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Fashionoffice was founded in 1995 by the siblings Mag. phil. Dr. rer.nat. Josef Sawetz and Mag. Dr. phil. Karin Sawetz with the "FashionAvigator”-study about fashion online. Fashionoffice started in 1996 with one of the first fashion magazines exclusively published online. Soon the magazine has established special channels about fashion, art, beauty and received several prizes such as the ‘Angel of Fashion Award’ in 1996.

Relevance in 'fashion'
In 2008, Fashionoffice celebrated continued international top-relevance in the category 'fashion' since 1996. With the anniversary-search of in their oldest available index (January 2001) the magazine ranked with the "mother" of all Fashionoffice channels on the 3rd place of about 6,840,000 results for ‘fashion’. In October 2008, the magazine was still on the first page of 450,000,000 results on worldwide searches for ‘fashion’ in Google. In April 2009, the magazine ranked still on the first page of 450,000,000 results on worldwide searches for ‘fashion’ in Google (Media information by Fashionoffice, April 2009).

Editorial strategy
Since 1996 Fashionoffice offers the additional service of collected news in a Trendletter by email. The difference to the magazine's RSS and mobile site (both launched in 2008) is the thematic connexion. The editorial policy of the weekly Trendletter is to collect news on selected themes that become obvious in the Trendletter.

"The editorial strategy is important for the understanding of contemporary fashion which has to be read like contemporary art; even if the readers don't recognize the strategy at the first moment. The articles on the headline site of are chosen after selected themes such as the influence of religion on fashion, gothic and fashion, femininity in art ... The positive effects of 'thematic bundles' are: the understanding for themes like 'Organic Expression' grows which enhances as a consequence the meaning of each article of the 'thematic bundle'," says publisher Dr. Karin Sawetz (Media information, Dec. 2008).

Fashionoffice has created together with its research units a unique and sophisticated concept of collecting the works of artists and designers around the globe with different cultural background to document the main lines of development of a global culture of aesthetic signs and symbols connecting and differentiating the great variety of self concepts and world outlooks. The user can search in the selected channels chronologically or use the search engine on FashionAvigator.

Social activities
Since the beginning Fashionoffice supports national und international organisations and NGO’s by providing them with global social advertising campaigns free of charge to spread their messages around the globe: unicef, Red Cross, Amnesty International, Pink Ribbon, Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases, Aids Vaccine,, EU Journalist Award (,,,, United Nations, Reporters without Borders,, an Amnesty International Campaign...
Details about the social activities of Fashionoffice on art, education, social, science, archive.

Themes, channels, URLs
During the years, the magazine was extended by new technical features such as broadband videos in 1997 in collaboration with the Österreichische Post - later Telekom Austria - and Alcatel, new themes such as beauty, market research instruments etc. Since 2000 the magazine’s name Fashionoffice - developed from the email address 'office(@)', is the umbrella brand for the URLs,,,, In 2004, the URLs, have been launched as part of Fashionoffice to interview users about their opinion on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Special interest channels: - trends in beauty - catwalk TV - fashion at culture, collections, design, foto,..., - socio-cultural trend research - search in the magazine-Group (,,,, and archives since 1996

Virtual carrier for Fashionoffice: (The domain is carrying the Trendletter and receives press releases.)

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