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Dec 2016 - VII: Food. Joie de Vivre. Fitness.
Dec 2016 - VIII: Preview 2017.
Dec 2016 - IX: New Year's Eve Music Playlist.
Jan 2017 - I: Detox.
Jan 2017 - II: Tips for Hair & Skin.
Jan 2017 - III: Mobility & Tech.
Jan 2017 - IV: Cold Weather.

Jan 2017 - V: Trends Early 2017.

Austrian hair dressing team Lepschi and Lepschi's trends 2017: 70s Glamour, 80s Rebels, Retro Tech
The 70s Glamour look is probably the most comfortable to wear...

Dress parade Spring/Summer 2017: shirt dresses from floral to uni and shift dresses with stripes
Austrian fashion department store chain, online shop Peek & Cloppenburg...

Golden Globe Awards winner 'La La Land' director Damien Chazelle is the man of cinematic dreamtime
The comedy-musical breaks the record for the most Golden...

Musician Kaskade teamed up with Incase for luggage with tech-optimized storage
The carry-on roller, backpack, headphone case, USB light,... are on show at CES Las Vegas...

Electric cars Citroën 'C-Zero' for emov service in Madrid

The car-sharing service emov is part of the sustainable urban mobility policy of Madrid. Digital technology for urban mobility...

Fashion and art festival 'Take' released dates for 2017 and opened the submission for projects
Until 3 February, projects can be submitted via form published on...

Top Ten Fashionoffice's FashionFeeds #music
Last 30 days: Sia 'The Greatest' ft Kendrick Lamar (KDA Remix); 'Surfin'' ft Pharrell Williams by Kid Cudi; 'Last Night in Los Feliz' by Niia;...

Last 7 days: 'Bright Lights' by Vandelux; 'Snowcone' by deadmau5; 'No Problem' by deadmau5; 'Last Night in Los Feliz' by Niia;...

Selected Fashionoffice's SHORT MESSAGES from the temporarily published FashionFeeds (items can be found at the magazine's permanent, chronological archive on

11 Jan 2017 - #Music Top at SpotifyViral50UK charts 'Shape Of You' by Ed Sheeran

10 Jan 2017 - #Music 'Sweet F'in Love' by Alicia Keys, produced by Kaytranada

10 Jan 2017 - #Music 'City Of Stars' ft Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling by Justin Hurwitz, 'La La Land' soundtrack

9 Jan 2017 - #Music '17' by Boss Hog, album 'Brood X' (24 Mar on In The Red Records)

9 Jan 2017 - Japanese-French fashion, fragrance designer Kenzo Takada about 'The beauty of the unlikely'

9 Jan 2017 - Highlight #LFWM AW17: Maharishi presented camouflage, environmentally friendly fabrics, nature and tech,...

8 Jan 2017 - #Music 'hard pill to swallow' by morgxn, debut 'vital' EP (release later this year)

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