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by publisher Karin Sawetz
July 2010
Karin Sawetz is journalist, media researcher
and fashion scientist (Mag. Dr. phil.).

Twitter, inventory and keywords

Since June 2010, Fashionoffice has installed Twitter-realtime results on the cover of the magazine. The search is focused on 'men's wear 2011'. Tweets such as by on the Fashionoffice article 'Men's wear 2011 presented in Africa' are lending wings to the editorial work of Fashionoffice.

Thank you - all of you, whoever you are - for these postings on Twitter! We are honored by each of your tweets.

For the ones who are interested in the absolute numbers of Fashionoffice, we have calculated the magazine's inventory for the next four months with DoubleClick for Publishers: 'The Inventory of Fashionoffice'.

And the ones who are keen on information about the most requested content on Fashionoffice, will find the ranking of the most viewed articles of the last 30 days: the graduates of the AAU - Academy of Art University in San Francisco evoke the most requests. You will learn that the keywords and the most viewed articles are not in a corresponding relationship.

We hope to give with this Fashionoffice Insight some useful hints to create your own online presentation from the 'Fabric of the Web'.

Course 'Online-Journalism'
On 15 September 2010, the one-month course 'Online-Journalism' about keyword advertising, media and copyright law, media psychology and culture journalism will start. The lectures will be hold in German.

Statistical data
Keywords, most viewed articles

By collecting the monthly statistical data about the domains of the magazine, it becomes once again obviously that despite the daily production of new articles which are linked from the cover pages where most of the traffic happens, the archived editorial works are tracked as the most viewed articles during 30 May and 29 June 2010 on Fashionoffice.

To give you a better orientation how Fashionoffice's articles are found by users on search engines, the most important keywords from the domains,,, and are listed on this page.

Articles viewed
in June 2010

The statistics of the different media Web, Mobile, and Feeds give an insight into user preferences. The Trendletter is not tracked by a statistical tool.

Ranking of the most viewed editorial pages between 30 May- 29 June 2010, data by Google Analytics (the bold fonts signify articles from the last 12 months; the others are from the respective month-year):

Fashionoffice server location The technics of Fashionoffice (,,,,,,, is outsourced to a US hosting provider with data centers in US, Massachusetts.

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Ranking of the Fashion Feeds (from 30 May to 28 June; data delivered by Feedburner) after views and clicks.

The Fashion Feeds statistics show that the Trendletter alert is again (compare the statistics from May 2010) the most clicked item, although it was not part of this month's Fashion Feeds.


Trendletter by
Trendletter by Fashionoffice - Alert 22 April 2010: We have tried to solve the problem that Yahoo-addresses don't receive the Trendletter since early March regularly. The answer from the Fashionoffice hosting provider: "Unfortunately due to the nature of shared hosting there are instances where the mail system is abused. This can occasionally cause IP's to be black-listed or in this case Yahoo to temporarily defer messages." If you are subscribed with a Yahoo-address, please opt-in with another on

43 353

Short Message 31/5/2010 - Fashion photography 
Just received the information about the launch of the new website on with works by the photographers Michael Labica and Sandrine Dulermo who have recently captured Dita Von Teese in PVC shoes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier (making-of video).

168 213

Short Message 2/6/2010 - Music video tip: 'Underdog' by the British alternative band Kasabian
On 3rd June 2010 they will perform on stage in Germany together with bands like Muse, Jay-Z, Alice in Chains,... to name a few. The Kasabian tour is continued in Italy, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Poland...

157 217
Short Message 2/6/2010 - Photography for music covers
Photographer Joel Brodsky (1939 - 2007) speaks in this retrospective from 2006 at an Apple store in Soho about his work such as the iconic cover image showing Jim Morrison from 1967 on the single 'The Unknown Soldier' (1968) by 'The Doors', or about the shooting with Iggy Pop: Iggy made a risky jump over a people's group and landed on his face. The video shows the jump as well as Iggy Pop with some stitches on his face.
162 210

Short Message 31/5/2010 - Music tip: Serge Gainsbourg's song 'Harley David Son of A Bitch'
Later, the song was covered by 'The Bollock Brothers'. 

