MINH TRAN (Vietnam, living in Germany)



Curriculum vitae



Personal dates

Surname Tran
First name Thi Minh Uyen
Date of birth 11th of January 1982
Place of birth Duc My, Vietnam
Nationality German

Education, qualifications

Since April 2006 Assistant lecturer of Prof. Spaan for drawing/painting skills
at the University of Applied Sciences Trier

May 2006 Diploma: Dipl. - Designer (FH)

February 2004 to Work placement at Minh Mang Ltd., London
July 2004

July 2003 Intermediate Diploma

April 2002 to University of Applied Sciences Trier,
May 2006 Study: Fashion Design

October 2001 to Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf
April 2002 Study: History of art

July 2001 to Work placement at
October 2001 Eva Ducic, Düsseldorf

June 2001 General Certificate of Education

September 1993 to High School, Dr. Josef Fieger in Erftstadt
July 2001

June 1989 to Primary School in Erftstadt
July 1993


Languages German (native speaker), Vietnamese (native speaker), English (fluent), Latin, elementary Spanish

Computer Photoshop
Corel Draw

Hobbies, interests

hobbies fashion, arts, photography, computer, singing, travel,
Humans and foreign cultures

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