PAZ SOTO SALINAS (Chile, living in Germany)







I was born on November 21, 1973 in Coquimbo, Chile.

From a very early age on I have been into painting and drawing. At a certain age I had developed an equally strong interest in fashion.

The natural next step after school was to study fashion design at the Juan Bohon Institute in La Serena, Chile. As part of my studies I completed a practical training at a local atelier for women’s clothing, specialized in bridal fashion. Soon after finishing fashion school I moved to Germany to live with my then boyfriend and now husband.

Since then I’ve been working at several fashion boutiques as a visual merchandiser and sales associate.

For my designs I’ve interpreted in three different ways a particular piece of clothing, characteristic for modern women, the trousers. I’ve picked up some Rococo elements like frills and other details that are still commonly used today.

Since this is partly homage to Mozart and Mozart was the pop star of his times, my concept of design is that of stage outfits for a modern pop star.

I see a glamorous and extravagant woman with an abundance of personality.

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Sexy Temptation: This model is very sexy and extremely extravagant, composed of the same materials as the lingerie. The top is made of transparent tulle and is sewn to a corset-type belt. The upper part is loose and wide and connects to a collar via pink straps. The two lower parts are scarf shaped and can be attached to the pants.

The pants have got a very low hip cut. The sides have inserts of the same transparent tulle as the top, decorated by gathered fabric which resembles the framing of the bra. The same type of edging is used for the corset-type belt, gloves and stockings.

The sleeves are black satin. The upper end, below the shoulders, again is transparent tulle.

Fingerless gloves and stockings of black satin, both with transparent tulle bordering.

Silky Temptation: This design is a bit more overladen in the best manner of rococo with a romantic touch but very risqué. It is composed of the same materials as the lingerie and grey stretch satin has been incorporated to make a contrast.

Trimmings and decorations are like the bra's straps (Gathered satin).

The top is a gray satin body with rose coloured satin at the height of the waist Rose satin ribbons hang from the body in order to get attached to the skirt.

The satin ribbons edging the body continue under the shoulders, from where rose satin sleeves begin.

The very tight pants, which are actually a sort of leggings, have got a very low cut under the hips and end bell shaped.

The fan and gloves are made of the same materials.

Pretty Sweet: Very delicate white satin model, with trimmings made of the materials used for the lingerie.

The edgings are similar to the bra’s frills.

Corresponding to the softness of the colors and the sweetness of the lingerie curved line cuts were used at bust height and above the hip.

The bustier is attached to both the top and the pants by a button.

The ¾ length pants are similar to those of rococo men.

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