ANGELIKA WÖSS (Nationality: Austria, currently in Munich, Germany)


Description of the idea:

My topic is about the creation of a modern Madame de Pompadour with a rock & roll feeling, who dresses up for a rendezvous with rock star Mozart and who likes to play with her attractions and shows her curves.

Madame de Pompadour was one of the most influential women in France at the time of Rococo and she also set trends in fashion because of her own fashion style.

And music genius Mozart was a fashion freak as well and spent much money on his clothes – thus the perfect partner for Madame de Pompadour.

But how can you transform these two stars of Rococo into the 21st century? By taking the sensual – erotic style of their century, combining it with modern rock & roll elements such as leather and rivets and thus making Madame de Pompadour a rocking bride.

Leather, because for me it is a symbol for “rock” and this way, it is possible to create a contrast and a style break, which lends modern touch to the historically inspired outfits.

But a rock star, such as Mozart, also needs the suitable instrument, with which he can attract Madame de Pompadour’s attention: the black electronic rock violin!

And now things are looking good for a romantic-rocking rendezvous…

About the materials:
The outfits are made of noble materials like silk chiffon and shining satin in pink and mint-blue. Further black leather with silver eyelets is used in contrast – this creates a very modern and rocking look.
Further accessories are satin ribbons and silver buttons formed like hearts, stars and roses, which were sewn onto the leather. This should remind of the “mouches” – little plasters – of the Rococo.

  • Born September 12, 1984 in Vorarlberg/Austria
  • June 2004: Final examination at the HTL Dornbirn (vocational college and school), specialized in clothing technology --> Thesis: “TeamGym 2004” (equipping an Austrian gym team with a new set of sports wear for competition and designing a high tech tracksuit with many integrated functions)
  • Since autumn 2004: study at ESMOD Munich, international fashion school (Graduation: June 2007)
Click on the sketches and enlarge them!

Sexy Temptation: consisting of a laced bodice, a framework of a skirt and trousers

Materials: black leather, pink satin, chiffon and taffeta, pink ribbons of satin, mint blue and black straps

The short bodice has a round and open décolleté framing the breast and the black bra, which is made as a sweeping and a stiffened collar out of pink satin. The bodice can be laced with mint-blue ribbons. It consists of black leather and pink satin, and includes small bodice sticks as well as black satin ribbons sewn onto the bodice. Sewn onto the sides of the collar are three black bra straps and black panties – just like some kind of sleeves.

The framework of a skirt can be bound around the waist by a pink satin ribbon. At the top it consists of stiffened black leather and beneath it consists of stiffed pink taffeta. There are black satin ribbons sewn onto the seams. The framework is open in the front and in the back and can be tied together in the front.
There are eyelets with pink satin ribbons pulled through on the leather part of the framework. Further, the framework of a skirt can be fixed additionally by the suspenders of the string.

The trousers out of pink chiffon have deep cut-outs on the top (it is deeper in the front than in the back) to make the string a visible part.
The top part is made of black leather an is laced with mint-blue satin ribbons.
There are bound black bra cups as eye catcher around the knees, and black straps are looped  around the legs.

Silky Temptation: consisting of detachable collar, corset dress and trousers

Materials: black leather, pink silk chiffon and satin, mint-blue satin ribbons, black straps

The detachable collar part should look like a little jacket. It is a high closely fitting collar of black leather, which covers the shoulders. It can be laced with mint-blue satin ribbons in the front of the neck. Frills out of pink chiffon are sewn on the edges. On the shoulder part there are eyelets with mint-blue satin ribbons pulled through, which are looped in a network around the arms. At the end, the ribbons are pulled through eyelets of a broad leather volume with asymmetrical frills of pink chiffon.

The corset dress consists of a strapless corset with a big décolleté which can be laced in the front and makes the bra a visible part.
The side parts of the corset are made of pink satin, apart from that, the corset and the skirt are made of black leather. The skirt is connected with the corset by a seam in the waist and it is wide open in the front. The skirt gets the round and distant form because of included hoops, sticks and stiffening. There are bra-cups and whole bras sewn onto the skirt functioning as little pockets. The bras are bound together and look like roses. And the extended straps are looped together and pulled through the eyelets.

The “trousers” consist of a waist belt made of black leather with suspenders to fix the trousers tulips. At the top, there is a facing made of black leather with eyelets. Black satin ribbons are pulled through the eyelets and are looped in a network around the legs. The trousers tulips are made of pink silk chiffon. At the hem are facings and borders made of black leather to adjust the width.

Pretty Sweet: consisting of a corset, stiffened crinoline and a transparent skirt

Materials: black leather, mint-blue silk chiffon, taffeta and satin, purple satin ribbons and straps

The corset is made of black leather with lots of seams including corset sticks and it can be laced in the front. It has a big décolleté with a mint-blue collar made of taffeta around the neck, which makes the bra visible. Under the frilled collar, there are two looped and stiffened collars made of black leather with eyelets. Purple straps are pulled through the eyelets and are crossed. The straps were pulled through the eyelets of a broad leather volume with mint-blue chiffon-frills.
At the hemlines of the corset are loops of mint-blue satin with small hooks to fix the stiffened crinoline.

The crinoline made of mint-blue satin gets its form because of hoops and stiffening. At the hips, there is black leather laid in steps and sewn onto the crinoline at little points. Purple straps are pulled through eyelets at the crinoline and are looped and crossed.

The transparent skirt is made of mint-blue chiffon. At the top is a facing made of black leather forming a “V”. The V-cut-out is very deep in the front and through the laced purple ribbons you can see the panties.

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