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  • Last month, Fashionoffice's 'Hunter's Life' series achieved the most attention by users. (Attention is measured as anonymous pageviews.)
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"Is it better to be good or to be evil?" 'Hunter's Life' series
Oct 15, 2013
- content was viewed mainly by users from the United States (no data for network domain)

"Content or network technology?" 'Hunter's Life' series
Oct 2, 2013


"Integration?" 'Hunter's Life' series
Oct 21, 2013

Halloween and All Souls' Day music selection
Oct 29, 2013
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These porcelain figures don't look harmless! Lladró exhibition at design store Stamm in Vienna Analytics
- content was viewed mainly by users from Vienna/Austria over the network domain
Viennafair 2013 Insight: Reflections about today's culture, glitzy glam, and textile art with digital message Analytics
- content was viewed mainly by users from Vienna/Austria over the network domain
87 Analytics
- content was viewed by users from various cities (mainly from US) and networks
78 & Google Analytics

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During last month (2 - 31 October 2013), Google Adsense tracked 12,502 Ad Requests and 47 Clicks; matched CTR 0.38%. Quantcast measured 3,438 people between 1 - 30 October 2013 (Fashionoffice real-time profile by Quantcast).

The Google FeedBurner statistics for the last 30 days from 2 – 31 October counted 5,631 views of 131 items, 50,913 clicks back to the site on 490 items.

On top of the FeedBurner/Fashion Feeds by Fashionoffice popularity ranking (views/clicks):

  1. "My ceiling will be the next generation…
  2. Wankelmut's #music chart for the Amster…
  3. #Frankfurt #Airport #StyleAward 2014 ca…
  4. "What we do in life echoes in Eternity"…
  5. 'Spiderwomen' like #feminist artist Ros…

The most popular Fashionoffice articles in the FeedBurner ranking (views/clicks) are:

  1. #Frankfurt #Airport #StyleAward 2014 ca…
  2. #Pandorajewellery inspired by the magic…
  3. Nice clothes for #skiing seen at #Bogne…
  4. Shiny #hairstyle inspired by gemstones;…
  5. Salvatore Ferragamo's world journey as …


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Fashionoffice - magazine


Trendletter by Fashionoffice: Ski Chic; Shiny Hairst

3 Nature and adventure in children's rooms
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2 Google+ Share 137%

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