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The Fashionoffice Map points to creative places

by publisher Karin Sawetz
May 2010
Karin Sawetz is journalist, media researcher
and fashion scientist (Mag. Dr. phil.).

Mash-up style-stories

Since the founding of Fashionoffice in 1995, the magazine makers are following the newest developments of creative heads constantly: cloud computing, videos in TV quality, statistics from third parties, etc. are keywords that describe editorial publications online - the technical side of them. On the other side, essentials for the professional production of editorial online-content are the use (YouTube, Vimeo) and research of opinion (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs) in social media as well as the fulfilment of the grown demands in journalism. The last mentioned is a consequence of the fact that everybody who makes content on the web public, is a 'publisher'.

In the last 15 years, Fashionoffice studies without interruption the reception and presentation of fashion online: from the "FashionAvigator”-study in 1995 (released in 1996) to the ‘Memorized-Data’-hypothesis in 2009 and the monthly collection of data from the user statistics. The Memorized Data-hypothesis was proved by statistical data which verified the assumption that publishers and advertisers have to calculate the impact of editorial content as well as online-campaigns with a new factor: un-progressive data. To make the hypothesis 'waterproofed', Fashionoffice has tested it again. The results are published in the media information with the title 'The influence of advertising on user awareness'.

Albeit, high ranking editorials like a trend analysis about Make Up For Ever from the year 2008 or the historical survey on a Chanel hand bag (written in 2008) can not be overhauled by new articles in the monthly statistics, Fashionoffice has developed a new editorial strategy that does not follow data results from third parties (or, with other words: the statistical recorded needs of the users), but is created from Fashionoffice's contemporary taste for fashion, beauty and art, which is not measureable by technicians.

We hope you enjoy the merged information of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, art, music, film... in Fashionoffice's mash-up style-stories made of text, large images and videos:

Hollywood Style; SS2010, FW2010/11
Hollywood Style
Fashionoffice has received a magazine lookbook by Hamburg based designer Anna Fuchs with the title 'Road to Hollywood'. While listening to the music of Unkle...
Global Style
Global Style
The globalisation of our society causes the increasing importance of 'tracking'; Isaac Julien's art work 'Ten Thousand Waves' at the 17th Biennale of Sydney...
Women on motorcycles
Women on motorcycles
Fashion by Levi's, Emporio Armani, Dirk Bikkembergs, Burberry, Pandora, Calzedonia; beauty by Clinique; motor by Piaggio...



Most viewed articles in April 2010
The statistics of the different media Web, Mobile, and Feeds give an insight into user preferences. The Trendletter is not tracked by a statistical tool because it hasn't any slots for the delivery of advertising.

Ranking of the most viewed editorial pages between 30 March - 29 April 2010, data by Google Analytics (the bold fonts signify articles from the last 12 months; the others are from the respective month-year):

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Ranking of the Fashion Feeds (from 30 March to 29 April 2010; data delivered by Feedburner) after views and clicks:


Short Message 3/4/2010 - Fashionoffice dirty-broken-beats and vintage samples dance-music tip: 'Making Up A Changing Mind' Pretty Lights aka Colorado based Derek Vincent Smith. Since 2006, the electronic music producer is recording albums and releases them for free on the internet 146 197
Short Message 31/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip for beach impressions: 'Quicksand' by La Roux. Recently, androgynous pop singer Elly Jackson and synthesizer player Ben Langmaid have received Brit Award nominations. The English singer Elly Jackson (aka La Roux) was even nominated at the NME Awards 2010 (founded by the music magazine New Musical Express) in the category 'Worst Dressed'; Lady Gaga received the 1st prize in this category. 145 193
Short Message 1/4/2010 - Fashion video about London Pirate Radios 'The platforms change again with the internet, but the spirit of pirate radio lives on with the DJs and artists!' is the conclusio of the video, produced by the French boots label Palladium. It leads you to secret radio stations in London, you can learn why the transmitter and the studio shouldn't be on one place, and what makes the radio makers in the 60s moving into the rusting anti-aircraft towers in the Thames. When the authorities shut them down, pirate sounds went underground. Today, the London 'pirates' reach people across the world. 140 193
Short Message 2/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'Gravity's Angel' by Laurie Anderson ...from the album 'Mister Heartbreak' (1984). The video from the concert film 'Home of the Brave' shows US musician Laurie Anderson and Adrian Belew (guitarist of King Crimson) on stage. The album opens with the track 'Sharkey's Day' and closes with the track 'Sharkey's Night'. On Sharkey's Night, the lyrics are read by the American novelist William S. Burroughs; his most prominent work is 'Naked Lunch'. 'Gravity's Angel' is inspired by Thomas Pynchon's novel 'Gravity's Rainbow'. 139 192
Short Message 1/4/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: spiritual electro-punk 'Galaxy Man' Solex vs. Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer from the album Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown (18 May). Solex (aka Dutch sample artist and singer Elisabeth Esselink) and the punk musicians Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer are cooperating for this album. The song has mantra capabilities! Fashionoffice received the music tip with the words: "Elisabeth, Cristina and Jon - they understand. May we all follow their lead and join hands across the world as we look skywards and contemplate our place in the universe. And as we stand united, let us shake our collective ass." 140 189
Short Message 30/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music tip: 'Elephant Talk' by King Crimson from the album 'Discipline'. Great music from the 80s with critical texts! "Talk. Talk. It's all talk. Too much talk. Small talk. Talk that trash. Expressions. Editorials.... It's all talk. Elephant talk." sings lead guitarist and singer Adrian Belew who has co-written the songs on this album. On the stage of this 80s performance, you can see Robert Fripp (the one with the eyeglasses), co-founder of King Crimson, one of the best guitarists world wide, and pioneer of electronic music (Frippertronics). 137 186
Short Message 26/3/2010 - Sebastian on Levi's Noise Tour in Europe US denim label Levi's invites to the 'Colors of Noise Tour' with electro-acts by Sebastian, Jackson, and French Horn Rebellion in Europe: 6 May Zurich, 7 May Vienna, 8 May Hamburg, 13 May Berlin, 14 May Munich. Details on 133 186
Short Message 27/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip: 'Like a Hobo' by Charlie Winston from the musician's debut album 'Make Way' (released 2007). Peter Gabriel has picked 'Like A Hobo' as one of his favorite songs for the music industry festival Midem 2007 in Cannes. In 2008, Paris living Charlie Winston's single 'I'm A Man' was used for a VW Polo advert; an amusing advert where you can see a dog's lips synchronized with Charlie Winston's song. On his Myspace-site, Charlie Winston announces the new track 'Hit The Road' coming out on 5 April. From May to August he tours in France, Germany, Austria... 133 185
Short Message 26/3/2010 - Fashionoffice music video tip for beach and party feeling 'Sexy Chick' by David Guetta ft. Akon 132 184
Short Message 2/4/2010 - Green Showroom at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin The video from the Green Showroom at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski during the Berlin Fashion Week shows the SS2010 collection presented by dancers in a modern performance. With the Green Showroom, the two designers Magdalena Schaffrin and Jana Keller have realized their idea to apply a luxurious touch to 'Green' products. Additionally to their own collections, they are selecting the pieces of other designers who are following the same idea. From 7 - 10 July 2010, the Green Showroom will present again various designers from fashion, accessories, cosmetics, and lifestyle in the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin. The traveling showroom's next stop after Berlin is Paris, New York is in planning; 142 143




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