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'Hunter's Life' tops the statistics
Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz' insights into media measurement methods and how to keep on track with reality achieved most of the attention (measured as pageviews) by users during last week.

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Last 7 days, generated on 20 May 2013 at 13.30 by, Google Analytics, AddThis, FeedBurner, Adsense
The new series by Fashionoffice publisher Karin Sawetz tops the statistics again and leaves all other articles far behind! The 'Hunter's Life' is published on the domains / and achieves as much performance as 1/3 of all Fashionoffice articles from the last 18 years editorial chronicled culture on the magazine's own main domains and webspaces.

And by the way: the new series was started with the aim to supersede top rankings like the one of the Academy of Art University School of Fashion, San Francisco, which top ranked over the last years on Fashionoffice; the 'Hunter's Life' is now in statistical pole position.

The article about summer hair colors motivated the users most to share and click (tracked by AddThis). The Fashion Feeds item "#Music The Dig share 'Angeline' from 'Tired Hearts' EP (4 June) via The Wild Honey Pie" was the most popular during the last 7 days (generated via FeedBurner). In the ranking by Feedburner, the article about men's cosmic colors seen at Brian Wood's 'Blacktop Astronauts' collection was the most viewed/clicked that was spread via Fashion Feeds last week. Advertising on Fashionoffice reached 0.51% CTR (Clickthrough Rate measured by Google Adsense). & Google Analytics
Pageviews of last week generated on today (13 May - 20 May) and pageviews counted by Google Analytics (generated today for the duration 'last week', 12 to 18 May 2013) for webpages on the main domains of Fashionoffice (,,,

The first article of the 'Hunter's Life'-series is Fashionoffice's content which gained the most pageviews (76,62% of the users come from US). No other content on Fashionoffice achieved so much attention (pageviews) like the 'Hunter's Life'. To give an impression of the relation and websites on domains owned by Fashionoffice: the 'Hunter's Life' on the domains and achieves as much performance as 1/3 of all Fashionoffice articles over 18 years (since 1996) concerning editorial chronicled culture on the magazine's main domains and webspaces.

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Service Viral Lift*

Address Bar

Facebook 56%



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Pinterest Pin It 0%

*Viral Lift: "Total percentage increase in traffic due to shares and clicks." (AddThis Analytics Glossary). Find the live-generated AddThis analytics on the cover of

Today, the Google FeedBurner statistics for the last 7 days from 13 - 19 May 2013 calculated 955 views of 46 items, 5,645 clicks back to the site on 150 items.

On top of the FeedBurner/Fashionoffice popularity ranking (views/clicks):

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  3. #Music stream album 'Secondhand Rapture…
  4. #Movie 'Before Midnight' - Ethan Hawke,…
  5. #Fashion video 'Escape to Paradise' - p…

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Clickrates on Fashionoffice - last 7 days, generated on 20 May at 13.30 by Google Adsense
Currently, Fashionoffice has opened two ad units for Adsense; 728x90 on the top of the magazine's pages and 336x280 (placement above the fold). During the last seven days (13 - 19 May 2013), Google Adsense tracked 18,801 Ad Requests and 96 Clicks; matched CTR 0.51%. The three click-friendliest countries in the statistics are Italy (Clickthrough Rate 1.91%), Netherlands (CTR 1.17%), United States (CTR 0.99%)...

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