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12 December 2016

Favorite Fashionoffice articles uploaded and measured via Blogger in 2016, so far

Recently published results of the best performing articles in 2016:

This year, Fashionoffice has published three new blogs via on Blogspot. The blogs have the format of 'series' consisting of - as the medium suggests - diary-like entries by Fashionoffice's publisher Karin Sawetz with personal expressions. The best performing articles are the ones at the blog with the title 'Alpine Route'; the other series are named 'Views on Austria in Spring/Summer 2016' and 'Cytara'. The blog articles with the most pageviews during 2016, so far, are:


Alpinism explored with clothing, shoes and art Around 1900, the founders of Kronplatzhütte wouldn't had ever believed that someday people will ride bicycles on Kronplatz...

The world is shaken; 'Views on Austria in Spring/Summer 2016' by Fashionoffice's Karin Sawetz What happened in the last weeks? Brexit, Turkey, Nice, Bavaria...

Bring Mogenzucker from Bruneck! 'Alpine Route' series "I have never heard before of Mogenzucker and it took some time until I found out where to get it, what Mogenzucker is..."

The Blessed Women - The Saligen Fräulein; 'Alpine Route' series The fog clouds can be interpreted as visual protection of the Blessed Women's dance rituals along the mountain...

Score of 'Nirvana' space at Messner Mountain Museum Ripa vibrates sound waves of free mind and spirit Many of the exhibition spaces have special soundtracks...

Presidential election ended with 50:50 Series 'Views on Austria in Spring/Summer 2016' by Fashionoffice's Karin Sawetz. "The reason for this result are the election cards which are..."
Annotation at 17:00: Alexander Van der Bellen is with 50,3% the new president of Austria.

How lifestyle depends on nature, religion and politics; 'Alpine Route' series How people are living in mountainous regions, how they furnish their houses, what they wear...

Via gondola to Zaha Hadid's Messner Mountain Museum in 2275 meters The MMM Corones looks from outside like a huge modern cave with large stone-framed windows...

Austria new! New Chancellor and new President! Series 'Views on Austria in Spring/Summer 2016' by Fashionoffice's Karin Sawetz. "Unbelievable what..."

'Alpine Route' travel blog by Fashionoffice's Karin Sawetz The selfie shows me in front of the 'Messner Mountain Museum Corones' in Bruneck. Architect of the museum is Zaha Hadid...

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