TATIANA POGREBNYAK (Ukraine, living in Israel

2004 Started fashion design studies at Shenkar College,

2002-2004 Israel Defense Forces, Computer division, graphic design

1999-2002 Wizo High School of Arts, Fashion Design Class

1998 Repatriated to Israel

1984 Born: Sevastopol, Ukraine, 04-Janyary-1984

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Sexy Temptation : Silky Temptation : Pretty Sweet

Luxurious lingerie as a" built-in" part of the garment is my concept for Triumph International Fashion Award 2006. A bra turns into an undividable part of a blouse, but not as visible underwear. It becomes one of the central design elements, matched with suitable fabrics in colour as in textile, creating harmonic ensemble.

This way the wearer gets a playful look, promising but not vulgar, female attractions being hidden and visible at the same time.

Panties get their role as half hidden (for we are talking of wearable day toilets), but still being a valuable part of total look, inspiring for upper layer design.

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