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fall/winter 2010/11

fashion by H&M, Firma, La Redoute

beauty by Lancaster
lifestyle by Sarah Gristwood, Apple

Dancing through the night

Inspired by the culture of the 'Wiener Ball', which is an Austrian contribution to World Heritage (officially since September 2010), Fashionoffice has collected on 11 November (the beginning of the carnival and ball season in Central Europe) some pieces for a ball outfit.

What makes the Wiener Ball special are the high demands in dance to classical and modern music like the Vienna Waltz to The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss, as well as the historical buildings where the balls happen since the beginning of the Wiener Ball culture in the 19th century.

To visit a Wiener Ball means to socialize and enjoy with others the classical and modern dances a whole night through until the early morning in an elegant atmosphere.


'Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
The official 50th Anniversary Companion' by
Sarah Gristwood
, released on 18 October 2010, published by Pavilion. In her days as a journalist, author Sarah Gristwood has interviewed Giorgio Armani to Bruce Willis. For her book 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', she has searched for new material about the movie. In October 2010, the shooting of the movie celebrated its 50th anniversary. The author questions why the movie is still popular. "It’s a film that by all rights should be rejected today! Why do we smile and reach for the tissues when Holly realises she was wrong to try to make a life of her own, to tell Paul nobody can own her? Is it just the film’s sheer style, and the old Hepburn magic – or do some of the film’s questions about what women want still resonate today?"

Red, sleeveless long dress with drapery in the front by H&M, FW2010/11.

Silver ring by the Viennese jeweller Oliver Heemeyer, seen in FW2010/11.

iPod nano with multi-touch interface by Apple, FW2010/11. The iPod nano (create/edit playlists, FM radio) has a built-in clip which makes it easy to wear it on the dress. You can also customize the screen by dragging icons from other screens onto the own. "This is the biggest reinvention of the iPod nano since its debut in 2005, and we think users are going to love it," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, in September 2010. "Replacing the click wheel with our Multi-Touch interface has enabled us to shrink the iPod nano into an amazingly small design that is instantly wearable with its built-in clip."

'The Fabulous Baker Bag' by Firma, released in November 2010. Photo: (C) Martin Mai The bag is a tribute to Josephine Baker, who lived from 1925 to 1926 in Berlin. The Berlin headquartered label by the designers Daniela Biesenbach and Carl Tillessen dedicated the "clutch bag to the ecstatic dancer, great singer, scandalising cosmopolitan and passionate fighter against racial discrimination."

Red or black slingpumps with bow on the heel by Lare, seen at La Redoute FW2010/11.

Retinology Total Age Solution Night Cream by Lancaster, seen in FW2010/11. The skin uses the night hours to repair itself from the damages like free radicals, stress, pollution... The cream is developed especially for these sleeping hours to support the repair process.

Dancing through the night is not the best for your skin; but it can be great for the soul.

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