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Fashionoffice Insight by Karin Sawetz, 4 May 2015

Mapping art from the angle of fashion

The word 'fashion' can be defined as 'clothing' but also as umbrella term for zeitgeist and people's behaviour; last mentioned includes dressing up in a time-specific manner. The definition of 'fashion' introduces into the nature of visual expressions which are always influenced - consciously or unconsciously, by the world around. If it's camouflage pattern, dark color trends, or such as currently the light colors of the Pantone scheme spring 2015 which was derived from the idea of 'simpler times'. Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute Lee Eiseman says in a video about the source of these trends: "...we all know that we live in a world today that is full of all kinds of tensions. We need to create a stress free environment." So, it's no secret in the fashion world that our society is standing at a critical point; and the fashion industry can deliver - such as Pantone does, a stress releaser program.

In the next days, Fashionoffice will provide insights into La Biennale di Venezia where artists from all over the world will present their reflections under this year's title 'All the World's Future' from 9 May to 22 November. The first impressions of Venice from a fashion angle can be tracked live soon via Twitter @byFASHIONOFFICE or
fig.: Twitter post with the announcement of The Art Route Venice and the La Biennale di Venezia map by Fashionoffice.


The La Biennale di Venezia artists were selected by the participating countries to stage the distinctive pavilion. Most of the national buildings are located at the Giardini such as the one of Greece which is definitely a must see; the work by Maria Papadimitriou is about power structures and it's announced that she will install a shop that sells animal hides and leather.
fig.: Google Street View of the Greek Pavilion at the Giardini in Venice.

It's very possible that this year's Biennale under curator Okwui Enwezor will open new horizons as, Wall Street Journal reported recently, the director of the Haus der Kunst in Munich encouraged "...many artists from long-isolated or neglected communities to come to Venice."

Alongside to the country exhibitions, La Biennale di Venezia honors artists with prizes such as the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. This year, the board of Biennale Venice selected Ghanian textile artist El Anatsui whose more recent works are about cloth such as the textile installation 'Man's Cloth'.

So, stay tuned via Twitter or Facebook.

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