KIRSTEN HILLER (Austrian-American)







I am half American half Austrian, was born in Vienna Austria and moved to Texas at the age of five.

I grew up in a small town called Breckenridge TX which has a population of about 5000. There wasn’t much to do there so I kept myself busy by constantly making things, sewing and drawing.

When I was 17 my mother and I decided to move back to Vienna because she wanted to become a missionary to work with children and refugees.

I then began to study graphic design and soon switched to fashion design.
I graduated from a two-year fashion school called Michelbeuern and then studied further in Munich at the private fashion school ESMOD, where I recently graduated last June. I have done internships at Palmers in Austria and Anna Scholz in London.

Awards include:

  • First place – Gore & Associated/G-Star
  • Finalist – Haut Couture contest in Madrid, Spain
  • Finalist - CHEEK – nightwear
  • Finalist – Kürschner contest Vienna Austria

Click on the sketches and enlarge them!

Sexy Temptation: The top consists of a bra that is overlapped with rows of gathered chiffon which are draped around the neck and then slanted across the front.

The miniskirt is constructed out of an upside down garter belt and panties. One of the suspenders is extended across the front and then wrapped around the neck.

The jeans have three overlapped garters that are sewn in about mid-thigh. The jeans have a torn effect where the garters are sewn in.

The leather jacket is cut so that it fits across the shoulders and is gathered at the seam with woven fabric. Sewn on pockets on sleeves, one on the side chest and two at the waistline. The cuffs are about 15cm long and have rows of garter suspenders attached. Lace is wrapped around each sleeve. The jacket is lined with fur print satin. Zipper in front. Ends mid-thigh.

Silky Temptation: Layered top – The bottom layer consists of a long sleeve, see-through chiffon top with shoulder straps and the sleeves hang down from the shoulders. The ends of the sleeves are decorated with gathered chiffon and draped pearls. The bra and an upside-down corsage is worn on top of the chiffon top. The opening of the corsage is decorated with hanging strings of pearls.

Leggings are worn under the hipster and the top layer is an asymmetrical chiffon skirt decorated with little rosebuds, lace, big silk roses, hanging strings of pearls, plissees and ribbons. A leather belt is worn that has similarities to a tanga from the back and it pulls the skirt down at the top in order to show off the hipster.

Pretty Sweet: The top consists of a bra overlapped with an upside-down string of briefs which is attached to a necklace. Three more string briefs are draped over a stretch tulle bodice which has 3/4 long sleeves. The sleeves are decorated with ribbons and draped lace on the elbows.

The jeans have a two-layered waistline that shows two overlapped briefs on the top and the second waistline is a bit asymmetrical and has beads and tassels hanging from the side. The jeans are two-toned and have straps aligned on the front.

The jacket is sleeveless and has a fur collar decorated with ribbons and lace. The jacket is made out of damask and is gathered together at the hipline which causes a puffed out effect in the back. The seam ends at mid-calf.

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