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fig.: 'Untitled' by Sydney based artist Ellie May Aroney, 2011. A series of fifteen, the violet-lilac colored hair comb is made of polycarbonate, perspex, spray paint, metal finding. Aroney's creations are inspired by the world around her.

Jewellery pops into cities' art spaces

Jewellery between art and design/consumer product is the main focus of the traveling exhibition 'Wohoooh' like the ring series (image below) which carries additional content as it memorates 10 relationships in 10 years with 10 stories; or the hair comb on this page that is developed from impressions from street- and bushwalks and the question: "How does the user know that the object is a comb?"

Exhibition curator and artist/designer Tricia Tang collaborates for 'Wohoooh' with nine other jewellers from 5 countries to present the world of jewellery and art in an explosive arrangement to activate the senses of the visitors and make them say 'Wohoooh'. "It will encourage interaction between the audience and art, as well as rethink the nature of jewellery."

'Wohoooh' will pop up in art spaces in following cities: Hong Kong (24 - 30 November 2011), Sydney (15 - 22 December 2011), Taipei (6 - 15 January 2012), and Bangkok (23 February - 21 March 2012).

fig.: '10' by Tricia Tang, 2011. A series of ten rings, made of sterling silver, black rhodium, metal wire and curious jewellery materials like threads, acrylic paint, acrylic polymer dispersion, and unbelieveable - VHS magnetic tape "Between Hong Kong 2003 – Sample Footage" and an invitation card "What is Identity?". The materials stand for the memories of 10 relationships.

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