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Sit In Series by Karin Sawetz, publisher Fashionoffice
(log series through March and April 2013, Vienna)

Sit In Series Log: Day Eight
20 March 2013

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In mid-March, a Vienna based PR agency sent Fashionoffice a press package with signal red underwear, dark sunglasses and the invitation to join the 'Show You're Jockey' contest. Today, I will check the information by the US underwear label Jockey closer. The red briefs are for men, the blue-black sunglasses can be worn by women and men, and the contest is a photo contest which has started earlier this month on Facebook.

The underwear from Fashionoffice's info package fits men better. But while writing here on my computer ... I think the invitation could carry a double meaning. What's the slogan again? Show Your Jockey? No, the slogan is 'Show You're Jockey!' PR packages are no personal gifts for journalists. The men's Y-Front briefs from the press package reminds the heritage of the label which invented in 1935 the Y-Front and the first ever men's briefs ('short' underwear).

Users are invited to post (amusing) images of Jockey underwear (for men and women) under the motto 'Show You're Jockey' until 31 May 2013 and win a journey for two persons to Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States; flight, hotel for two nights in Chicago at Lake Michigan (where Jockey has its headquarters) and $500 are included. And even users who have no images or don't want to post them can participate in the competition. Jockey ensures that the ones without photo have the same chances of winning.

Jockey's campaign is the new interpretation of the label's 1990ies promotion with bill-boards on prominent places like Time Square in New York. The 1990ies campaign showed people like soap stars, skateboarders or fire fighters with lowered trousers in their underwear. Now in the 2010ies, the campaign is extended into Social Media on the internet.

I have to check Jockey's Facebook page! What's going on there? Are people showing what they wear below? Some of the users applied to the contest without image, some present themselves in swimwear, one woman is holding her Jockey pieces just in her hands and smiles boldly into the camera, and yes, some of them really drop their pants!

Find details such as about the prizes for the 2nd and 3rd places and photos of entries via

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