

Style Trend Survey 2005

Sample: 4.701 interviewed individuals; method of sampling: random sample

Universe: 619.184 active fashion & beauty addicted online users per month from Europe, America, Asia
Demographics: audience profile of

Field work period: 4th quarter 2004 and 1st quarter 2005
Survey Method:
1. qualitative pilot study with open questions to identify the main trends and desires
2. quantitative research with interactive online questionnaires
Realization: trend research channel

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Trend Profile
of the typical beauty and
fashion addicted online user

age: 24
gender: female
clothing size: medium
self-assessment: very sexy

favourite outfit:
• strong focus on the body
• big sunglasses (Chanel, D & G)
• vintage handbag
• sexy skirt or perfect fit jeans (Levis)
• stilettos (Prada, Sergio Rossi)

favourite style:
• an open mind, passion
• punky Noble-Hippie

favourite stars:
• Gwen Stefani
• Beyonce
• Sarah Jessica Parker

favourite hobbies:
• fashion design
• sport
• art

favourite holiday destination:
• Hawaii

particular characteristics:
• knows how to stay beautiful
• beautiful hair (Wella, Sunsilk)
• white teeth
• natural make-up (M.A.C, Clinique)

source:; 4. quarter 2004 and 1. quarter 2005





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