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Fashionoffice articles in November 2013

Last month, generated on 1 December 2013 at 15.00 by FeedBurner (views/clicks), Pinterest, AddThis, Blogger, Google Analytics with additional traffic data by Adsense and Quantcast.

Top on Fashionoffice during last month is the magazine's page on Pinterest with world map; by counting only the clicks via FeedBurner, the content on this page is the most viewed. The pins on this page appeared 74.670 times (1 - 30 Nov, Pinterest Analytics) in search results, boards, etc. and reached - from this single page - 32.790 people who saw pins by Fashionoffice.


The Google FeedBurner statistics for the last 30 days from 1 – 30 November counted 5,928 views of 154 items, 37,709 clicks back to the site on 620 items.

On top of the FeedBurner/Fashion Feeds by Fashionoffice popularity ranking (views/clicks):

  1. #Music Listen to CHVRCHES - Lies (Touri… 76 views / 722 clicks
  2. Estée Lauder Tom Pecheux' boyish-femini… 71 views / 691 clicks
  3. #Music stream on EP 'Energy Y… 65 views / 631 clicks
  4. #Fashionoffice on Pinterest 51 views / 608 clicks
  5. #Community petition on Avaaz 'Stand wit… 67 views / 579 clicks

Top shared/clicked article on Fashionoffice: Ideas of urban life and nature experiences in one collection? Jockey's warm up items for winter 2013

Most viewed Fashionoffice articles
(past month; after used domains - alphabetical order)
Domain/Measurement Pageviews

Doku-web-series about the first steps of professional athletes; Olympic Winter Games 2014 Sochi Analytics
- content was viewed mainly by users from Vienna/Austria over the network domain


Last month's most viewed/clicked Fashion Feeds has...
Nov 18, 2013
- content was viewed mainly by users from the United States, Norway (no data for network domain)
Sexy underwear with Venetian touch Analytics
- 47,36% of the user views of this article came from Vienna/Austria over the network domain

The opening of Cyril Helnwein's 'Beautiful Disasters' at Yoshi's Contemporary Art Gallery during Vienna Art Week Analytics
- 43,38% of the views came from Vienna/Austria
295 & Google Analytics
Pageviews of last month generated on today (2 Nov - 1 Dec 2013) and pageviews counted by Google Analytics (generated for 1 - 30 November 2013) for webpages on the main domains of Fashionoffice (,,,

Adsense & Quantcast (concerning the own domains of Fashionoffice)
During last month (1 - 30 November 2013), Google Adsense tracked 8,952 Ad Requests and 26 Clicks; matched CTR 0.29%. Quantcast measured 3,705 people between 31 October - 29 November 2013 (Fashionoffice real-time profile by Quantcast).

More statistics:

#Popularity booms on #Fashionoffice; review on 21 January 2013
On 21 January 2013, Fashionoffice reviewed popularity booms on its domains. Currently, the magazine is booming in the United States - since August 2012, the percentage of measured 'people' grew for more than 70%...

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