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February 2018 - VII: Everyday Goods.
February 2018 - VIII: Motor.
February 2018 - IX: Women's Activities.
March 2018 - I: Yoga. Fashion. Photo.
March 2018 - II: Vintage. Food. Babycare.
March 2018 - III: Traveling the World.
March 2018 - IV: Politics. Climate.

March 2018 - V: Start-Up Culture. Music Awards.

Squeezable titanium drink bottle 'Keego' reached funding goal on Kickstarter in 24 hours

The Keego bottle was designed in Vienna especially for sports activities...

Public and expert jury votes will be counted in weighted 50 : 50 relation for Amadeus Austrian Music Awards
Conchita Wurst will be the host of the Amadeus show...

Creativity, fashion and textile related events at the Long Night of Research (Lange Nacht der Forschung) on 13 April in Austria
Fashionoffice browsed through the...

Fashionoffice Spring/Summer 2018 tip inspired by traveling the world: Japan, Hawaii, Vietnam, India
In Vienna, people enjoy the first warm sun rays sitting in café gardens...

Trendy SS2018 'Experiencing the Wind' activities in Austria seen at a lake in the Puszta and over the Alps
Let's start in Austria's East in the Pannonian steppe (Hungarian 'Puszta')...

Fashionoffice healthy diet recipe: Mangold soup
Mangold or chard is often compared to spinach as it's rich on A and C vitamins and minerals (magnesium, iron,...) ...

Top Ten Fashionoffice's FashionFeeds #music
Last 7 days: 'Neighborhood' by Her; 'The Uncensored Playlist' by Reporters Without Borders Germany;...

Last 30 days: 'Ta Meilleure Ennemie' ft. Juliette Armanet by Samantha Gongol; 'Dolly Said No To Elvis' by Mark Nevin;...

Selected Fashionoffice's SHORT MESSAGES from the temporarily published FashionFeeds (items can be found at the magazine's permanent, chronological archive on

18 Mar 2018 - #Music 'Supercut' (El-P Remix) ft. Run The Jewels by Lorde

17 Mar 2018 - Short film 'Breathless' from the 'Captivating narrative' collection by Vimeo

17 Mar 2018 - #Music 'Perseverance' ft. Harry Pane by French producer and musician Uppermost, album 'Perseverance' (23 Mar)

17 Mar 2018 - Short film: Tommy Hilfiger presents Gigi Hadid and Lewis Hamilton (brand's menswear ambassador) at the race track

17 Mar 2018 - #Music 'Little Woman' by Twin Shadow, album 'Caer' (27 Apr)

16 Mar 2018 - #TopOnFashionoffice last 7 days, 16 March: Creativity, fashion and textile related events at the Long Night of Research...

16 Mar 2018 - #Music 'Done For Me' ft. Kehlani by Charlie Puth, album 'Voicenotes' (11 May)

15 Mar 2018 - #Music video surreal spaces 'Voyage Libre' ft. LouLou Ghelichkhani by Thievery Corporation, album 'Treasures from the Temple' (20 Apr)

15 Mar 2018 - #Music video roller-skating through London 'On Hold' by Fenne Lily, title track of debut album (6 Apr)

15 Mar 2018 - i-D video "Coach presents the A-Z of New York Style"

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