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spring/summer 2011

Secrets of nature for beautiful skin

In April 2011, the houseware and kitchen tools label Kenwood (founded 1947 by Kenneth Wood in UK, belongs since 2001 to the Italian De'Longhi Group) presents the new juicer JE850  Excel with some recipes and research results from the University of Bristol (UK) about beautiful skin which comes also from nutrition like vegetables and fruits.

According to the researchers of the University of Bristol, the secrets of the beautifiers from nature are the chemical processes that are evoked by ingredients like carotenoids. Carotenoids have a positive effect on the production of melanin; the result is a fresh 'sun kissed' teint that attracted test persons more than sun tanned skin.

"In the West we often think that sun tanning is the best way to improve the colour of your skin, but our research suggests that living a healthy lifestyle with a good diet might actually be better," says researcher Dr Ian Stephen from the University of Bristol.

The fresh teint does not come from one day to the other. But it's additionally a good method to achieve better nutrition habits. Use it like a snack or sweeties between!

Kenwood has sent several recipes for the juicer; Fashionoffice selected the 'red alert' made of 2 red apples, cranberries (100g) and raspberries (225g) because of the berries' vitamin C (affects skin elasticity). Kenwood advices to serve the 'energy booster' on the rocks.

fig.: JE850 Excel Juicer by Kenwood, launched in spring 2011. Apples or carrots can be filled in as a whole.

Find more recipes like 'Bright Eyes' made of iron-rich fruit on

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