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Fashionoffice Insight by Karin Sawetz, 20 May 2015

Is Venice Biennale a place where fashion happens?

Depends on how fashion is defined! When it's defined as term for the lifestyle, the values and manners of a society, than the Biennale di Venezia is a place where fashion happens. And when the word is reduced to the meaning 'clothing', there are also some destinations which make think about 'fashion'. There is one exhibition which makes think about the design genius' role in the production process of international fashion. And then there is an artist who designed the Gypsy Globales collection and used clothing, accessories as research objects. Another artist incorporated wearable devices (quasi as part of work wear) into an installation concerning working conditions; to mention three examples.

Via Art Route Venice Map, Fashionoffice articles about Venice Biennale can be found easily - select the red markers for content about fashion (in the meaning of clothing), the blue for magazine articles about exhibitions which meet today's zeitgeist; the orange markers sign other interesting places at La Biennale di Venezia.

fig.: The images were shot at the exhibition 'The Infinite Nothing' at the collateral event 'Hong Kong in Venice' during La Biennale di Venezia on 6 May 2015. Friedrich Nietzsche's 'Death of God' statement was the starting point for 'The Infinite Nothing' installation by Chinese artist Tsang Kin-Wah (born 1976, lives and works in Hong Kong). The artist sends the visitors into several rooms - beginning with the river and ending with a room (not on view on this page) that brings the viewer back to the beginning - a circle of rooms like the circle of life. Inside the rooms, religious motifs of Christianity (the artist was according to the press release a "devout Christian in his teenage years") carry the visitor on an almost spiritual journey for finding truth - the interpretation lies in the eyes of the spectator. The art work evokes feelings of instability (river) and uncertainty (writings on the wall) which accompany this journey.

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