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August 2017 - V: Portrays.
August 2017 - VI: Climate & Nature.
August 2017 - VII: Vienna Fashion Week.
August 2017 - VIII: Fashionoffice Tips: Fragrance & Fashion.
August 2017 - IX: Art. Language. Technics.
August 2017 - X: 19/20th century esthetics.
August 2017 - XI: MQVFW Show Tips.

September 2017 - I: Art & Design.

Artist Ineke Hans created the 'Kunsthalle Wien Chair' inspired by the Adolf Loos/Thonet coffee house chair
From 28 Sept - 12 Nov, Dutch in London based artist...

Abusive words/art tip: show at Galerie Michaela Stock
From 10 Sept - 7 Oct, artworks like the bookshelf-like sculpture 'Asshole' by US-American artist Alexander Viscio...

Wash bags with 19th/early 20th century inspired prints by British 'Chase and Wonder'

New are the wash bags 'Flower Lady' and 'Manners Maketh Man'...

'Woman in Gold' by Kilian pays homage to Gustav Klimt's portrait of art patron Adele Bloch-Bauer
The glamorously shining fragrance-time-travel premieres on...

Insight into the program of the gallery festival 'curated by_vienna' dedicated to language and art in the digital era
From 15 September to 14 October...

Fashionoffice autumn 2017 tip: Inspired by graphical art!

With clothing, shoes, jewelry, beauty like the lip powder by Clinique, remixable items by Swarovski,...

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Generated on 1 September 2017; Audience: United States, Austria, Germany,...

Top Ten Fashionoffice's FashionFeeds #music
Last 7 days: 'Shinin' ft Grace Hall by Lindstrøm; 'About a Bruise' by Iron & Wine; 'Wonderful Wonderful' by The Killers; 'Running Wild' ft Mina Rose by Tricky;...

Last 30 days: 'Niños Matadores' by Krikor Kouchian; 'Wasted Acres' by Grizzly Bear; 'Rejoice' ft. Rouge Mary by Hercules & Love Affair;...

Selected Fashionoffice's SHORT MESSAGES from the temporarily published FashionFeeds (items can be found at the magazine's permanent, chronological archive on

2 Sept 2017 - #TopOnFashionoffice last 7 days, 2 Sept: 'Woman in Gold' by Kilian pays homage to Gustav Klimt's portrait of art patron Adele Bloch-Bauer;...

2 Sept 2017 - #Music 'Wildchild' ft Rouge Mary by Hercules & Love Affair, album 'Omnion' (out now)

1 Sept 2017 - #Music 'i used to' by LCD Soundsystem, album 'American Dream' (released today)

1 Sept 2017 - #Music video 'Selfish Love' by Jessie Ware (out now)

31 Aug 2017 - #Music 'Switch Lanes' by Simpson (out now)


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