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Fashionoffice Insight by Karin Sawetz, 28 February 2015

Energy boosting time!

Currently here in Austria, contents about fastening, detoxing and fitness activities boom on company websites, in editorial media and on various blogs such as the 'Shape Of My Life' blog by physician (hormone, diet, sports medicine) Dr. Christian Matthai who provides insights into his way to stay healthy. Recently, I reported from a press event which was held by the Austrian textile and home wear label Vossen in collaboration with Olympic gold, silver, bronze medalist and life energy expert Felix Gottwald on occasion of the launch of the 'Energy Weeks' online tip service which spans over 40 days, starting with 18 February until Easter in early April (article). These 40 days are used traditionally for fastening.

I haven't any expert tips for users as I'm not an athlete, physician or nutrition professional - but I'm continously learning by reading the publications of specialists of the particular fields for my own lifestyle.

My fastening and energy boosting methods change only slightly with the seasons - I train almost every day from cycling to walking, in summer, I focus on swimming and paddling, and after the training, my body circulation needs (not always but often) something sweet. In most cases, I make a creamy vitamin smoothie out of bananas and apples with spicy ginger and citron, or I mix strawberries, apples, bananas, but also mangos.... For the smoothies, I add soy milk and a small amount of fine oatmeal to the fruits which vary mainly with the best seasonal offers of the supermarket. And sometimes, I eat simply chocolate - even during (official) fastening time.

fig.: First sports, then chocolate mousse with poppy ice cream! It's sunny but the temperatures are still fresh here in Austria - especially where the wind has enough place to develop an own dynamic such as at lake Neusiedl (known as kite surfing area) nearby Vienna. The chocolate mousse with poppy ice was made by Mole West.

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