158 211
Short Message 3/6/2010 - Video from a ballett with costumes by a fashion designer
The video shows the Italian group Balletto Teatro di Torino on 18 February 2010 performing 'Echi E Follie' to the baroque inspired composition for violoncello by Lamberto Curtoni (born 1987). The costumes are from the Italian designer, contemporary artist, and performer Samantha Stella - you can see her at the beginning of the video sitting on the chair; Samantha has long hair. She works together with Sergio Frazzingaro on the label 'Corpicrudi' (means 'row bodies'). From 6 June to 18 July, Corpicrudi is represented with a video and photos at the exhibition 'Please me Fashion' with focus on interdependencies between art and fashion. The photos were shot by Corpicrudi in collaboration with fashion designer Alessandro de Benedetti under the title 'Vanitas'. For Corpicrudi, beauty is politics in the sense of thinking 'good'.
153 216

Short Message 1/6/2010 - British designers in an exhibition in Vienna 
Fashion, art, photography, film, illustration by designers and creative heads from the British scene, including Dashing Tweeds, Charlie Le Mindu, Noki, etc. are on show at the exhibition 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?' from 11 June to 12 Sept 2010 at the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna. Dashing Tweeds is the design label by photographer Guy Hills and weaver Kirsty McDougall who are focusing on the 'tweed of the 21st century'; Charlie Le Mindu designs wigs and styles hair for musicians like Florence and the Machine, Peaches, or Lady Gaga; Noki is an art brand that customizes second-hand garments as a statement against mass-produced fashion;... to name only a few of the designers and their works. The exhibition organizers have installed a blog and a twitter channel to get an additional view on the designers

149 214
Short Message 29/5/2010 - Music-art documentary video tip: 'Robert Mapplethorpe & Patti Smith'
Robert Mapplethorpe is in fashion again. The photo of Patti Smith in a white skirt, trousers with suspenders that look like a tie, holding a dark jacket on her shoulders, from 1975 is iconic. It stands for a society that has changed its view on men and women. The oeuvre of Robert Mapplethorpe focuses on nudity, male bodies and homosexuality. The New York gallery Sean Kelly just sent the information that the MALBA - Fundacion Costantini Buenos Aires (Argentina will show from 4 June to 2 August 130 photographs made by the New York (Queens) born photographer between 1975 and 1988 under the title 'Robert Mapplethorpe: Eros and Order'. At this time, even the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf (Germany) runs an exhibition (until 15 August) about the artist. The organizers of the exhibition deliver an accompanying guide which can be received on mobile phones. On the website, you can 'listen to the images'.
148 208
Short Message 4/6/2010 - Rocking fashion video, starring Kristen Stewart 
The US boutique chain Bebe, which started in 1976 in San Francisco, since 1998 even online, has worked together with Flaunt Magazine to provide an impression from a stylish and sexy woman. The editors have selected actress Kristen Stewart - known from the movie 'Twilight', for the shooting with photographer Yu Tsai. The photos with accompanying interview are published in Flaunt Magazine issue 109 (The Fashion Issue).
146 186
Short Message 26/5/2010 - Music video tip: Elektro Guzzi filmed by Karin Hammer and Stefan Hafner 
Fashionoffice just received the information that the Viennese band Elektro Guzzi will perform live on occasion of the after show party of the Modeschule Wien 'Bachelor studies for Fashion' on 12 June at the new Viennese dance and concert location 'The Loft'. The split-screen black/white video by the Austrian filmmakers Karin Hammer and Stefan Hafner expresses perfectly the music style of Elektro Guzzi. The musicians’ analogue trance-dance-arrangements of drums, bass, and guitar sound like electronic music although they are using no computer. The video shows the time aspect of the simultaneously played instruments. Elektro Guzzi announces on its website that the band's debut album (produced with Patrick Pulsinger) will be released this month.
94 182
Short Message 26/5/2010 - Music tip: 'Queer' by Garbage
Good things don't go out of fashion! Like the video from 1995 for the track 'Queer' by the Scottish/US band Garbage. On YouTube, users discuss the song about extraordinary humans, who are not exclusively homosexuals. Last week, the poster of the video answered one user: "Its is and its not, consider this to being queer is not all about your sexuality, for example many belive the so called jedi religion is queer!!!" According to rumours on the net, Garbage is working on new material for 2010.
93 181
Short Message 24/5/2010 - Fashion video…
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Short Message 25/5/2010 - Music tip: 'O…
90 181
Short Message 6/5/2010 - 70/80ies music…
74 195
Short Message 15/5/2010 - Book tip: 'Se…
83 184
Short Message 17/5/2010 - Making-of vid…
84 181
Short Message 19/5/2010 - Fashion video…
84 181
Short Message 23/5/2010 - Video about h…
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144 116
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130 111
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62 179
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62 178
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61 177
What do men wear this year?
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The Topmodel look
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Short Message 6/5/2010 - Music tip: 'Ja…
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Short Message 20/4/2010 - Fashion video…
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