> Advanced Enginner of Arts and Fashion Design; Felicidad Duce School (Barcelona, 2002-2006)
> First Course of Human Biology; Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, 2001)
> Higher secondary-education course; Vedruna School (Terrassa, 1999-2000)


> Costume Design in La Letter Rouge short (Barcelona; nowadays)
> Final Project exposed in Bread & Butter Barcelona 2006
> Fashion Assistant (practice) in Lydia Delgado (Barcelona; February-march 2005): Organisation of the catwalk, models, stylism, stocks, shop assistant, design, …
> Dressed Assistant in Barcelona Fashion Week for Brides, for Hannibal Laguna and Carlo Pignatelli (june 2003-2004)
> Dressed Assistant in Barcelona Fashion Week for Ailanto, Antoni Miró, Lydia Delgado, Ackermann , Josep Font , Konrad Muhr, TCN, Jotamasge… (septiembre 2002-2003)
> Freelance Designer, clothes and complements.
> Shop Assistant in Lacoste: costumer attention, fashion adviser, store, cashdesk, window-dressing, shop coordination, … (Calafell; june to september 2004)
> Shop Assistant in Gisbel Shop; babies clothes/underwear/woman/man: costumer attention, fashion adviser, cashdesk, shop coordination (Terrassa; Christmas time 2002-2003-2004)

Other Employment experience

> Marketing in Edi Informatic (Cerdanyola; july-november 2005)
> Waitress in Don Crep Restaurant (Terrassa; august 2002 - june 2003 / october 2003 - may 2004)
> Waitress in Aguamarina Hotel (Almerimar, Almería; july 2003- september 2003 )
> Promotions in AZ Company (Barcelona)

> Catalan (mother tongue)
> Spanish (mother tongue)
> English (middle level)


> Word, Excel, Power Point
> Internet
> Textil Studio, Freehand, Adobe Photoshop.
> Computer Patterns: Invesmark, Gerber.

Click on the sketches and enlarge them!

Sexy Temptation: piano

Body with vertical piano stripes (like a corset) opened in some places of the body to reveal skin and underwear. The body is corseted and structured. The skirt is made with six big pleats with a black border and a white transparent cotton fabric.

Silky Temptation: Dress with two collars with black and white border, balloon sleeves with black and white stripes and a big bow. It has a piano embroidery all around and flowered lace on some parts like the underwear model. It’s made with a transparent skin colour cotton fabric. A sleep mask with sexy eyes complements the outfit.

Pretty Sweet: A combination of a transparent stretch body with embroidery on top and a mid-lenght transparent jacket. The body has many seams (like a corset) and it finishes with a big lace. The jacket has a turquoise border all around, two exagerated knots in both sides and it lets the bra be an important part of the outfit. Both are made with a white cotton transparent fabric.

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